5 Best Work Boots for Delivery Drivers

Our site has received quite a few inquiries about footwear for delivery professionals. This is a huge category of professionals.

Imagine all the delivery drivers that facilitate our lives in so many ways. Mail services, messengers, couriers, food delivery, removal services, moving professionals, and more.

These professionals are an integral part of economies worldwide. They both pick up and deliver thousands if not millions of products and documents daily, and this means that they will be on their feet a good portion of the day. 

Best Work Boots for Delivery Drivers

Depending on where they deliver, they are most probably exposed to lots of variable weather conditions from extreme to cold to extreme heat, storms, rains, snow, together with puddles and mud.

So protective footwear is in order. If they have to move heavy parcels, they may need impact protection as well. So, the priorities when selecting footwear need to be protection and comfort.

We went to work to research and test dozens of work boots with this in mind. We contacted manufacturers, read customer reviews and then we involved a group of professional delivery men to test our choices.

After, we drew our conclusions and selected the Timberland PRO Rigmaster XT 6-inch Work Boot as our choice for delivery professionals. Even though these boots were designed with the oil industry in mind, they have lots of features that will serve delivery professionals well.

Work BootUppersSolesSafetyFeatures
Timberland PRO Rigmaster XT 6-inch100% leatherSyntheticSteel toeAnti-fatigue design, Anti-microbial lining, Waterproof lining, Resistance to heat, abrasion, and oil
Timberland Direct Attach PRO100% leatherRubberSteel toe, ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 I/75, EH protectionAnti-fatigue design, Waterproof leather, Thermolite insulation
Keen Steel Toe Detroit100% Nubuck leatherRubberSteel toeSteel toes are asymmetrical, Waterproof membrane, Slip-resistant, Reflective webbing
Irish Setter 83605 Men’s six-inchFull-grain leatherRubber EVA outsoleASTM F2413, EH protection, Aluminum toeOutsole is heat-resistant, Nylon lining
Skechers Cankton 77055 Athletic Suede leather and meshSyntheticEH protection, Steel Toe capsMemory foam cushioning

The Reviews

Best Overall Work Boot for Delivery Drivers

1.) Timberland PRO Rigmaster XT 6-inch Work Boot

Conceived for gas and oil industries, this boot has quite a few characteristics that can serve delivery professionals well.

Slip-resistant traction is industrial grade with rubber triangular-shaped lugs. These boots also feature shock diffusion technology along with an anti-fatigue style to increase comfort. 

Made from 100% top-quality leather, boot uppers are waterproof and abrasion-resistant. Goodyear Welt construction provides excellent bonding for durability. The midsoles are produced in polyurethane and the top collar comes with padding.

Antimicrobial mesh on the inside resists the formation of odors and a steel shank reinforces the construction. Steel toes give impact protection. 


      • Steel safety toe cap
      • Anti-microbial lining 
      • Resistance to heat, abrasion, and oil
      • Timberland Powerfit Comfort Technology
      • Sturdy Polyurethane outsoles
      • Anti-fatigue midsoles
      • Waterproof membrane


      • Durability could be improved
      • Require some breaking in
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Best Insulated Work Boot for Delivery Drivers

2.) Timberland Direct Attach PRO Work Boot

This Timberland PRO Work Boot is filled with 200 grams of insulation to keep feet warm even in extreme conditions. If you need to be outdoors in winter weather, this is a convincing option.

The PRO 24/7 Comfort technology helps to maintain foot comfort throughout the entire workday.  But your feet are wrapped in a breathable waterproof material.

A nicely padded boot-top collar is comfortable and gives increased ankle support. These boots also offer some extras: they have electrical hazard protection and boot outsoles that are slip-resistant.

ASTM F2412 and ASTM F2413 certified for safety with protective toecaps. Rubber outsoles are oil resistant.

Seam-sealed leather construction is waterproof. Comfort and durability are a priority with this boot. 100% leather upper boots increase breathability and thus your comfort.


      • 100% leather uppers
      • Steel Safety toe cap
      • Durable
      • Comfortable
      • Insulation in Thermolite
      • Available in various colors


      • Somewhat short laces
      • Sizing said to be narrow and small 
      • A bit more expensive
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Best Waterproof Boot for Delivery Drivers

3.) Keen Steel Toe Detroit Work Boot

Keen Steel Toe Detroit Work Boot

Produced with Nubuck leather uppers, the outsole is high-quality rubber offering plenty of grip for wet surfaces. This version features asymmetrical toes and a 5-inch shaft.

A very functional waterproof membrane still guarantees breathability, so feet are comfortable and offer moisture-wicking to keep perspiration and odors at bay.

Rubber outsoles are no- mark when walking on indoor pavements. An EVA insole is removable, and the steel toe cap offers a certain amount of impact protection.


      • Nubuck uppers
      • Waterproof membrane for dry feet
      • Steel toe anatomical protection 
      • Removable Eva insole
      • Moisture-wicking odor protection
      • Slip-resistant
      • Reflective webbing for increased visibility


      • Quality control considerations
      • Eyelet construction needs to be improved

Best Slip-Resistant Work Boot for Delivery Drivers

4.) Irish Setter 83605 Men’s six-inch Work Boot

These slip-resistant work boots fit like a well-worn comfortable glove. They feature lots of soft cushioning.

An original wedge outsole contributes to the stability and offers improved shock absorption. Thick white rubber EVA outsole tread offers great traction for slippery surfaces.

A padded collar contributes to comfort. These Irish Setter work boots have an aluminum safety toe that complies with ASTM F2413 safety requirements and electrical hazard protection. Tough leather uppers are attractive and durable.


      • Rubber EVA tread outsole 
      • Boot uppers in full-grain leather
      • Durable
      • Goodyear welt construction 
      • Padded boot collar 
      • Cushion footbed is removable
      • EVA midsole
      • EH protection
      • Triple stitching
      • Lace-up boot with metal eyelets


      • Sizing runs big
      • Toe box is snug vertically
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Best Lightweight Work Boot for Delivery Drivers

5.) Skechers Cankton 77055 Athletic Work Sneaker with steel toe cap

The Skechers 77055 athletic work sneakers are ideal for those who don’t want a full boot or perhaps work in warmer climates.

Insoles in memory foam provide cushioning to prevent foot pain for delivery drivers on the go. Midsoles are shock-absorbing as well for added protection from pain. 

Sturdy steel toe caps offer impact protection. Outsoles are slip-resistant featuring thick lugs for exceptional traction. Breathable mesh panels and suede leather uppers improve breathability and overall foot comfort.


      • EH protection
      • Steel toe caps
      • Heavy-lugged outsoles 
      • Footbeds are cushioned with Memory Foam 
      • Shock absorption in Midsoles 


      • Quality control concerns
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Delivery Work

The kinds of delivery work and the number of professionals dedicated to this service are really too numerous to list. Some prime examples, however, include

      • Couriers
      • Mailmen
      • Messengers
      • Food and Meal deliveries
      • Deliveries of Groceries
      • Movers
      • Deliveries of furniture or equipment
      • Online-purchased product deliveries
      • Truck drivers that deliver to commercial enterprises
      • General product deliveries
      • Door to door distribution services

And the list goes on. Some of these professionals will use cars, vans, or trucks, while still others will use buses, motorcycles, scooters, or even bicycles.

Some will have to deliver in unsafe environments while others will need to move heavy packages or items. Considering all of this, a comfortable but protective work boot becomes a priority for daily activities.

Safety On-the-Job

The work boot needs to contribute to safety on the job as well. These pros face any number of safety hazards depending on where they are called to deliver. Some hazards they face include

1.) Terrain that is slipperily exposing them to falls or tripping

2.) Puncture wounds from terrain that has sharp objects, stones, glass, or anything that can cut through the bottom of footwear

3.) Physical overexertion and foot fatigue

4.) Accidents while driving on the road

5.) Extreme weather with cold, snow, water, or heat

6.) Long work shifts that contribute to physical fatigue

A good protective work boot will need to feature characteristics that can combat specific hazards that a delivery driver may face during his workday.

Work Boot Features for Delivery Drivers

Considering the long hours that delivery professionals work, how much of the day that they are on their feet, and the workplace hazards that they may face, they require footwear that is protective while providing optimal comfort. Hazard protection and weather protection become paramount to finding the best work boot.

Top characteristics to look for if considering work boots for this category of professionals.

1.) Breathability

If you are involved in a lot of physical movement, as delivery professionals are, breathability becomes a key feature. Nothing could be worse than sweaty, sticky feet inside a work boot that is suffocating, particularly in warm climates or hot weather.

Ventilation and airflow features like mesh linings can make a difference. Ventilation will also help with bacteria control that can affect both odor formation and health problems.

2.) Comfort

This is key. If you spend most of the day on your feet, the comfort factor should not be underestimated. Good foot support and shock absorption can increase comfort when working long shifts and lessen the stress and strain to the back, hips, and legs while fighting foot fatigue.

3.) Durability

Durability will, in the end, decide if you have invested well. Materials and boot construction are important to the durability of work boots.

Materials found in the boot construction are a crucial factor contributing to protection and comfort. Upper boot materials are the first line of protection. 

Quality materials and then how they are put together will guarantee durability. How outsoles are attached is significant.

Cement, stitching, or welt construction are common. Depending on which method is used, soles may be replaced if they wear to avoid having to purchase new boots.

4.) Fit

Size really matters in any footwear. If your boots don’t fit properly, they will strain your feet and the rest of your body.

It is important to try on new boots and walk to check for tightness or rubbing during movement. Also, try boots on with the kind of socks you typically wear when working.

5.) Resistance to Punctures

Puncture-resistant plates in work boot soles are a great feature. These plates are inserted in the bottom of the boots and can protect feet from, nails, broken glass, metal shards, or sharp objects. 

6.) Resistance to Slippage

Slip-resistant work boots can make all the difference when navigating wet, oily, or muddy terrain or surfaces. Without this feature, your job will be more dangerous. Outsole tread designs will vary and may feature circles, triangles, squares, or hexagons.

Spaces in the tread design are important and should not be so small, as to not adequately channel liquids toward the boot sole edges.

When fluid remains trapped under the boot sole, hydroplaning can occur, and you slip. Tread thickness is likewise important. Thin tread can find you with very little or no resistance to slippage. 

7.) Shock Absorption

Shock absorption features can help ward off foot pain and injury. Cushioned footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles can keep your feet comfortable in the most uneven terrains. These features help to protect bones, joints, and muscles from pain due to long hours on varying surfaces.

8.) Weatherproofing 

Inclement weather can take a toll on work boots whether it’s rain or snow. Waterproofing or some form of weatherproofing is fundamental for keeping your feet dry.

Wet socks can cause chafing, blistering, itchiness, and general discomfort. Water can also speed up boot deterioration shortening boot life.

Insulation will be a must in extreme climatic conditions. Insulation generally will either be in “Thinsulate” or in shearing. Shearing is natural wool, while Thinsulate is synthetic. Depending on the amount of insulation inserted, protection from the cold will increase. (Is 600 Grams of Thinsulate Good?)


Delivery Drivers face multiple risks on the job. These professionals are fundamental to our everyday lives and to our economy.

Finding the best work boot with good safety features and foot support is vital to their well-being on the job.

Our list offers some outstanding options for your consideration in the hopes of getting you started on your search for the best work boot for delivery drivers.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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