Best Timberland Work Boots Reviews

Best Timberland Work BootsWhat’s not to like about a Timberland Boot? Timberland is a renowned and reputable brand name in the manufacturing of footwear, and specifically in footwear produced for work and industrial environments. 

We tested Timberland’s PRO Work Boots line to discover the very best in footwear for every possible work environment thanks to a team of dedicated professionals that agreed to try these boots out while on the job.

Our list of favorites offered many of the characteristics that professionals search for when purchasing work boots: design, comfort, durability, waterproofing, insulation, and above all safety. Read on for what we discovered. Let’s begin with a comparison of top timberland boots.

Timberland Endurance 95567 PROYesLeather/textileSteel toe, Puncture-resistant plate, ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05Rubber
Timberland Boondock PROYes100% LeatherComposite safety toe, EHSynthetic
Timberland Direct Attach PROYes100% LeatherSteel toe, EHSynthetic
Timberland Rigmaster PROYes100% LeatherSteel Safety toeSynthetic, Lug rubber outsole

The Best Timberland Work Boots Reviews

Best Protective Timberland Work Boot

1. Timberland Endurance 95567 PRO Work Boot

These Timberland Work Boots feature a steel toe safety cap together with a protective steel flex plate against punctures and impact. The rubber outsole is manufactured in a resistant rubber to resist oil, abrasion, and slippage. Insoles are removable, and the design integrates anti-fatigue technology to support your feet at work.

While it may not be the most durable of the Timberland line, it most certainly offers safety features beginning with the steel toe cap, EH protection, Steel puncture-resistant plate, and a pro rubber sole.

That’s a lot of protection in one boot. These rubber soles also inhibit substances from sticking underneath your boots. 

Timberland didn’t forget comfort either, thanks to the anti-fatigue and Power comfort technology used in its design to guarantee foot energy and comfort even on rugged terrains. This pair of boots also features an antimicrobial treatment for odor control.

Exceptionally comfortable, you may want to consider a half size larger if you are in the habit of wearing thick work socks.


        • Steel-toe safety cap
        • EH protection
        • Steel plate against punctures 
        • Outsole that is resistant to heat, slippage, abrasion, and oil for great traction
        • Comfortable 


        • A bit heavy
        • Inner ankle padding wears out quickly

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Best Waterproof Timberland Work Boot

2. Timberland Boondock Pro Work Boots

This work boot offers tons of resistance for work environments. It is resistant to oil and slippage while providing both electrical and thermal insulation and waterproofing properties for on-the-job comfort. The integrated anti-fatigue design will help keep legs and feet as comfortable as possible during long work shifts.

Design elements include a top collar that is amply padded, traction lugs on the outsoles for both mud and snow, and an appealing aesthetic for stylish professionals. The Boondock meets ASTM F2892-11 electrical hazard requirements. 

An antifatigue design features inverted cones for support with both compression and rebound movement. The boots are fully waterproof with the leather uppers treated but also come with a waterproof membrane.

If you work in snow or rainy weather, these boots will protect you from inclement weather.  These boots are available in both the six-inch and eight-inch versions.


        • Safety toe
        • Electrical hazard protection
        • Resistance to slippage
        • Comfortable
        • Waterproofing
        • Insulation
        • Metal protector friendly
        • Great for wide feet


        • Durability limited on the insole
        • A bit heavy
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Best Thermally Insulated Timberland Work Boot

3. Timberland Direct Attach PRO Work Boot

This PRO Work Boot boasts 400 grams of insulation to keep your feet warm even in the coldest of work climates. The PRO 24/7 Comfort technology utilized keeps feet comfortable all day long while wrapped in a breathable material that is also waterproof.

A padded top collar contributes to comfort and ankle support. These boots also offer electrical hazard protection and outsoles that are resistant to slippage.

They meet ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 I/75 safety standards. A safety toe guarantees foot safety from falling debris, tools, or splatter. The rubber outsoles are resistant to oil and slippage.

Manufactured with seam-sealed leather that has been waterproofed and considerable insulation, the boot offers comfort and durability while keeping your feet warm and dry. The breathability of the 100% leather upper boots only increases your comfort on the job.


        • Safety toe in steel
        • Durability
        • Thermolite insulation
        • Comfortable
        • 100% leather uppers


        • Laces are short
        • Sizing may run small and narrow
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Best Anti-slippage Timberland Work Boots

4. Timberland Rigmaster PRO Work Boot

Developed by Timberland for the natural gas and oil industries, this boot offers top-notch resistance to slippage at the job site.

It also features industrial-grade traction together with technology for shock diffusion and an anti-fatigue design. These boast an Aggressive tread that uses triangular-shaped lugs in rubber.

Made from 100% top-quality leather, this boot has been waterproofed and the uppers of the boot are resistant to abrasion. Goodyear Welt construction guarantees the bonding between upper and outer soles.

The midsole is produced in polyurethane. A padded top collar improves comfort and pull-up grips add ease when putting the boots on or removing them.

An antimicrobial mesh lines the inside for odor control and the boot offers reinforcement thanks to a shank in steel. Safety steel toes round out protection while guaranteeing comfort.


        • Anti-microbial lining
        • Safety toe in steel
        • Powerfit Comfort Technology
        • Outsole in Polyurethane 
        • Waterproofing membrane


  • Reservations about outsole durability
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Other Options

Two other Timberland PRO Work Boots that got our attention and may get yours if you are looking for a specific characteristic are:

5. Timberland AG Boss Pull-On Alloy-Toe PRO Work/hunt Boots

These are interesting if you prefer a pull-on boot as opposed to a lace-up. Fundamentally designed for farm and agricultural professionals, they are suited to other work environments if you prefer this style.

These boots are waterproof, oil-resistant, slippage-resistant, and meet safety standards.

So, if you prefer a  pull-on design, give a look at these.

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6. Timberland Helix Wellington Waterproof Steel toe PRO Work Boot

These work boots are slip-on, but they are also waterproof, slip, oil, and heat resistant. If you are looking for a comfortable boot that slips on easily and protects your feet from the weather and injury, these are worth your consideration.

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If you remove work boots during your work shift, a slip-on design may be preferable. A rounded toe area guarantees adequate room and comfort. Lightweight.

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The Timberland History

Quite some time ago, in 1952, a Mr. Nathan Schwartz acquired shares in a shoe company known as the Abington Shoe Company. This company produced workwear for the New England area and specialized in the manufacturing of genuine leathers that were waterproof.

Because Mr. Schwartz continued purchasing shares in the company, eventually he was able to gain control of the business. Mr. Schwartz had prior training in the making of shoes, and as a result, once he acquired control of the business, he spearheaded innovation.

New Technology

In 1965, the technology for injection molding was created. Thanks to this new technology, The Abington Company began fusing upper leathers directly to rubber soles, so that the stitching of shoes was no longer required. This improved the waterproofing characteristics of the footwear, a specific necessity for the erratic New England climate.

In 1976, the Timberland Waterproof Boot was launched by Abington in a selection of various colors. The yellow version was particularly popular with laborers.

This product is recognized as the beginning of a time-tested and successful line of Timberland Pro Work Boots. Thanks to the success of this idea, the Abington Shoe Company changed its name to Timberland only two years later in 1978.

Timberland experienced tremendous success in both the North American and European markets, beginning with Italy which is known internationally for the production of fine leather goods and footwear.

Its success in Italy gives witness to the quality of Timberland footwear products. Today Timberland has expanded its product offerings to include designs for both men and women that are not only for working comfort and protection but also worn as fashion statements.

Timberland Real vs. Fake

One of today’s problems is recognizing a real Timberland from a knockoff. Because of Timberland’s success, there are manufacturers of fake Timberlands that flood the market with copies of the real item.

It is important to be able to recognize some specific characteristics when purchasing your pair of Timberland work boots.

Timberland’s website will provide a list of stores that are authorized to sell Timberland footwear. It is wise to purchase through an authorized seller. Identifiable features to look for include:

1.) The Timberland box original Pro Work Boots are sold in a specific type of box with Timberland printed on both the top and the side. The original box will be labeled with color, size, and the model of the boot. If something is missing or spelled incorrectly, it may not be genuine Timberland.

2.) Stitching is a telltale sign of authenticity. If stitching is irregular in any way whether a pattern or length, it is probably not genuine. Pulled stitches will also be an indication something is off.

3.) Tags. timberland does not make it a practice to print barcodes on product tags.

4.) Timberland Logo. Timberland has a tree logo that is generally stamped under the outsole, or the outside of the heel, and on the insole heel. If you notice distortion or irregularities on the logo, you make be looking at a fake.

5.) Tips on the Laces and eyelets. They will be burnt. Timberland does not tape or use a plastic sleeve. Women’s boots have six eyelets, while men’s boots have seven.

If you want further information regarding the counterfeiting of Timberland products, the company’s website is quite informative.

The Timberland Warranty

Timberland stands behind its products. Their work boots are guaranteed for a full 12 months from purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. It will not cover wear due to usage. The warranty will not cover the boots if they are given to an unauthorized shoe repair professional.

The warranty will be guaranteed for purchases from authorized sellers.

Timberland also offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee for comfort. If you purchase any Timberland Pro Work Boot that features the “PowerFit” system or anti-fatigue technology and do not feel that the boots are comfortable, you may return them for a refund.

Timberland Pro Work Boots v. Timberland Classic Boots

Is there a noteworthy difference when considering a pair of Timberlands for purchase? You bet. The Pro boots are manufactured specifically with work environments in mind.

Pro boots are produced for both professionals and laborers who spend a good part of their workday on their feet and often in inclement weather and with safety PPE requirements for footwear. 

The Classic Timberland boot is rugged with durability in its design, but it is designed and manufactured for everyday wear. They will probably be waterproof and fine for chores, but they do not meet workplace safety regulations. 

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Timberland Pro Work Boots Features

The Pro Workboot offers some exceptional features for working men and women in a multitude of work environments. Timberland work boot manufacturing includes:

1.) Anti-fatigue technology to contrast spending long hours on your feet. A polyurethane midsole is designed to both cushion and protect.

2.) Insulation that is both electrical and thermal. if you are an electrician or work in a situation with high electrical voltage, you will require electrical insulation. The outsoles of the Pro boot line are produced in thick rubber and comply with OSHA standards. The “Thermal Force Pro Work Boot” will insulate sufficiently for work in the coldest of winter climates.

3.) Outsoles that are anti-static

4.) Midsoles that are resistant to puncturing.

5.) Traction. Outsoles have been designed to grip the extremely wet and slippery surfaces. This will help in avoiding workplace falls. 

6.) Metatarsal Guards

7.) Safety Toe Caps. Not all models will feature the safety toe cap, so consider this when selecting. You will need to know if your profession requires steel, composite or soft toe boots.

Timberland offers an alloy safety toe that features lightweight military-grade aluminum. The Pro boots meet ASTM F2412 requirements for impact resistance.

8.) Waterproofing. Designed with materials that guarantee breathability, your feet will remain dry in the most challenging weather conditions. Regular maintenance will prolong their waterproofing treatment.

Top 10 Best Timberland Work Boots for Men and Women


Do timberland boots run big or small?

Timberland is an American brand and follows the American size standard charts for footwears.

So, whether timberland boots run big or small will depend somehow on your country of origin because USA 8 is UK 7.5 for timberland boots. That is, it is half a size difference.

But in general, timberland boots remain true to size because they are tough built boots and might feel tight initially. But as they break in, the leather softens and stretches, adjusting to the shape and size of your feet.

So, keeping this in mind that the boot can stretch a bit in some time, timberland suggests to buy boots half a size smaller than the size of your sneakers.

Are timberland boots good for walking all day?

Timberland boots are hard-wearing and heavy-duty work boots. They are meant to withstand the toughest of work environments.

But, when it comes to walking in timberland boots all day, they might not be the best choice because timberland boots are that flexible.

But, with technological innovations, timberland has put some unique some features in its boots like well cushioned footbed, anti-fatigue insoles that absorbs shock and returns the energy back to the feet, EVA midsoles and arch supporting soles that make these boots very comfortable for walking all day long.

Can I put my timberlands in the washing machine?

It is usually not suggested to wash timberland boots or in that case any leather boots in the washing machine because the spinning of the machine cycle can cause severe damage to the leather boots, making the upper get separated from the soles and also might wash out natural oils from the leather.

Also, if the machine has a dryer, the heat from the dryer can dry out the leather and the leather might become stiff and form cracks with regular washing in the machine.

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If you are looking for a great professional work boot, Timberland offers an ample selection that answers every professional’s footwear needs.

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