5 Best Gel Insoles for Work Boots

If you are one of the many professionals that spend numerous hours on their feet at work, good insoles can be a solution to minimize or prevent lower back pain as well as hip pain, knee pain, and joint pain, and foot pain.

When it comes to pain, a good work boot insole is no longer an extra but becomes a necessity. Even if you have a great pair of work boots and the correct socks, a proper insole can make all the difference when it comes to your comfort.

They are produced with various methods and materials, including cork, foam, leather, and gel. They need to be selected for your foot type, taking into consideration any medical conditions you may have.

Some insoles recommended for insertion in work boots will offer some cushioning that focuses on shock absorption. They may even have a certain amount of arch support and heel support, however, support is not their primary function.

Best Gel Insoles for Work Boots

Other insoles will do the opposite, perhaps offering some cushion, but will focus on specific characteristics that offer support for arches, whether high or low, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, flat feet, and more.

Here we have concentrated on the best gel insoles. Gel insoles are great at absorbing shock on really hard surfaces like concrete, but they may not necessarily specifically offer arch support.

Our top pick is Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Work Massaging Gel Insoles. We chose these as our overall choice because these Men’s Insoles are designed with the manufacturer’s Responsive-Wave Cushioning™ technology to absorb the repeated shock of walking all day on really hard surfaces like concrete, and at an affordable price.

If you have a bit more in your budget and like the idea of moisture-wicking insoles for dryness and odor control, check out the Sof Sole Men’s Full-Length AIRR Performance Men’s Gel Insoles.

Gel InsolesMaterial CustomizableFeaturesExtras
Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Work Massaging Latex-free rubber materialYesGood arch support assists balance, ball of the foot is padded, Integrated vents for perspiration control, Patented Responsive-Wave Cushioning™ to eliminate stress Latex-free
Sof Sole  Men’s Full-Length AIRR Performance Polyurethane, polymersYesHoneycomb cushion design, Moisture-wickingAir bubbles absorb impact
Envelop Full-LengthSilicone gelYesErgonomic design Texture base to avoid slippage60-day unconditional guarantee
Spenco  Gel Total Support Thermoplastic gel and rubber combinationYesSilpure antimicrobial treatment for odor eliminationAvailable for both men and women
Dr. Pedi Orthopedic Massaging Medical-grade siliconeYesMassage during movementGreat for medical conditions

Our List of Favorite Gel Insoles for Work Boots

Best Overall Gel Insoles for Work Boots

1.) Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Work Massaging Gel Insoles

These Men’s Insoles are designed with the manufacturer’s Responsive-Wave Cushioning™ technology to absorb the repeated shock of walking all day on really hard surfaces like concrete.

Despite it being a gel, this insole is quite firm while offering soft comfortable cushioning for all-day support.


      • Good arch support assists balance
      • Great padding at the ball of your foot
      • Integrated vents for perspiration control
      • Patented Responsive-Wave Cushioning to eliminate the stress that comes from hours of walking or standing on your feet
      • Affordable
      • Can be trimmed for customized sizing


      • It may be thin for some
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Best Moisture-Wicking Gel Insoles for Work Boots

2.) Sof Sole  Men’s Full-Length AIRR Performance Men’s Gel Insoles

These insoles have a unique design with a honeycomb pattern offering both support and stability. Produced with pads to prevent blistering, they are a great choice for those who spend most of the day on their feet.

Available in unisex sizes, they are durable, lasting for years, and can take a lot of wear and tear.

Comfort is increased thanks to exceptional breathability and very few gel insoles will offer moisture-wicking. These do and keep your feet dry and cool during your entire work shift.

A CoolMax fabric top layer covers the insole, wicking away moisture. Available in two color choices.


      • Moisture-wicking
      • Honeycomb cushion design
      • Good shock absorption and cushioning
      • Can be trimmed


      • Pricey
      • Not much arch support
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Best Value Gel Insoles for Work Boots

3.) Envelop Full-Length Gel Men’s Insoles

Produced by Envelop for all-day comfort, these insoles feature a honeycomb design to relieve pressure through impact absorption.

The firmer gel in a contoured layer supports the arch and cradles the heel for increased stability. These full-length insoles are particularly adapted to pain management and the reduction of foot fatigue.

The ergonomic design adapts to the contour of your foot and presents a neutral arch that can take the shape of any type. They can be trimmed to achieve a personal customized fit if needed.

The base is textured so it can grip the inside bottom of your work boot, meaning it will not slip or slide around. The gel insoles massage feet as you move. Produced in lightweight silicone gel, these insoles come with a 60-day guarantee that is unconditional.


      • Lightweight
      • Can be trimmed for sizing
      • Ergonomic design 
      • Impact absorption
      • Texture base to avoid slippage
      • Silicone gel
      • 60-day unconditional guarantee


      • Sliding inside boot reported
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Best Arch Support Gel Insoles for Work Boots

4.) Spenco  Gel Total Support Insoles

Contoured to provide increased comfort for those that are constantly on their feet, these gel insoles provide a bit more support than many gel insoles.

These insoles can be cut for a better fit. The gel portion of these insoles aims to reduce any pressure felt at the ball of the foot during movement. 

The insole heel also features added padding and gel to relieve discomfort.  Produced in a combination of rubber and thermoplastic gel, these offer more arch support than your standard gel insert.

Odor is eliminated thanks to a microbial cloth on the insole. Designed with a stability cradle for the heel.


      • Lots of sizing options
      • Thermoplastic gel and rubber combination
      • Stability heel cradle
      • 3-POD system for cushioning
      • Silpure antimicrobial treatment for odor elimination
      • Available in men’s and women’s sizings
      • Very comfortable


      • Arches may be a bit rigid for some
      • Somewhat heavy
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Best Budget-friendly Gel Insoles for Work Boots

5.) Dr. Pedi Orthopedic Massaging Gel Men’s Insole

Produced in medical-grade silicone, these work boot insoles are ideal for those with pre-existing medical conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or painful heels. Featuring a silica particle design, these are anti-slip.

Massage feet during wear and movement, while absorbing impact shock. This reduces stress considerably. Affordably priced.


      • Well designed
      • Good arch support
      • Good heel stability
      • Absorb impact
      • Medical-grade silicone
      • Increase comfort


      • One-size-fits-all will require trimming
      • A bit thin
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Why Change Your Work Boot Insoles or Insert New Ones?

As you undoubtedly know, your work boots came with their insoles. Some work boots have removable insoles so that they can be replaced if worn out or can be replaced in favor of custom orthotics. This gives you the buyer a lot of options.

Why you ask should you substitute the pair of insoles that your expensive work boots came equipped with? One of the most common reasons is a medical condition such as plantar fasciitis which is quite common.

You may merely want some extra cushioning or maybe a bit more arch support. Maybe you stand on your feet all day, and they are simply tired after a long work shift.

How Will I Know Which Insoles Are the Best?

Good question! This will depend on why you are thinking about new insoles in the first place. Do you just need a bit more cushioning, or do you need good shock absorption because you walk on hard surfaces all day?

Maybe your feet have high arches or perhaps they are flat? Does your foot roll inward during ambulation, known as overpronation? Do you have plantar fasciitis, and the pain is unbearable?

Your first move when considering acquiring new insoles will be to determine your problem or the reason you want new insoles. There are hundreds out there, ready for the taking and inserting, so selecting can be a challenge.

Remember there are basically two categories of inserts: cushioning for comfort or support insoles for specific foot conditions.

Insoles for Cushioning and Absorbing Shock

Insoles that offer extra cushioning are usually advertised as comfort insoles. This type of insole will add cushioning to relieve and reduce discomfort and pain after walking, moving, or standing on very hard surfaces for extended periods. 

These insoles are generally made with padding, foam, or gel and will emphasize specific points on the foot like the forefoot, ball of your feet, or heels where impact is the most severe.

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Insoles Designed for Support

This kind of insole focuses on support and less on padding or cushioning. They may be manufactured in a more rigid material and will be less flexible and much more structured to support specific areas of your feet such as the arch and the heel. Some may come with metatarsal support for alignment needs.

Many specific medical conditions require additional support for the foot to remain in its most natural position because your feet support the full weight of your body.

How Will You Know?

You can consult a good podiatrist, especially if you think you may suffer from a medical condition. But if you don’t have any specific conditions, improved cushioning may suffice. You can always use trial and error as many insoles are quite affordable.

Also, observe your work boots well. You may notice that there is more wear and tear in a spot or two that will provide you with clues as to how you move. You can also do the wet foot exam on a piece of paper or flat surface. This will indicate the kind of arch you have.

How Will I Find the Correct Size and Fit of an Insole?

One quick way is to put the insole on a flat surface and position your foot on it. After lifting up your other foot off the surface.

Try balancing your body weight on this single insole. Does the insole cup your heel correctly? Do you feel pinching? Is your arch pressured? Is cushioning comfortable, and above all does your foot feel stable?

If your work boot insoles are removable, take them out and insert the new ones, or place the new one over your old footbeds if there is sufficient room in the boot. Try on your boots with the new soles, move around and assess the feel.

If the feeling is off even minimally, the insoles are not correct. They may be good insoles but are an incorrect size, or they may just not be the insoles for you.

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In Conclusion

Finding the best pair of gel insoles for your work boots is a challenge if nothing else because there are so many inserts to choose among. We’ve attempted to save you some time and trouble by testing these insoles out for you.

Once upon a time, it was necessary to opt for custom orthotics for foot conditions or discomfort. Now the marketplace offers a myriad of choices, and most are customizable thanks to simple trimming getting you a better fit. 

Support, stability, and above all comfort are readily available thanks to a good pair of gel insoles in your work boots.

Foot health powerhouse Dr. Scholl’s gets our nod for a budget-friendly gel insole to keep you comfortable all day long on the job.

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