Safety PPE kit for COVID 19: (Protect Yourself & Loved Ones At Home)

Safety PPE kit for COVID 19We are all amidst a great threat called “CORONA VIRUS”/”COVID 19”.

The entire world is affected and we all are freaking out!

It seems we all stand helpless to face the inevitable. The health officials are trying their best to fight the situation and save lives and yes they have been successful in saving many lives, but still there is no particular cure for the virus when one gets infected.

But certainly there is prevention against the virus and all the health and government officials are urging us to do our bit in preventing ourselves from getting infected with the virus.

The prevention process is not too tough and demands us to follow certain steps and use certain items only staying at our homes.

That’s the least we can do to save our and our family’s lives, right?

So, here in this article I will be detailing you with certain steps and products that can help you to prevent the virus from affecting you.

The Safety PPE KIT for COVID 19:

The infection prevention and control measures include:

Hand hygiene

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Control over normal lifestyle

Coronavirus Prevention Tips

1.) Hand Hygiene

It is advisable to wash your hands after every 1 hour for 20-30 seconds. And then you need to sanitize it too. It is also advised to sanitize the hands if you happen to touch any outside objects. But the point is washing and sanitizing your hands with just any random product won’t work. You need to be very careful about the selection of the products wherein the hand wash must be anti-bacterial and the sanitizer must contain at least a certain percentage of alcohol.

To your relief, we have selected some very effective products for the same:

Hand Sanitizer:

Our review:

→ It has 62.5% ethyl alcohol which kills any germ bacteria or virus

→ It is sulphate and paraben free

→ Has jojoba oil and vitamin E which has smoothening effect on hands

→ Free from chemicals

→ Gives special protection against cold causing germs

→ I GAL  consists of 3.7 BL liquid

Hand wash:

Our review:

→ It washes away all germs and bacteria

→ Keeps the hands moisturized which is very necessary when you have to wash hands several times

→ Has a fragrance of Aloe Vera

→ It is dermatological tested and formulated for killing bacteria and germs

→ You get a pack of 6 at once

2.) Personal protective equipments (PPE)

The personal protective equipments include some protective gears to prevent the virus from entering the body, which contains the following items:

PPE Gloves:

Our review:

→ These gloves are made of latex

→ They are powder free so good for sensitive hands

→ They are durable

→ They are highly elastic so doesn’t slip off from hands easily

→ They are puncture resistant

→ They are allergen free

→ They have ambidextrous, textured and contoured fingers for providing a great grip

Face Mask:

Our review:

→ It is used in medical

→ It has 3 layer filtration

→ It’s made of non-woven fabric

→ It has an adjustable nose bridge and seamless crimping

→ It is comfortable and breathable

→ It has anti-dust and anti-droplet protection which is the need of the hour.

→ It comes in a pack of 50

Face Shield:

Our review:

→ These are very lightweight and comfortable. 

→ They are breathable

→ Protects entire face area that is eyes, nose, mouth from any foreign bodies that might enter the body

→ It has anti-fog and anti-static function that provides clear vision during its wear

→ Washable in boiling water and can be reused

→ Easily adjustable with soft elastic band

→ It has distortion free PE film

Shoe Cover:

Our review:

→ The shoe covers are very thick and strong and therefore very durable.

→ They are slip resistant.

→ They are eco-friendly.

→ They are also waterproof and dustproof.

3.) Control over Normal Lifestyle

It’s just a phase that won’t stay for long. Things will be normal very soon. Till then you are requested to follow certain restrictions:

⇒ Do not go out of your house at all if possible.

⇒ At worst, if you run out of medicine or essential groceries or vegetables, go out with your face , hands and feet covered.

⇒ The moment you return home, first sanitize your hands, wash them and rush to the washroom and take a shower with soap and shampoo.

⇒ Wash your clothes with detergent in luke warm water once you wear them off.

⇒ Try to maintain vegetarian diet as much as possible.

Before we say Good Bye:

After every night, comes a beautiful glorious day!

After every sorrow comes happiness!

This threat of COVID 19 will also pass by very soon and everything will be normal again!

Just be patient and try to follow the instructions that we mentioned in the article. We believe, you and your family would be untouched by the virus!

That’s all folks for today!

Stay safe!

Stay healthy!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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