5 Best Slip Resistant Boots to Protect You From Falling

While every type of workplace will have certain safety risks that are specifically associated with a particular profession, a safety hazard common to all professions is slipping.

Best Slip Resistant Work Boots

Our exceptional team of professionals tested numerous pairs of work boots on slippery and greasy surfaces as well as on uneven terrains to define our list of best slip resistant work boots for your consideration.

We really liked the Irish Setter 83605 six-inch work boots for their original outsole, safety toe protection and exceptional comfort. They are aesthetically attractive as well.

Top Slip Resistant Work Boots Comparison

Work BootsUppersOutsoleSafetyFeatures
Irish Setter 83605 Men’s100% Full-grain leatherRubberEH, ASTM F2413-11Heat resistant outsole
Wolverine Men’s Raider WO2421100% leatherRubberMultishox lugged rubber tread
Timberland PRO Pitboss100% Nubuck leatherRubberSteel toe, EHMoisture wicking lining
Keen Pittsburgh Men’s100% Nubuck leatherRubberEH, Steel toe, Meets ASTM standards Waterproof
Timberland PRO Endurance Eight-inch 95567Waterproof LeatherRubberSteel ToePuncture resistant plate underfoot

Best Overall Slip Resistant Work Boots

1. Irish Setter 83605 Men’s six-inch Work Boot

A very convincing pair of slip resistant work boots that fit like a glove with lots of soft cushioning and added comfort in the ankle area. They boast a very original wedge outsole that contributes significantly to the stability of your feet and to shock absorption.

The thick outsole tread is white rubber EVA giving exceptional traction for slippery surfaces and uneven terrain.

Theses boots feature a padded collar which not only contributes to comfort but to stability as well. Along with traction, stability, and comfort, these Irish Setter work boots incorporate a safety toe in aluminum which exceeds ASTM F2413 safety requirements together with electrical hazard protection.

Their tough leather uppers are not only attractive aesthetically but built for durability as well.


        • Full-grain leather uppers
        • Goodyear welt construction 
        • Durability
        • Padded collar for comfort
        • Removable cushioned footbed
        • Cushioned EVA midsole
        • Rubber EVA tread outsole for great traction
        • EH protection
        • Moc-toe design featuring triple stitching
        • Lace up boot with metal eyelets


        • Sizing may run big
        • Toe box may be snug vertically
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Best Comfort Slip Resistant Work Boots

2. Wolverine Men’s Raider WO2421 Six-inch Work Boots

The Wolverine Raider Work Boot made our list thanks to its sturdy rubber outsole that is lugged for reliable traction when navigating slippery surfaces and terrain.

Uppers manufactured in leather help retain warmth and dryness so that liquids are not able to penetrate.

Comfort is not less of a priority for Wolverine when it comes to this pair of work boots, and this is evident immediately when you put them on thanks to a nicely cushioned footbed. The PU sole is quite lightweight and offers good shock absorption. 


        • Full-grain leather uppers
        • Contour Welt construction for flexibility
        • Wolverine removable Multishox insole removable
        • PU midsole that is very lightweight
        • CK mesh lining for breathability
        • Resistant to slippage, oil, and abrasion
        • Lugged rubber outsole for traction


        • Some sizing considerations
        • Quality complaints
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Best Steel Toe Slip Resistant Work Boot

3. Timberland PRO Pitboss Six-inch Work Boot with Steel Toe 

Particularly indicated for construction workers, these are great protective work boots for any professional looking for a combination of comfort and durability in a protective boot.

They are manufactured with a footbed that is open cell polyurethane that features an antimicrobial treatment for great cushioning and odor control. This footbed contrast foot fatigue while on the job.

A rubber outsole provides impressive resistance to oil, slippage, and abrasion. They also meet ANSI safety and impact standards for footwear PPE with a steel toe cap and include EH protection.


        • Nubuck leather uppers
        • Goodyer welt construction
        • Steel safety toe caps
        • Polyurethane footbed 
        • Antimicrobial treatment
        • Midsole in polyurethane
        • Cambrelle lining
        • Shock diffusion plate in nylon
        • Slip, oil, and abrasion resistant outsole


        • May need breaking in
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Best EH Slip Resistant Work Boots

4. Keen Pittsburgh Men’s six-inch Work Boot with Steel Toe

Keen offers a sturdy pair of slip resistant work boots with an impressive outsole. These boots also come with electrical hazard protection, so for professionals dealing with machinery, powerlines, or power tools and appliances in the workplace, this is an added plus. 

They also feature a steel toe cap for protection from falling tools, objects, or debris. This is an imperative for workers in industrial and construction professions.

Surprisingly, these work boots are incredibly comfortable on the job and do a fine job of contrasting foot fatigue during long work shifts. This is also thanks to the EVA dual density footbeds. These footbeds are removable, too. Support for foot arches is substantial.

The rubber outsoles on this pair of boots are resistant to grease and oil as well as to slippage. It will not mark the flooring where you walk.


        • Molded Eva midsole
        • EH protection 
        • Rubber outsole is oil and slip resistant
        • Waterproof membrane with breathability
        • Nubuck leather uppers
        • Steel safety toes
        • EVA footbed is removable


        • May require breaking in
        • Some considerations about durability of soles
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Best Underfoot Protection in a Slip Resistant Work Boot

 5. Timberland PRO Endurance Eight-inch 95567 Work Boot

These Timberland PRO work boots that are part of the Timberland line of footwear for professionals and laborers have a terrific protective design.

The underfoot protection is especially noteworthy as these boots are produced with steel flex plates that are puncture resistant.

So, not only do you have slip resistant tread but if you work on uneven terrain, your feet will be protected from sharp materials that can potentially puncture your feet underneath.

The outsole is rubber and is resistant to slippage, oily surfaces, and heat. They come complete with a toe cap that is nonetheless lightweight and ensures protection from falling debris or heavy tools and objects on site.

The quality uppers made with full grain leather protect in harsh environments, and the cement construction method of the boot guarantees flexibility and durability. Midsoles are manufactured in polyurethane and offer substantial support.


        • Full-grain leather uppers
        • PRO rubber outsole 
        • Resistance to oil, heat, and slippage
        • Steel safety toe
        • Mesh lining 
        • Antimicrobial treatment for odor control
        • Fiberglass shank for support
        • Steel flex plate resistant to puncture underfoot
        • Polyurethane footbed 
        • Waterproofed


        • Some concerns about soles coming apart after only months of use
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If you work where there are uneven terrain or pavement surfaces, wet floors, oily floors, inappropriate floor coverings, changing for levels, cords, obstructions, or even poor lighting, your risk of a slip will increase, these are all commonplace causes of falls and injuries.

Causes of Slippage at Workplace

If your footwear loses its traction on a particular surface, you will most likely slip and risk falling. Among the principal causes of a loss of traction are:

      • Floors with dust or powder on the surface
      • Flooring that changes in either level or surface quality
      • Freshly waxed floor surfaces
      • Greasy or oily floors
      • Metal surfaces
      • Soapy or wet floors
      • Uneven terrain or surfaces
      • Wet leaves or plant debris
      • Weather including frost, hail, ice, rain, sleet, or snow

Surfaces that contain any of the elements above, put you at a greater risk for slipping and consequentially falling.

The Slip Resistant Work Boot

Even if the flooring or terrain that you have to navigate is hazardous, a pair of slip resistant work boots can make all the difference. This type of work boot or footwear with this specific characteristic should be part of your daily PPE.

Depending on your profession, footwear that does not include resistance to slippage, or well-worn footwear that has lost its traction, will make your job and workplace more dangerous.

Slip Resistant Features in Work Boots

The priority when searching for a work boot with increased traction is that it is oil and slip resistant.

Examine the tread on the outsole looking at both the shape and design. Tread designs will vary including circles, squares, triangles, and even hexagons.

The spaces between the tread design are very important. If the spacing between the design shapes is quite small, they may not adequately channel water or liquids toward the outermost edge of the boot soles.

If liquid or fluids remained trapped under the outsole, you may experience a type of hydroplaning that will cause you to slip.

The depth or thickness of the tread is equally important. If the tread is too thin and wears quickly, you will find yourself with resistance to slippage. This is the identical principle to changing tires on a motorcycle or car, or even on a bicycle.

When considering the slip resistant features, make sure they are on a work boot that is manufactured for your profession and its environment. 

Benefits of Slip Resistant Shoes

If you work in a profession that has a working environment characterized by wet, or slippery flooring, or you work outside on uneven terrain exposed to the elements, you need slip resistant work boots.

This type of footwear is designed and produced to afford great traction and grip of the floor or terrain surface. 

Important benefits of wearing a pair of slip resistant work boots include:

      • Grip and Traction designed for uneven terrain and slippery flooring surfaces
      • Comfort during long work shifts
      • Insoles that provide cushioning for shock absorbance and the elimination of foot fatigue
      • Balance when navigating slippery surfaces
      • Many slip resistant work boots will also come with a steel, composite, or alloy toe cap for increased security on the job.

Features to Look for When Selecting Slip Resistant Work Boots

These are a few of the must-have features to consider when choosing your Slip Resistant Work Boots.

1. Comfort. Comfort is always a priority if you need to be on your feet most of your work shift. For slip resistant boots you will want a comfortable outsole with just the right amount of thickness and flexibility to absorb shocks when you move.

Any boot should give sufficient support regardless of height or weight. Cushioned footbeds are an important ingredient in the comfort equation.

2. Durability. If you are spending money, you’ll want to spend it well. You will not want to have to replace work boots every several months.

Leather uppers and good outsoles made with top quality materials will contribute to how they manage the test of time. Excellent construction methods will be a fundamental component in durability.

3. Safety protection. This aspect cannot be emphasized enough. This is particularly true for laborers and professionals that find themselves working in industry, construction and agriculture in particular as well as machinists and workers in transportation and heavy lifting.           

ASTM safety recommendations include the use of a safety toe of some type. Slip resistance is a key feature in preventing workplace slips, falls, and injuries.

Top 10 Best Slip Resistant Work Boots


Slipping can lead to trips and falls that result in serious injuries, sometimes they are fatal. 

When considering work boots that are slip resistant, always check the outsoles. Thickness and the design of the tread can make all the difference together with a construction material like rubber.

These characteristics can keep you from falls and serious injuries while exercising your profession.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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