Slip Trip Fall Safety Tips, Prevention and Causes

Slip Trip Fall Safety TipsJust about anyone can take a fall! All that is needed is a moment’s carelessness for most to trip over something and fall. But that does not mean that they are not avoidable by any means.

All you need to do is follow a few slip trip fall safety tips and you will be fine. The tips are not magic but they are just precautionary rules that assists you to avoid mishaps.

Things are not as hopeless as you might feel. There are ways to get around it to maintain a safe working environment at home as well as in your workplace for that to happen all you need to do is practice a few failsafe ways against slipping, tripping or falling hazards. Here are a few points to keep in mind –

Best Ways to Prevent Slip, Trip & Fall Hazards


1.) Being a Good Housekeeper

Be it in your home or office good housekeeping is critical to maintaining the safety of the place. Ignoring the requirement of cleaning your surroundings would lead to an escalated number of accidents resulting in injuries. This would have a direct impact on your insurance costs that would raise each and every incident.

Being a Good Housekeeper

Keeping your facility clean as well as organized would assist you in maintaining the overall safety of your employees, family as well as any customers coming your way. Not to mention clean premises entice more business to come your way as well as keep the mind of your employees fresh and alert. The best way to maintain the cleanliness is to maintain a proper housekeeping routine.

The program needs to be effective to keep up the hygiene of a place as well as the safety of the place. All this can be achieved easily if the terms of housekeeping are kept simple and contained. You can achieve the best results all you need to do is be mindful of the three steps

a) Think Ahead 

Think ahead HouseKeeping

Planning everything ahead of time would only lead to not only gets the work done in the most perfect manner but also ensures that the work gets done on time.

If you are the person who has to do the cleaning job then carving out a certain time to plan ahead would work for you as well. This would ensure that your precious time gets utilized the best.  

b) Choosing the Right People


Not everyone can get something done in the right manner choosing the right people would definitely see things through. Appointing a team or a single person for the job would certainly make it easier to keep the place clean.

You can clean things up yourself as well for your residence being the one with the right mental space and need to do so.

c) Daily Routine

Including cleaning into your daily routine would definitely serve you well. Be it for commercial or residential purposes allotting a certain period daily for cleaning would ensure that your workload becomes or remains negligible over time.

2.) Wet Danger 

Wet Danger You can slip on level ground if you are not mindful of your own actions. But they are not more dangerous than the wet surfaces which are prone to be extremely slippery. It increases your chances of getting injured. Here is a list of surfaces that when turned slippery may just turn deadly for anyone –

  • Parking lots
  • Food preparation areas
  • Present Sidewalks or the lack of them
  • Residential Shower stalls in dorms
  • Floorings

If you fall on or from any of the surfaces you are bound to have some form of injury but as these same surfaces become far more perilous after a heavy shower. The interiors of your home are affected by the moisture but they are a far cry from what they look like outdoors. Here are a few ways to reduce the way to moisture-related injuries –

Repair the broken – Maintenance and repair of the parking lot and sidewalks are very important to avoid any unintentional injury.

Suspend Movement – Treating the snow and ice infested public area is very much important as it leads to an increased rate of fall injuries. If it cannot be treated it is important to suspend any movement in the area to avoid any sort of mishap.

Improve Traction – You may also use anti-skid paint or adhesive material like anti-skid tapes in places to support traction that reduces the chance of slipping.

Unmovable Mats and Rug – Use of mats or rugs are an idea at your doorstep, bathrooms as well as the kitchen. Not only are they good looking but also moisture absorbent. All you need to do is check whether the one bought by you has an anti-slide rear end or not. The anti-slide holds the mat in place. Thus choose wisely!

Use signs – It may serve you well to display signs notifying people of wet flooring. This is the best way to reduce slip related accidents as well!

Timely action – Taking appropriate action in time is all it takes to save any accidents of slip, trip or fall. If you have a spill cleaned as soon as it occurs, you earn all the kudos for averting a fall!

3.) Proper Lighting 

Proper Lighting Work Place

It is important to have proper lighting in your workspace as well as home. Light makes every hidden danger visible. Whether it is a flood of water lying discreetly on your floor or a few drops of oil that have been left around mixed with low light it is an accident waiting to happen. Here are a few ways to counter them –

Where to use illuminations?

Proper use of light in the docks, basements, hallways, ramps, walkways, staircases as well as construction zones is highly required.

What about work stations?

It would serve you well to keep the work areas clean as well as illuminated. It keeps your mind sharp and attitudes fresh.

What is the rule of the walkways?

Lights should always adore the walkways to avoid unwanted clutter as well as other obstructions.

What is the best area to put light Switches?

It is best to put light switches in areas that are both accessible as well as in clear sight for easy use.

What must be done if any electronics malfunctions?

An electrician must be called to fix any of the electronic if they malfunction as they do not only slip and trip but also fire hazards, especially in immature hands.

4.) The Right Kind of Boots 

Right Kind of Boots 

Boots play a great part in avoiding the slip, trip and fall hazards. A good quality boot would reduce the chances of a fall not just in terms of traction of the soles but also in terms of the heels and insoles. The shoelaces when tied properly provide the right support to give you the edge needed to safely bypass any potential accident.

It may seem impossible but with a little help and discipline, it is possible to save self from an unwanted slip. But the truth is far from reality! Things are never as random as it seems. If you think carefully you would find a drop of water or some moss behind it. If precaution is taken everything including an accident may be avoided. The slip trip fall safety tips may make it possible for you to do so!   

Why slip trip safety tips are needed?

Why slip trip safety tips are needed

Workers are more often than not very much pennant to injury or physical harm. This is because they work round the clock under the most perilous conditions. If they trip, fall or slip under any circumstances the risk of being gravely injured is not out of reach.

Falling to their death also happens to be a more possible outcome! If you are someone who believes in maintaining safety at all costs then the fail-safe Slip Trip Fall Safety Tips are your best shot at avoiding any sort of trouble.

Not just workers just about anyone who trips falls or slips have to bear the ill effects of the injury. That is why it is important to be mindful of each step taken by you so that you lose nothing. Just about anything may just result in a lifelong physical discrepancy of external as well as internal nature.

A stumble is often of a random nature. Just about anything can make you lose your attention momentarily and may just make you stumble. Thankfully there are ways to prevent it. But before you get to the care taken to avoid the fall here are a few situations that may lead to it –

Causes of Slip Trip Fall

1.) Wet or greasy floors – Unclean or a wet floor reduces friction between your feet or shoes with the floor causing you to slip and fall. 

Wet Floor Fall

Dry floors with dust or powder – Even a dry floor may cause you to slip if there is a layer of dust or powder sprinkled over it. It would certainly assist you to lead you to a disadvantage.

Dry floors with dust or powder

2.) Uneven walking surfaces – Most people have decorative pebbles leading the way from the gate to their doorstep but most do not realize that the decorations also amount to be a slip hazard, as well. The uneven surfaces may just catch someone unawares and leads them to slip.

Uneven walking surfaces

3.) Polished or freshly waxed floors – Polished floors may increase the beauty of your home but only by waxing it the beauty can be maintained. Shiny things are rarely up to any good, shinier the surface the more probable chance do you have to slip and fall.

Polished or freshly waxed floors 

4.) Loose flooring – Even if you do not think much of the odd creak or squeak but they are the sound of your floors coming loose. Loose flooring is the biggest trip hazard if there was one.

5.) Loose Carpet or mats – Carpeting does make the floor soft and mats definitely reduce your chances of falling over but if they are kept are not kept in place then all bets are off.

Loose Carpet or mats

6.) Missing tiles and bricks – Missing tiles or bricks are extremely common in old houses but ignoring them for a long time would lead to a rise in the intensity of falling in your home.  

Missing tiles and bricks floor

7.) Sloped walking surfaces – They may look easy to tread on but they also increase your chance of falling over and rolling down, as well.

8.) Wet Shoes – This is the best reason as to why it is important to keep your shoes clean as the wet, greasy, muddy, or oily soles reduce the grip of your shoe and increase your chance of slipping.

9.) Clutter – It is the bane of a home making it look dreary and making mind clouded. But what most do not realize is that they are hazardous elements laying around that increases your chances of tripping.


10.) Electrical cords or cables – It is an open secret about how special they are to make you slip!

11.) Weather hazards — Slippery content of rain, ice, sleet, snow, frost, and hail is known to all and thus require no added introduction to plead the case for it.


Humans are extremely volatile in nature and not to mention gets distracted very easily. They try to get as many things done in a short span of time as possible. To make that possible, they run fast without any proper direction that makes it possible for them to slip, trip or fall.

Haste often creates waste! There is nothing that is truer than this statement especially for people who do not think things through. There is no substitute for hard work and no shortcuts to success. Taking precautions would not only get everything done but also in an injury-free mode.

It is always fruitful to have the best work done without any injury. The above-mentioned slip trip fall safety tips would certainly help in creating a safe residential and work environment for one and all. 

Be it an employee or the employer any normal individual may get hurt and the above mentioned tips are the best way to prevent it.  

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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