Best Moc Toe Work Boots (Stylish, Comfortable & Protective)

Moc Toe Work Boots offer great design if you are in the market for a pair of work boots that will allow you to visit worksites but also be in and out of the office on a daily basis.

They are called “Moc Toe” because the design of the boot resembles a typical moccasin with a seam that is sewn around the top of the boot.

Best Moc Toe Work Boots

Moc toe work boots are a terrific choice for engineers, architects, and professionals that are constantly alternating between onsite and offsite work appointments. They provide the comfort and safety of a boot with an elegant satisfying appearance.

Comparison Table of Top Moc Toe Boots

Moc Toe Boot Outsoles UppersSafetyWaterproof
Thorogood American Heritage MocPolyurethaneLeatherSteel toe Yes
Wolverine Steel Moc Toe SyntheticLeather-No
Thorogood 1957 Series MocRubberLeatherEH rating Yes
Redwing Classic Crepe Wedge SoleSyntheticLeather-No
Skechers Boydton Moc ToeRubberLeather-No
Dr. Martens Lombardo LeatherSyntheticLeather-No
Danner Bull Run MocRubberLeatherSteel toe No

1.) Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe  (Our Top Pick)

Renowned manufacturer Thorogood produces these attractive moc toe work boots with a wedge sole. The uppers are constructed in genuine leather and are oil-tanned and available in several colors.

The innovative aspect of this work boot is the MAXWear outsole which is resistant to slippage and made as a wedge in polyurethane.

Thorogood uses the Goodyear storm welt construction for increased durability. The boots come with fiberglass shanks for both protection and support and removable footbeds that are shock-absorbing.


      • Leather Uppers
      • Removable Poron comfort insole
      • Shank in fiberglass
      • Slip-resistant outsole
      • Goodyear Storm Welt construction method


      • Not waterproof
      • Some squeaking reported
      • May need breaking in
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2.) Wolverine Steel Moc Toe W008289 

If you like the Moc toe style but really need safety toe protection, this pair of Wolverine is the best steel moc toe work boot that meet both of your requirements. We really liked this work boot because it is a protective safety-oriented boot and it still meets our style criteria if you happen to work off-site.

The boots in fact feature a protective steel toe guard. The boots are manufactured with leather uppers and Goodyear welt sole construction. The insoles feature generous cushions while the midsoles are designed to absorb shock. The Wolverine outsoles are resistant to both oil and water and are anti-slip.


      • Lightweight
      • Steel toe guard
      • Leather uppers
      • Goodyear welt construction method
      • Slip-resistant synthetic outsole


      • Some sizing issues
      • Boot tongue not attached to the sides
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3.) Thorogood 1957 Series Best Moc Toe Waterproof Boot

Thorogood had produced this 1957 series as a full safety work boot that is waterproof. The boots’ uppers are made in full-grain leather and again the Goodyear Storm Welt is used in the boots’ construction.

These Thorogood boots also feature the MAXWear wedge outsoles for exceptional traction. This particular work boot is designed for heavy-duty use with electrical hazards in mind and include the waterproof X-Stream breathable membrane.

This membrane also happens to be compliant for penetration by pathogens that are blood-born.  Removable footbeds in memory foam and inner linings that are soft and lightweight guarantee your foot’s comfort while on the job.


      • Waterproof
      • Great traction
      • Stylish moc toe design appearance


      • Some sizing issues related to the width
      • May require breaking in
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4.) Redwing Classic Crepe Wedge Sole Men’s Moc Toe Work Boot

This good-looking Redwing work boot boasts a great design on an outsole that is crepe wedge with exceptional slip-resistance. The crepe wedge guarantees good shock absorbance. These boots are very durable and built to last regardless of whether you are working on or offsite. 

Uppers are in leather while the sole attachment uses Goodyear Welt Construction. Insoles are also in leather. Redwing also offers various color options to suit everyone’s taste.


      • Goodyear Welt construction
      • Leather insoles and upp4ers
      • Treaded synthetic outsoles
      • Many color options


      • Some reported stiffness
      • May need breaking in 
      • Reported to be a bit narrow
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5.) Skechers Boydton Moc Toe Men’s Work Boot

Manufactured with comfort in mind these Skechers work boots boast a classic moc toe design that is both durable and comfortable.

This Skechers model offers both stability and strong support features for your feet thanks to resistant outsoles in rubber for any terrain in a wedge design. Uppers are leather.

The tongue and collar are both padded. This boot features the copyrighted “Relaxed Fit” design. The insole features memory foam cushion.


      • Reasonably priced
      • Relaxed fit design
      • Rubber outsoles for any terrain
      • Good padding and memory foam insoles


      • Some critiques about sizing due to relaxed fit
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6.) Dr. Martens Lombardo Leather Moc Toe Men’s Work Boot

Dr Martens Lombardo Leather Moc Toe Men Work Boot

Featuring a lightweight design adaptable to any number of workplace environments, this work boot is quite fashionable.

The Lombardo boot features soft, flexible bovine leather uppers with great cushion comfort and a synthetic outsole that is resistant to both oil and water for safety.

They also feature an attractive lace-up system which is secure and a corner stitch construction.


      • Fashionable soft leather uppers
      • Synthetic non-slip outsoles 
      • Very comfortable
      • Air-cushioned insole


      • Some sizing considerations
      • Some perspiration considerations reported

7.) Danner Bull Run Moc Toe 6-inch Men’s Work Boot

Crafted in beautiful full-grain leather, the Bull Run work boot by Danner offers a simple attractive design with a contrasting stitch for this Moc toe boot. The full-grain uppers are in oiled supple leather and meet ASTM standards for safety.

Outsoles offer exceptional traction, are non-marking, and are sturdy and resistant to slippage and oil. This Moc toe boot has a fully cushioned footbed for comfort.


      • Ortholite footbed
      • 100 % leather uppers
      • Rubber outsoles
      • Slip-resistant
      • Steel safety toe


      • Not insulated
      • Sizing considerations
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Toe Shapes for the Choosing

Most often work boots will come with a safety toe made out of steel, an alloy, or a composite.  However, boots do come with and without the safety toe box but with various options in the toe design department:

      • A plain toe design or “round” toe with no embellishments
      • A “Moc “toe characterized by a “U” shape stitching on the toe area
      • A toe “cap” with an additional piece of leather or sometimes other sewn across the upper part of the toe box
      • A square toe is often seen in cowboy style boots like Ariat work boots
      • A “medallion” toe that is recognizable thanks to clusters of holes as decorations
      • A “wingtip” boot that boasts extra leather in the shape of a “W” on the toe box
      • A “brogue” boot that sports pinholes on the boot toe as decorations.

The Benefits of the Moc Toe Work Boots

Are there really any benefits to a pair of Moc Toe work boots? Truthfully speaking, they are simply working boots with a round toe.

1.) If you don’t require extra safety protection for your work, you may appreciate a traditional moc toe work boot because they provide a sense of being a bit roomier with a more relaxed foot fit.

2.) These boots may offer a bit more vertical toe space than a pair of boots with a safety cap regardless of whether the cap is in steel, alloy, or composite. The typical moc toe design allows the toe box to rise somewhat at the front of the boot giving a little more toe room.

3.) This may vary from brand to brand, but it’s worth trying on these boots if you need a bit more space for the toe. Now some moc toe boots come with safety toe protection, so you can have the best of both style and protection all in one.

4.) Also, moc toe boots can be worn on other occasions and are not limited to the workplace. They are aesthetically pleasing, and while you won’t wear them to a formal dinner or wedding, they have a nice enough appearance for everyday activities. 

5.) The only issue you may face when selecting a moc toe work boot is the possibility that the toe area can collect dirt, debris, or a bit of water thanks to its design. But this basically depends on what you do in these boots.  In the end, these boots remain the top choice in work boots if you are working both on and offsite on a daily basis.

Moc Toe Work Boot Features

The moc toe work boot can offer you many of the same features as other style work boots, but their primary feature is comfort followed by appearance. The Moc toe boots may offer you:

      • Some degree of waterproofing or water resistance
      • Resistance to slippage
      • Electrical hazard protection
      • Footbed cushioning
      • Linings for moisture wicking
      • Padding on the boot tongue or collar
      • Attractive design

Will Moc Toe Provide Safety On the Job?

Typical safety features on moc toe work boots may include:

      • Waterproofing or water resistance. An example is the use of a Gore-Tex lining.
      • Resistant to slippage of the outsole for both oil and water
      • A midsole plate to guard against puncture
      • Resistance to heat
      • Resistance to abrasion
      • Electrical hazard protection
      • Outsoles with lugs for traction
      • Resistance to chemicals
      • Resistance to molten metals
      • The protective safety toe box

Are Moc Toe Boots Comfortable On the Job?

Features to ensure your comfort while working may include:

      • A footbed with cushioning
      • A shock-resistant outsole
      • Padding on the boot tongue
      • Padding on the boot collar
      • Shoe breathability for hot climates including a good lining with moisture-wicking
      • Insole treatment with antimicrobial solutions
      • Good toe room
      • Insulation for colder climates

Will My Moc Toe Work Boots Last?

When you’re investing your hard-earned money in a good pair of boots, one of the first considerations is how long will they last. Of course, this depends on your work environment and if these work boots will be exposed to rough heavy-duty conditions, however, there are durability characteristics that you should keep in mind:

      • A thick outsole in rubber
      • Uppers that are made of quality leather or materials
      • A Goodyear Welt or Goodyear Storm Welt construction
      • Good quality laces and inner lining
      • Resistance to both abrasion and chemicals
      • Reinforcement of both the toe and heel areas of the boots

What We Looked for When Selecting

When we decided to research the best Moc Toe Work Boots, we entrusted a group of professional engineers, architects, and managers for both construction and industrial work sites to walk in our boots for ten days.

We also researched lots of client feedback from some of the top-selling sites for Moc Toe work boots to get as many observations as possible and compare them with our team reviews. In the end, this is our list of Best Moc Toe Work Boots for your consideration.

In Conclusion

Named for the moccasin styled stitching around the toe, these boots are not only great for the outdoors, industrial, and construction sites as well offsite in the office, they now have become a fashion icon as well. 

Who says you can’t look good on the job? While we have selected seven pairs of Moc toe work boots for our list, remember that most brands now offer safety feature options for the same style of boot, so you can find the boot design you want with or without a safety toe guard.

Most brands will also offer some version of waterproof Moc toe boots. While many moc toe boots may be imported there are still a good number manufactured in the USA. If you need or want a pair of work boots that you can wear off the job, Moc toe work boots are certainly worth your consideration.

Our top pick of the Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Work Boot is definitely a boot to be considered when shopping for the best Moc toe work boots for your needs.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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