Why Wear Wedge Sole Boots? (Purpose and Uses)

Wedge sole boots are the ones where the outsoles of the boots are thick and are raised equally throughout the entire length of the boots. This means that there are no heels or bents in the arch area of the boots. Also, the insoles are also thick and provides great cushioning effect.

Why Wear Wedge Sole BootsAll these features make wedge sole boots a better choice for the ones who have to walk in flat, even and hard surfaces throughout the day.

The absence of heels and lack of arch support in wedged sole boots have an added advantage of distributing the pressure equally throughout the length of the feet. Also, the wedge sole boots absorb the shock better and reduce foot fatigue.

As there is no pressure on the heels of the feet while walking, therefore, there are no chances of any foot pain of back pain while walking in these boots.

There are lots more on the benefits of wedged sole boots which I will be discussing in this article along with the professions in which you should be considering wearing wedged sole boots for a better experience of comfort…

So, let’s get started without further delay…

What is the purpose of wedge sole boots?

Wedge sole boots have numerous benefits because of their construction and the type of outsole fitted in them. The comfort provided by them is unmatched because of the following reasons:

1.) Wedge sole boots provide greater stability:

The wedge sole boots have no heels that is the sole runs equally throughout the surface of the boots. This provides support in the arch area of the feet and also takes away any pressure from the heels of the feet.

All these helps to distribute the energy equally to the entire length of the feet and thus enable you to walk without experiencing any pain or pressure.

2.) Wedge sole boots provide better grip:

Wedge sole boots have lugs in their outsoles which help to provide better grip on oily and slippery surfaces. The lugs hold onto the hard surfaces very tightly, thus providing excellent traction.

No accumulation of Dirt wedge sole boots

3.) Wedge sole boots provide greater comfort:

The insoles of the wedge sole boots have thick cushioning that run equally throughout the length of the boots and also the outsoles do not have any heels too. This offers more contact area to the ground as well as absorbs shock, thus providing more comfort to your feet.

4.) They do not cause any feet or back pain:

As there is no raised heel in wedge sole boots, therefore, there is no chance of any pressure in the heels of the feet as the pressure gets distributed equally throughout the length of the feet. And back pain is mostly caused when the heels experience pressure while walking.

5.) They are very easy to maintain:

Wedge sole boots do not have bents on the arch area and neither do they have any raised heels, therefore, there are not many curvatures and grooves in the sole of the boots which makes it easy to clean and maintain them.

Different purposes jobs we can wear wedge sole boots and why?

Wedge sole boots are best for the following professions:

1.) Construction industry:

Wedge sole boots are just constructed for the hard level grounds for which construction site is the apt. in the construction sites, there are no ups and downs in the floor and the terrain is not uneven.

Therefore, boots with no heels that is the wedge sole boots are the best for these types of grounds, also the elevated wedged soles make it easy to walk in the water which might be an issue in the construction sites.

2.) Iron workers:

Iron workers need to step through uneven iron rods the entire day and having heels in the boots would make it difficult for them as the heels would get stuck in the iron rods and there would have been a chance of tripping over and falling.

Therefore, wedge soled boots are just perfect for the iron workers where the outsole runs equally without any elevation throughout the length of the boots.

3.) Concrete workers:

Concrete workers have to deal with slippery and watery terrain and sticky floors laid with concrete. Shoes and boots with heels would exert much pressure on wet concrete and as a result the wet concrete would get stuck on the soles of the boots with heels and curved arches.

What does Walking on Concrete do to your Feet

But this won’t be the case with wedge soles as they have flat outsoles which exert much lesser pressure on the wet concrete floors.

4.) Office workers:

Wedged sole boots are definitely more comfortable than any other types of boots. Therefore, office floors which are even and smooth do not need boots with heels and arch support. This makes wedged sole boots just the perfect choice for office workers for all day comfort.

Other professions who can wear wedged sole boots are:

      • Farmers
      • Carpenters
      • Engineers
      • Electricians
      • Mechanics 

Who should not wear wedged sole boots?

Wedged sole boots should not be worn by mountaineers, pipe liners, hikers, etc., that demands boots with heels for climbing and support. The heels in the boots in these cases provide support while climbing and better grip on the uneven grounds and ladders.

What to look for in wedge sole boots?

Wedge sole boots are no doubt comfortable, but there are certain features that just make them perfect for your feet:

1.) They should be made of a durable material:

Only having the wedged sole isn’t enough, if the uppers are not tough built, the boots won’t sustain long. Therefore, when you are buying a wedged sole boot, make sure that they are made of good quality leather or any other durable material like rubber or nubuck leather.

Also, check the construction of the boots where the desired ones are welt construction or triple stitch construction.

2.) They should be waterproof:

If work boots are not waterproof then they are just simply of no use! This is because work boots are meant to thrive in the toughest of weather conditions and water is one such factor.

If the uppers of the boots are not waterproof then the wedge soles can’t prevent the water from entering the boots. Therefore, a waterproof coating in the boots should be a sought-after feature.

3.) They should be lightweight:

Wedge sole boots are generally heavier than the other types of boots. This is solely due to the extra thick soles that are attached to the bottom of the boots.

Therefore, while you are buying a wedged sole boot, make sure they are made of lighter materials otherwise the weight will put unnecessary strain on your feet while lifting them for walking.

4.) They should provide good traction:

Due to the absence of heels in wedged sole boots, they might tend to skid in slippery surfaces. Therefore, make sure to buy the boots that have lugs in the outsoles so that you don’t slip off in the watery and oily surfaces.

Let’s call it a day!

That’s all with wedged sole boots. I can bet about the all-day comfort that you will experience with the wedged sole boots can be provided by no other types of boots. Also, they are easier to maintain and goes a long way!

Hope this article was helpful to you. See you soon in my next column. Till then…

Take care and have a great day ahead!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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