Best Work Boots Insoles [2023 Reviews]

You might think that your job ends with selecting a perfect pair of work boots that will protect your feet and help with the grip on slippery surfaces, but sadly you thought wrong.

The work boots will only become perfect when it gets paired with the perfect insoles that are meant to give relief to your feet throughout the day. We wish to open your eyes to the best work boots insoles and how necessary they are for your feet.

Ultimate Work Boot Insoles Comparison Table

Best Insoles to Stop Feet’s Discomfort Review

We are including top insoles that will help to make your feet comfortable and help reduce pain and other painful maladies.

1.) Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigue Insole

Although it will not help you if you have existing foot problems like injured ligament or any other medical condition, there are many likable features of this insole. These features are-

Comfortable– It offers both comfort and support for your feet.

Shock-absorption-The flexible insoles are great at absorbing shock

Good Material-This ability along with the material (soft mesh) allows you to stay active for a long time.

Pressure Problem– The arch design relieves the wearer from pressure.

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2.) Keen K-10 Insole

If your work requires you to move around, you will need this insole as it supports and comforts your feet.

Built– It is made very thin and created from synthetic material.

Comfort– It is very comfortable but there are not very useful for providing support.

Sweat Resistant– It is ventilated and thus makes sure that your feet do not get sweaty.

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3.) Keen K-20 Insole

If you are looking for an insole that supports your arches and offers support to the sides of your foot, then we suggest that you select this one.

Quality– It is durable and gets made from synthetic material; it will not get damaged from the harsh condition.

Usability– The insoles are thick and can get used by a person on the heavier build. It is useful if you want your insoles for shock absorption. The insoles will give you great comfort to run or take quick paces across your workspace.

The only negative that we can think about these insoles is their thickness. They might make the space in your boot tighter and cause pressure on your instep.

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The Sad Truth About The Need To Replace Insoles

Work boots last longer than the insoles that are in them, and when the precious insoles start to wear out, you think it is time to replace your pair of shoes.

But if we tell you that you don’t need to throw your boots out when your insoles are on the verge of disintegration, then? Yes, you can just buy insoles separately and insert them into your already worn-in shoes.

Why Insole Get Damaged?

There are many reasons why insoles get damaged. Feet tend to get moist, and the sweat generating from your feet can damage the insoles because they soak up the sweat, but you cannot do anything to dry them up. As time passes, the insole starts to get damaged slowly until it becomes unusable.

Damp insoles can also get you to develop the Athlete’s foot, but insoles that will prevent this problem are also available for purchase.

Excessive wearing of boots is another common cause. You have no other option as these boots must get worn for ensuring your safety at work so buy inserts when your old ones are in shambles.

Excessive wearing of boots

If you are on the heavy side, you might find out that your insoles get damaged a bit quicker. Now we are not saying that you have to tone down just to make your insoles stay in a better condition; we are simply stating that there are innumerable options for an insole that you can choose when your damaged insoles require replacement. Your dietary plans are your own, and we are not here to comment on that.

Comfort is something that you have to feel for yourself; nobody can tell you how to feel when you put on your shoes. What some people might comfortable you might not; hence, there is no guarantee that you will be pleased with the original insole. If you want more, you can always select readily available options.

Do You Know There Are Different Types Of Insoles Available?

Well, to be truthful, there are only two types of insoles available, and both serve a purpose that is different from each other. Select the ones that you feel suit your area of work and allow you to be more productive. Well, when you do not have eye-watering pain, you are bound to put your attention to the work you get hired to do.

1.) Insoles for Support-

Insoles for Support

It supports your ankle, arch, and the sides of your feet. The purpose of these insoles maintains the proper alignment of your feet. You should buy these insoles if you suffer from problems like joint and back pains, foot structure, plantar fasciitis, etc. These insoles will also help you if have arch problems in your feet.

2.) Insoles for Comfort-

Insoles for Comfort

It is only designed to make your feet comfortable; they will, in no way, provide any type of support to your feet. They should get worn if your problems are bunions, blisters, fatigue, and small pain.

The foam or gel materials that get used to making them generally provide comfort from the pain generated from the problems.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the eventual selection of the insoles; comfort from pain and structural problems are just its part. The other problems that you need to think about are sweat, uncomfortable sensation, pain in your muscles, etc.

How important are Insoles to Cure Problems?

Insoles are a great way to cure the problems of your feet. So it is important to know the kind of problem that your feet suffer before you can decide on the insoles that will bring help for it. We are listing the different types of problems that generally occur with the feet.

1.) Solving the Problem of Tiredness-

Solving the Problem of Tiredness

Yes, this is a problem originates from the feet. Because they are carrying your weight, and help you get to a different place, you need to find proper boots to wear to work.

Inadequate resistance from the shock and lack of support system will take a toll on your feet and then on you. Only comfortable insoles can help to check this problem.

2.) Helping with Pressure Problem-

You can feel the top or bottom part of your feet feeling pressure if an incorrect set of footwear gets worn. If the top part of your feet feels pressured, you need to change your boots; but if it is the bottom part, then your insoles are not supporting the arches of your feet.

Get an insole that would support it, and you will not have to face severe medical condition because of this problem.

3.) Healing the Problem of Pain-

insole to stop feeling pain in your feet

Pain is the most severe and common problem that can occur when your feet are not receiving the comfort that they need.

You can buy a heavily-padded comfort insole to stop feeling pain in your feet. If you feel pain in your knee, back, ankle or leg, then you will have to go for support insoles.

4.) Brings down the Tension –

If you feel the tension in your feet, you must change your footwear and consult a doctor. Using improper boots can cause a problem to your heels and ankles, and you can hurt your Achilles tendon. It can even cause plantar fasciitis. Buy proper boots, and team it up with insoles that provide support.

5.) Stops the Problem of Bunions-

Stops the Problem of Bunions

Bunions are problems that arise when the movement of the feet is not correct. Painful bumps appear on the side of your feet. You can stop this problem from originating with the help of comfort insoles. It will help to keep your feet in place, thereby stopping the problem of bunions.

5.) Eliminate Problem of Athlete’s foot-

If you wear work boots, you are likely to develop this problem if you do not change your insole. Wearing the same insole for too long creates this problem and our advice that you take timely measures to prevent this from happening.

If you are already suffering from the problem, we would suggest that you use a gel-based insole as that will help the problem to go away.

6.) Cures Plantar Fasciitis-


You can damage your fascia ligament if you do not pay proper attention to your footwear. You can use a support insole that will take care of your arch and heel and can make sure that your ligament does not get torn.

7.) Protects from the Problem of Blister-

Blisters are the problem that everyone dreads, and the problem is so common that you may think that there is no option but to suffer through the pain. But we are here to break the myth. You can buy comfort insoles and see that the problem never returns.

8.) Solving Bone Spur Problems-

Solving Bone Spur Problems

Either comfort or support insoles are the answer to the problem of painful bone spurs. If you are recovering from injury, then we suggest you select the support one; but if you just wish to avoid this painful experience, an insole for comfort will be highly helpful.

9.) Protects from Slipping-

We know that the popular belief is that the grip from the boot protects your feet, but its silent partner, the insole, helps a ton. The comfortable insoles will keep your feet firmly placed within the boots and thus help with the traction.

Different Kinds of Boot Insole

We have mentioned that insoles’ primary objective is to support and offer comfort to your feet. But creators have, further, added features, keeping the comfort and support part intact.

1.) Insoles with Super Absorbent Feature-

cotton fibers insoles

The choice for sweaty feet, these insoles will soak up moisture fast and save you the embarrassment of smelly feet.

The surface of the insole acts as a great absorbent because it gets created from cotton fibers that get minutely felted giving them the looks of a towel.

Although they might share the same look like a towel, they are more effective than their look-a-like.

2.) Biocide Wool Insoles-

Biocide Wool Insoles

These are chemically prepared to protect your feet from any fungal and bacterial infections.

Since wool gets added to the insoles, the insoles are very comfortable, but they do not generate more sweat, as the wools get compressed in a way that air can pass through gaps and give a breathable feeling.

The fibers of the wool guide the sweat to travel to the insole where it gets trapped and your feet stay dry and comfortable.

3.) Aromatherapy Sole-

Aromatherapy Sole

It does not get treated chemically to act as a deodorizer; rather it uses natural components such as lavender and tea tree. Although it is very useful for stopping odor, it does nothing to stop the sweat.

4.) Charcoal Insoles-

Charcoal Insoles

Commonly used to soak up sweat, the charcoal insoles are widely popular products. The charcoal alone can perform functions like absorber and deodorizer.

When the temperature inside the boot rises, it sprouts small pockets that effectively soak up not only sweat but also odor creating components. Baking soda is another very popular component for such insoles.

5.) Insoles made from Cedar Wood-

Insoles made from Cedar Wood

It functions just like the charcoal one. It will soak the sweat, kill the odor, stop bacteria from forming and causing you foot disease.

Because it gets made from wood, your reservation towards buying this product is unjustified; as these insoles are very thin and very flexible, they perfectly accompany insulated work boots.

6.) Insoles for Bare feet-

Insoles for Bare feet

Yes, you do not have to wear socks if you do not want to as there are insoles created especially to soak up sweat from the feet. These insoles can be washed and dried so that they can remain clean and can smell fresh.

7.) Ionized Sole-

Yes, the technology that gets used for refrigerators and air conditioners gets used for insoles. These insoles are great for stopping the bacteria that causes an odor in your boots.

It’s Goodbye from Us-

We hope that we have answered your questions about insoles and guided you to choose the best work boots insoles, wisely! Have a clear idea of the kind of comfort or support you are looking for before you set out to buy the insoles.

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