Effective Ways to Prevent and Treat Sore feet from Work Boots

Your feet do a lot of work throughout the working hours. You tend to spend maximum time at work on your feet which increases enough load on your joints, muscles, leading to some serious issues and injuries. You might assume that this is normal and hence accept it as a part of life, but this doesn’t have to be.

Top 10 Best Work Boots for Sore Feet

Sore feet are a common side effect of the long-term use of safety work boots. This condition is a direct circumstance of the excessive strain on your feet due to the boots. However, there are simple ways to get rid of sore feet and soothe the pain, helping in rejuvenating your feet. 

10 Ways to Prevent Sore Feet from Work Boots

1.) Insole to provide cushioning

Thick Insoles

Too much movement of your feet inside the boot can also be one big reason for the soreness and pain to last longer. The insert can act as a good way to keep your foot stay at a place, reduce excessive movement as well as eliminate the chances of you slipping inside your boots unnecessarily. 

2.) Thick Socks for support

Wear a thick pair of SOCKS

Don’t wear slim socks they won’t be an effective option. Go for thicker socks which can provide you a good support and pain relief from the heavy protective footwear. The extra cushion layer of the socks will act as a moistening and soothing support to your feet.

3.) Lacing boots appropriately

Lacing Boots

Lace your boots tightly, don’t leave it loose. Your foot will not bend ahead or back if proper lacing is done. With that, don’t lace it too tightly; allow blood circulation to flow enough. Make sure, that you must be able to walk comfortably in the boots. Hence, lace it well accordingly.

4.) Perfect Fit

This should definitely be on your top list. When you plan to purchase your boots, you must take out enough time to buy a perfectly comfortable safety work boot. Invest in one that fits your feet correctly and provides you enough support to walk freely. Stretch your feet in the boot and see if it pains while you walk, move and twist your legs. If yes, buy a little bigger one. 

5.) Alternate Footwear

Over time, our safety work shoes may lose the ability to absorb the shock, burden, and load as they used to do earlier. This means that all the load directly reaches our feet causing unbearable soreness and pain. If possible do not wear the same pair of shoes to work regularly, try to have at least 2 or 3 pairs of shoes for work.

6.) Massage Your Feet

You need no professional; you can massage your own feet to reduce soreness and improve your blood circulation. Sit down at the comfortable spot, rub your bottom of the feet effectively, bend your toes ahead and backward and make sure you use oil or other lotion to lubricate your skin well.

7.) Lifestyle change

To some extent, a human’s body weight impacts the feet by causing strain on the foot resulting in pain and soreness. Reducing your body weight with proper diet, enough exercise, constant walking can help see a great difference. 

8.) Stretch Breaks

During your lunch break or tea break try doing stretching exercises to get pain relief. Target especially your toe or heel, if not you can do some stretching of your entire feet. Stretching exercises can prevent cramping and also promote effective flexibility. 

9.) Rest enough

Coming home from work doesn’t mean the task is finished, you still have a lot to do. You can buy supportive home feet wear for regular usage at home. It will allow your legs and feet to recover from the soreness and act as a good support system.

10.) Ice your sore feet

Putting on ice bag to reduce ankle pain

The inflammation that has been caused due to soreness can be reduced with proper icing of your feet. Apply ice to the area with a cloth wrapped on it or a frozen bottle will be great too. Try to ice the area affected for about 10 minutes to let the results come quicker. 

What are sore feet?      

Sore feet are tired and unbearably painful feet, especially when a lot of strain and pressure is headed on the foot. It is the swelling of a specific area on the feet that pains a lot when touching it. The unbearable pain that is caused is due to physical activities that can manifest themselves into severe conditions like arthritis, fasciitis and plantar, bunion as well.

Why work boots result in sore feet?

Work safety boots indeed are an essential element to protect our feet from possible hazards. Manual labor work in industries and factories possess challenges surrounded by an unsafe work environment. This demands the workers wear protective footwear, which has both positive and negative sides. 

Most of the boots are very heavy which acts as a shield to protect you from potential damage at the workplace to your toes. The falling of sharp objects on the ground can damage your feet which needs strong and solid protective wear. But, the longer you wear it, the greater it adds to discomfort and pain.

Sore feet are the common cause of excessive wearing of work boots, but later chronic issues arise leading to an unusual form of bone growth. This will not only trouble you in your work life, but your quality of life will also deteriorate.

Methods to Relieve Your Sore Feet

1.) Footbath

A long warm foot bath may let you feel some sensation in the sore muscles, which address that the swelling is reducing. If you wish to make it more effective you can add a little amount of Epsom salts in your warm water and soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes.

2.) Exercising

Keeping your feet flexible is the key remedy to avoiding pain. Walk regularly; don’t stand still in a single spot. Enough movement intends to keep your foot healthy and pain-free. Walk enough and be active, try to strengthen your feet muscles, and prevent yourself from future soreness too.

3.) Massage Ball

Massage ball can be a great way for you to perform foot and leg stretches throughout the day. Roll the ball under your feet, back and forth. Continue doing it to relax and release the tension from your muscles.

4.) Pain Relief Medicine

Consult your expert explaining your sore feet condition, and if necessary and permitted, take a pain relief medicine. Probably for a few weeks, you will be required to intake medication. Make sure that you do not try to take medicine without a doctor’s approval, as side effect chances are strong. 

The Bottom Line

Your feet and ankles are designed and shaped in a way to handle the pain. However excessive pressure on your feet that exceeds the capacity of holding your body weight can be troublesome. You will not only experience sore feet but other chronic issues as well in the coming time.

The good news is, you can always keep yourself away from such a situation if you follow the right measures. Don’t blame your work boots; blame yourself if you don’t follow the pointer mentioned here. Practice it well and see how it makes a difference and gives you a pain-free living. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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