5 Tips to Keep Neighbors Happy During Construction

Tips to keep neighbors happy during constructionConstruction work demands both space and time and on the top of it produces a lot a chaos and pollution.

So, it becomes very essential to plan your construction project beforehand so that you do not disturb your neighbors.

Because if your neighbors are disturbed and they lodge a complaint against your construction project, your project would be stopped right away.

Therefore, I am here to save you from the circumstances before and tell you about…

Some great tips to keep your neighbors happy during construction!

Let’s get going….

Problems that your Neighbors might face during Construction work

→ Traffic jam if your construction site doesn’t have enough parking for your workers to park their cars.

→ It can block the normal traffic nearby and thus create a chaos attracting the rage of your neighbors and the legal authorities too.

Problems that your Neighbors might face during Construction work

→ Construction sites produce enough noise to disturb the peace of your neighbors.

→ It produces enough dust and air pollution as well, whereby your neighbors might catch up some respiratory diseases.

→ You cannot ignore the dirt and the heap of garbage that the construction project produces. It’s enough to spoil the hygiene of the environment through which again diseases might spread.

Tips to keep Neighbors Happy during Construction

1.) Planning for Dealing with the Traffic Congestion:

♦ When you know that your construction site does not have enough space for parking, take out the local map of the area and look for parking areas nearby.

♦ Book the nearby parking beforehand, so that your worker’s cars are not scattered on the road and block it.

Planning for Dealing with the Traffic Congestion

♦ You can alternatively arrange for your own construction transport system so that all your workers can board the same bus and the bus can wait in your construction arena.

♦ Call for deliveries of good for the construction during hours when the traffic is much low, might be in the afternoons or the early mornings.

2.) Dust and Pollution Control:

♦ Try to cover the area around your construction work with a plastic cover so that dust travels less in the surrounding areas.

♦ Try to sprinkle water in your construction area after every few hours so that dust travels less.

♦ Try to implant equipments that control dust and air pollution in the construction sites.

Dust and Pollution Control

♦ Try to talk to the anti-pollution authorities beforehand regarding the preventive measures and remedies for pollution.

♦ If needed talk to the local government authorities of the area to vacate the nearby area and arrange for an alternative settlement for them for a certain period.

♦ Provide anti-pollution kits to your neighbors for safety of their health.

3.) Noise Control

Though noise pollution inevitable, still you can consider the following tips:

♦ Try installing silencers on the motors that produce the most noise.

Noise Control during Construction

♦ Try consulting the noise-pollution control agencies and seek advice from them or hand over the duty of restricting the noise to the normal audible decibel to them.

♦ Talk to your neighbors and ask them if they are facing utmost problem and find alternative ways for them.

4.) Waste Management:

♦ Plan for a waste management system beforehand.

Derbis Waste Management

♦ Leftover cement, dust, bricks, stones, wood are dumped in the nearby area thus creating a heap of waste. Arrange for cleanup of the debris on a regular basis.

♦ Alternatively you can also collect all the debris of a day’s work and effectively keep the mess inside the construction site, out of your neighbour’s sight.

5.) General Tips:

♦ Inform your neighbors beforehand about the project in hand. Consider their views and suggestions and try to implement them.

♦ Try to keep an open line of communication with your neighbors so that they can intimate you regarding any of their problems due to the construction project.

♦ Give them your contact details in case of any emergencies.

♦ Appoint a doctor for your neighbors regular check-up for any disturbances caused in the body due to increased pollution.

♦ Hire a contractor and intimate him about your neighbors requirements and problems stated by them.

♦ Try to work in the non-office hours.

♦ Try avoiding working at late nights so that it does not disturb the sleep of your neighbors.

Before we say Good Bye:

Hope you will be able to please your neighbors with these great tips!

Next time your neighbors complain about your construction project, tell them…

“There still isn’t any way to carry your construction work in the Mars rest you wouldn’t have thought of disturbing them in your weirdest dreams.”

LOL  :p

Jokes apart…

Few things are inevitable and can’t be controlled. So, the best thing to do is just maintain a friendly relation with your neighbors and call them for a cup of coffee often!

Nothing is better than a cup of coffee to resolve an issue!

That’s all for today guys!

Take care and stay healthy!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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