10 Best Irish Setter Work Boots

Irish Setter got its name by Red Wing from the hunting boots that were crafted from an exclusive red russet leather back in the 1950s. Since then, the brand has manifested itself in the field and on any job site with each passing generation.

Best Irish Setter Work Boots

With a combination of 100 years of Red Wings work boot experience and over 60 years of Irish Setters outdoor footwear experience, they have now become the leading brand for hunters and workers alike.

The brand acknowledges the need of paying attention to details when creating great footwear as opposed to a good one. Hence, they take pride in making boots that are as hardworking as you are.

Let’s take a look at the best Irish setter work boots available in the market that you can consider.

10 Recommended Irish Setter Work Boots

Irish Setter Boot Best for
Ely 83608 6” Hunter, construction, heavy machinery industry, electricians, slippery surfaces
6” 83605 Miners, oil/chemical industries, electricians, rough terrains
Wingshooter ST-83632 Wet environments, slippery surface, miners, electricians, farmers
5″ 83403 Hiker Wet environments, electricians, slippery surface, hot surface, rough terrain, hikers
Mesabi 83834 Logging, farming, construction, heavy machinery industries
83624 6” Farmers, landscape professional, or simply work outdoors
Ely 6″ 83607 Rough terrain, slippery surface, electricians, farmers
83613 6″ Waterproof Wet environment, slippery surface, miner, hot surface
Ely 83612 6” Construction, heavy machinery industries, slippery surface, oil/chemical industries, hot surface, rough terrain
Kastoa 6” Maintenance, construction, repair worker

1.  Irish Setter Steel Toe Men’s Ely 83608 6″

The Irish Setter Men’s Ely work boots are what every avid hunter and modern craftsman needs. These boots are for anyone who loves the outdoors or works outdoors. They come with features like a steel toe that serve the purpose for even people working in places with hazards of heavy falling objects. These boots meet ASTM standards for impact and compression.

They have been constructed with 100% leather and a synthetic sole. The PU V-Grip outsole will keep you safe on slippery surfaces as they are slip-resistant. They even meet ASTM, Electrical Hazard Safety Standards. With such a protective sole and heel construction it provides a secondary source of protection.

To keep your feet comfortable and provide added support there is a removable PU footbed. The cherry on the cake is the antique brass stud hooks and antique brass eyelets that make them look stylish even when worn with casuals.

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2. Irish Setter Wedge Sole Men’s 6″ 83605

The 83605 series is one stylish pair to own. These 6” lace-up work boots are constructed from 100% full-grain leather uppers. And it has a rubber-EVA outsole that is just perfect for people working in the mines as they are heat-resistant.

They will protect your feet in high heat environments and are resistant to melting at a minimum of 475 Fahrenheit. They are suitable for most surfaces because of being resistant to oil and chemicals as well.

The boots also meet ASTM safety standards against electrical hazards. You will love these boots if you’re an outdoorsy person because of their comfortable removable PU footbed and the unique traction tread design.

It is easy to keep them clean too all you must do is wipe or spray them with some lukewarm water after use and let them dry naturally. You can also apply some soap for additional cleaning.  

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3. Irish Setter Waterproof Men’s Wingshooter ST-83632

You need not look any further for work boots that deliver both superior comfort and support on the job. The Wingshooter ST boots are going to be a perfect match for you as they feature Irish Setter’s iconic amber leather and white soles that make them instantly appealing to the eyes. Plus, they come with a lightweight non-metallic Nano toe that provides excellent roomy toe protection.

Your feet will remain dry, comfortable, and help you perform better throughout the day due to its Ultradry Waterproof technology. It has rubber-EVA outsoles with traction tread that offer the best-in-class slip resistance, letting you work without slipping and falling.

They will also protect your feet in high heat environments and are resistant to melting at a minimum of 475 Fahrenheit. Additionally, they are great for electricians as well as they can protect you from any electrical hazards. There is a removable PU footbed that gives you added comfort and support.

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4. Irish Setter Men’s 5″ 83403

You can walk, bend, and crouch as you please while working in these 83403 5” Waterproof Hiker boots. The upper is made from 100% full-grain waterproof leather, the toe and heel are of Armatec leather that helps prevent material breakdown, making them highly durable.

These are great for wet environments due to their Ultra Dry technology that keeps out wet elements at all costs. The boots also focus on minimizing the pressure on the shin area by using CuShin Comfort Tongue technology. The rubber outsole is heat, slip, and abrasion-resistant. It has a soft toe that meets the ASTM, electrical hazards safety standards perfectly.

You will be very comfortable in these boots all day because of their removable PU footbed, padded tongue, and collar. There is also four-way stretch nylon that gives your feet relief and flexibility when walking or hiking, and an internal padded waffle mesh provides premium comfort.

Plus, the use of Stable Flex technology and Cement Welt construction, combines increased flexibility in the forefoot with a stable platform in the heel area. Your feet get added support with the lightweight non-metallic shank instilled in the boots.

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5. Irish Setter Work Men’s logger Mesabi 83834

Mesabi 83834 work boots are an excellent option for you if you work in tough environments like construction or any industry dealing with heavy machinery. They are constructed from 100% waterproof leather that features a steel-toe for safety and protection against any accidents occurring at work.

They have used the UltraDry Waterproof technology in these boots that keep moisture out, however, they tend to make you feel uncomfortable during hot days. Therefore, you should wear them in the winters or during the fall.

The rubber outsole is heat resistant which makes them ideal for hot surfaces. Plus, they shield you against any electrical hazards. The shaft measures approx. 8” from the arch that gives your feet additional protection and comfort along with the padded collar and tongue.

These boots are also great for rough terrains as they are abrasion-resistant. So, there’s not much to say when you get work boots that are comfortable and tough.

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6. Irish Setter Men’s 83624

Every farmer’s dream come true are these Farmington Steel Toe Work Boots. They have been built with superior comfort, durable materials that are great for handling tough conditions.

These boots feature amazing traction and protection, while being rugged, good-looking, and are a great pleasure to wear. They are constructed from 100% full-grain leather. The sole is of durable synthetic material.

It comes with a steel toe for safety and protection from heavy falling or dropped objects and any other work hazards that may occur. They meet the ASTM standards for impact and compression. Plus, they will shield you from electrical hazards as they meet ASTM safety standards for the same.

There is a removable PU footbed for comfort and support. Irish Setter has used their King Toe technology which features a larger toe box for 44% more extra room, than the standard work boots by them, allowing your toes to move more freely.

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7. Irish Setter Men’s Ely 6″ 83607

The Ely 6” 83607 work boots are boots that you can rely on blindly because of their superior protection and comfort. They are constructed from 100% full-grain crazy horse leather and a direct attach sole that is of synthetic material.

You will get all-day comfort with their removable PU footbed. The outsole features a non-marking dual-density PU V-Grip that keeps you from slipping or falling on any kind of surface.

These durable 6” lace-up work boot meets the ASTM safety standard for protection against electrical hazards. Hence, they’re great for electricians or anyone working around electricity. Even your ankles will be in comfort and cushioning with their padded collar and tongue.

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8. Irish Setter Men’s 83613

An amazing pair by Irish Setter for the outdoors is the 83613 waterproof work boots. They are made from durable 100% waterproof leather. It has a rubber sole that is a non-marking, slip, and heat resistant one, which makes them reliable to be worn on any kind of surface.

You can prevent hurting yourself by falling on slippery surfaces or even on surfaces that are too hot. So you are guaranteed a good grip while working or even walking.

To give your feet more comfort and support, there are padded collars along with a removable PU footbed. There is also a steel shank in the midsole that gives your back and arch a lot of support, in turn minimizing fatigue caused by standing for prolonged periods. Plus, the boots have a rugged look, which makes you look good and tough ready to take on the day.  

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9. Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83612

If you love the color black, then you are certainly going to love these. The Ely 83612 is a good-looking pair of work boots because of its complete black leather upper and black laced-up design.

There is a non-metallic shank in the midsole that helps make them a lightweight choice for everyone who has trouble wearing boots with weight. This allows more flexibility and mobility while on the job.

For comfort and support, these boots feature a removable PU footbed, padded collar, and tongue. It also has steel toes for safety and protection against any heavy fallen objects and meets the ASTM standards for impact and compression.

The synthetic outsoles have a PU-V grip that is slip, oil, chemical, heat, and abrasion-resistant. They will also protect your feet from electrical hazards.

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10. Irish Setter Work Men’s Kastoa

We love boots that come with a side zip as they give them a certain stylish look. The Kastoa work boots give us exactly that along with several safety features that make them a great choice for tough work environments.

They are made from 75% leather and 25% nylon material. It has rubber outsoles that are heat resistant, thereby, allowing you to work on high heat surfaces. The boots are waterproof with a non-metallic safety toe and can also shield you from electrical hazards.

Irish Setter has used one of their special technologies called ENERG which is a dual-density midsole with high-rebound PU for energy return in every step. A combination of this with the multi-tiered rubber lug outsole offers premium traction on rocky surfaces.

To increase the boots’ lifespan and preserve it they have also instilled their ArmaTec technology which is an incredibly tough and abrasion-resistant protective covering. The UltraDry construction keeps your feet dry by keeping moisture out, in turn giving you long-lasting comfort and performance.

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Wrapping up

With Irish Setter, you can expect nothing less than top-notch craftsmanship. They do not believe in taking any shortcuts while creating footwear meant for any type of job. They use leading technologies like Gore-tex waterproofing, Thinsulate Ultra insulation, UltraDry Waterproofing, Cushin Comfort tongue, Vibram outsoles, ArmaTec technology, and ENERG technology. You are guaranteed a reliable pair with any Irish Setter work boot.

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