6 Best Work Boots for Electricians (EH Rated, Safety Toe and Comfortable)

If you are a professional electrician, you know just how demanding your line of work is in terms of flexibility and safety.

Best Work Boots for ElectriciansWhile electricians may do the bulk of their work indoors, they may have to do some outdoor gigs as well like working on power lines. A really good work boot is fundamental in this line of work.

Electricians are extremely flexible pros climbing up and down ladders, squeezing in between piping and working in just about any imaginable position.

So, a really good work boot specifically designed for electricians is necessary not only to ensure your safety but your comfort and some good foot support as well.

In this article, we try to analyze the most important features, report our research and testing, and consider what is available on the market to help you find the best work boots for your profession as an electrician.

Comparison Table of Top Electrician Boots

Work BootMaterialSoleInsulationToe Guard
Dr. Martens #2295 LeatherPolyvinyl chlorideYesSteel
Carhartt CMF 6366LeatherRubberSuitable for moderate climatesComposite
Keen Waterproof Utility BraddockWaterproof LeatherRubberNoComposite
Red Wing Men’s Irish Setter LeatherRubberYesAluminum
Thorogood American Heritage LeatherRubberNoSteel
Timberland Pro 53530Waterproof LeatherSyntheticYesSteel and Rubber

The Most Important Features for a Boot for Electrical Work

Before researching products and testing them, we spoke with our team of professional electricians to hear what they had to say about important work boot features while on the job. Here are the “musts” as indicated by the pros.

Safety Protection

This was the most important characteristic that was mentioned repeatedly by our team of electricians. Being an electrician is a risky business. Working with electricity can expose you to burning wires, electrocution, or just falling off a ladder.

Two really important features to look for are the EH rating and safety toes guards that are constructed in a composite.

The EH rating means that the boots have received an “electrical hazard designation”. This means that the American Society of Testing and Materials have tested these boots to guarantee that they protect from electrocution.

These boots are manufactured to protect you from electric shock up to as much as 1800 volts per minute in dry settings. 

Electricians’ work boots are designed to prevent any transference of electrical current to a worker’s body, saving his or her life while providing those essential seconds necessary to get away from the source of the electrical current.

The boots have really thick soles and heels that insulate from electrical shock. They do not act as conductors for electrical current.

Materials used as effective insulators include rubber, plastic, carbon fiber, or polyurethane. Should your foot come into contact with a live wire while working, a good electrician’s work boot will stop the current at the contact point and send it immediately into the ground.

Work boots designed for electricians may also dissipate any static charge buildup. Work boots for electricians can be found in two specific types:

The non-conductive boots will carry the EH rating and have insulated soles. A work boot that dissipates static charges will permit the current to flow so that electricians working in factories with gases and liquids that are combustible don’t run the risk of static buildup sparking a fire. 

Any static electricity charges will pass through the sole into the ground. The one drawback may be that this does not work when dealing with high voltages.

Electricians’ boots usually carry symbols that indicate the amount of protection. 

      • an orange omega in a white square indicates electrical protection
      • green letters “SD” inside a yellow square mean anti-static protection
      • a black letter “C” in a red square signifies grounding.

Extra protection may include

      • heel and toe bumpers in rubber
      • a sole made with two materials of varying density such as rubber and polyurethane
      • an outsole that is anti-sip in order to grip ladder rungs
      • safety toes
      • metatarsal guards 
      • shank guard


As electricians work within a multitude of environments, some may be in extreme weather conditions that can damage a work boot relatively quickly.

Our team pros stressed how important it is for boots to have durability features, so you are not buying several pairs a year.


For professionals who spend most of the workday on their feet, comfort like safety was at the top of our list.

Distraction from painful feet is not something that can be allowed to interfere with the job. Standing for long hours on very hard surfaces requires comfort.

Our choices

With these features in mind, we researched what the market had to offer and booted up our crew of professional electricians for a week to get first-hand feedback as to what works best while on the job.

Our Top Pick for Best Work Boots for Electricians

1. Dr. Martens Icon Steel Toe Heavy 2295 Industry Boots

With more than seven decades of producing footwear, Dr. Martens boots are known for functionality and durability. This pull-on boot does not disappoint. It offers everything a professional electrician will want in a good work boot. 

The Icon 2295 boot boasts thick insulation for safety as well as a steel toe cap and soles resistant to slipping in wet conditions. The boot offers a quality waterproof leather construction with a synthetic sole, again for safety purposes. 


      • Heavy insulation
      • Steel toe guard
      • Slip- resistant
      • Quality leather upper construction
      • Easy pull-on pull-off design


      • The opening may be a bit snug for some
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Best Runner Up

2. Carhatt CMF 6366 Boots

This is a terrific electrician’s boot. These boots have great rubber soles designed specifically to move with your foot for comfort together with a heavy tongue and collar padding. A cushiony insole seals the deal. Bottom treads are both oil and slip-resistant.

The safety toe is composite to prevent both injury and any live wire encounters while on the job. It may need a waterproofing product to increase water resistance depending on your work environment.


      • Oil-tanned leather
      • Slip-resistant and Chemical resistant
      • Rugged outsole that is shock absorbant
      • EH rating
      • Composite toe guard
      • Ladder safety


      • No layering or cover over safety toe guard
      • Needs waterproofing
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Special mentions

3. Keen Waterproof Utility Braddock Boots

Keen touts a great reputation for both comfort and the quality of its products. This boot offers just about every feature that an electrician may need.

One interesting aspect is that Keen shapes their safety toe guards asymmetrically to guarantee added comfort.

These toe guards also boast added protection to guard against wear and tear if you’re on your knees in a crawl space. Additional heel cushioning guarantees there will be no sore feet at the end of your workday.

And a waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry. Soles are both slip and oil resistant. They also offer a one-year warranty which for work boots is pretty impressive.


      • Roomy toe guard in composite
      • Anti-slip and oil resistant
      • EH rating
      • Waterproof Leather


      • Not insulated
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4. Red Wing Men’s Irish Setter Boots with Aluminum Toe

The Red Wing Company also sells its boots under the trademark “Irish Setter”. These are heavy-duty boots with a toe protector in aluminum to guarantee protection against any electrical mishaps while on the job. 


      • Rubber outsole both shockproof and slip-resistant
      • Loop for easy pull on and off
      • EH safe
      • Upper shoe in quality leather


      • A bit rigid, less flexibility
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5. Thorogood American Heritage Boot with Safety Toe

Manufactured by the Weinbrenner Shoe Company beginning in 1892, many of their products are still made in the USA. 

With an eight-inch height, these boots will aid in guaranteeing stability for those who prefer a bit more ankle support.

These boots come with linings that limit moisture and offer heavy padding. The Thorogood boot meets all safety requirements for impact, EH, and compression.


      • Shock-absorbing removable insert
      • EH rating
      • Made in the USA
      • Leather uppers
      • Lining to wick moisture


      • Not waterproofed
      • Without protective covering for safety toes
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6. Timberland Pro 53530 Boots

The Timberland boot is made to last. This insulated boot features toe caps in steel and is produced with anti-fatigue technology to ensure comfort all day long.

Made with high-quality leather, feet remain warm and dry regardless of the climate. The boot boasts both a steel toe protector for any falling debris as well as a toe protector in rubber for durability.

The outer sole is waterproof, and the boot has the EH rating. It also comes with a 30-day guarantee for comfort!


      • Made from waterproof leather
      • Steel and rubber toe protection
      • Anti-fatigue technology
      • EH rating
      • 30-day guarantee for comfort
      • Slip-resistant


      • Heavier weight than other boots
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Interested in more options check out the video below

Top 10 Best Work Boots for Electricians

FAQs Electrician Work Boot

Things to consider when choosing your perfect electrician’s work boot:

Where do I buy?

Unless you already own a brand of work boot that you really like, the best option is to be able to try on several pairs by several different brands that have the features you are seeking to see what feels good on your feet. After all, you have to wear them all day.

Are six-inch or eight-inch boots better?

This really is a question of personal preference. If your ankles are a weak spot, you may need extra support and the eight-inch boot shaft would be preferable.

The higher shaft also protects against puddles, slush, and mud depending on your work environment. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, the six-inch boot is easier and quicker to put on and take off.

How do I know they will be comfortable?

Dryness is undoubtedly one of the top guarantees for being comfortable all day long. Waterproof boots are always a good option depending on where you work.

Fit is another important consideration, so you need to try the boots on and pay attention to the toe area. Insoles and midsoles will provide shock absorption as well as stability. The correct size together with cushioning features will make all the difference.

Do I need insulation?

If you consistently work in a colder climate, absolutely.

Do I need waterproofing?

Probably. Sooner or later, it will rain.

What safety features must I have?

The top three features you need are safety toe guards, EH protection, and puncture resistance.

What should the safety toe be made out of?

Protective toes guards are usually offered in three different versions. One of the most common are types are steel toe guards. These are made to guard your foot against falling debris or objects and resist compression.

Some steel toe boots will also feature a plate midsole to guard against punctures from underneath. Steel toe boots are considered the most protective against compression or any type of impact.

Work boots with composite toe guards are lighter and act as the steel toe guards against falling objects and compression.

They are less apt to conduct either cold or heat and do not activate metal detectors if you are working in an area that requires passage through a detector.

Another option is boots with alloy toe guards. Since aluminum or titanium are the alloys used you can expect these to be considerably lighter.

The thickness of the alloy is also less providing potentially more room in the toe area. Alloy toe guards will, like steel, set off metal detectors.

Final Thoughts

What sets electrician work boots apart from work boots per se?  Work boots for electricians usually have a thicker sole than standard work boots and the sole will normally be in rubber to insulate the electrician from electrical current.

So, if you are an electrician or regularly work on home improvement with electrical projects included, don’t settle for a standard work boot.

You will need a boot specifically made for this electrical work. Remember that your safety should always be your very top priority when selecting.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some good product information and will help you select the best work boots for electricians that address your needs. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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