Best Work Boots for Wide Feet – Buyer’s Guide

If you happen to be a professional tradesman or someone who enjoys working on home improvement projects, you know the importance of having the right tools and the right attire for your job. This includes footwear. But for those of us who happen to be born with wide feet, finding the perfect pair of work boots can be a real battle.

Best work boots for wide feet to Work Comfortably

The marketplace offers an incredible variety of work boots for every conceivable profession and in numerous sizes, colors, and styles.

If so, our choice should be an easy one, right? Not really, shopping for work boots for wider feet can be a bit more troublesome. 

However, not to fear! We have selected the right work boots for wide feet, so we’re no longer obligated to buy a larger shoe size just because our foot is a bit wider.

Comparison Table of Top Boots for Wide Feet

Wide BootWaterproofToe GuardInsulated Sizing
Skechers Men’s VerdictYes No Yes XWide to size 14
Keen Utility MilwaukeeYes SteelYes To size 14 Wide
Wolverine HarrisonNoNoYes D, E To size 16
Timberland PitbossNoNo, soft toe meets ANSI standardsNoD, E, EE Up to size 15

Our Top Pick: Skechers Men’s Verdict Wide Boots for Work

American Shoe company Skechers is renowned for its design and memory foam insole. The Verdict wide work boot is no exception offering a padded tongue and collar, an outsole that is rugged, and the famous cushion insole. These boots are made with a leather upper in either a smooth finish or in suede that allows your feet to breathe, avoiding perspiration, and are nonetheless waterproof. 

Six eyes permit the lacing system to make sure your feet are comfortably snug. A rugged outsole guarantees great traction to avoid slips regardless of the surface. The boots’ midsoles have a steel shank that adds support increasing your comfort. As a work boot, the Verdict is elegant indeed.


      • Fantastic cushion
      • Durable
      • Great padding on neck and tongue
      • Waterproof leather
      • Rugged Outsole


      • May take a bit to break-in
      • Boot may need cleaning more often due to dirt accumulation
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Keen Utility Milwaukee (Best steel toe boot for wide feet)

For those who are in the market for a really rugged pair of work boots, Keen offers the “Milwaukee”. In spite of its ruggedness, this boot is exceptionally comfortable and really doesn’t need to be “broken in”. As soon as you slip it on, comfort will come to mind thanks to a removable well cushioned EVA insole that protects your feet from impact stress.

The boot uppers are produced in quality nubuck leather guaranteeing flexibility. Plus, these boots are water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and stain proof. The Milwaukee is slip-resistant thanks to some grooving in the front and a solid outer sole.

Lacing eyelets allow you to create a snug fit that remains comfortable. The boots also feature a steel toe guard for workers in need of compression protection from falling debris and objects.


      • Stylish
      • Comfortable
      • Steel toe guard
      • Good padding
      • Resistant to slippage and oil


      • Heel stitching may irritate some feet
      • Known to squeak during walking
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Wolverine Harrison Men’s 6” (Best work boots for extra wide feet) 

This is a very popular work boot for men with wide feet. The boot features an approximately one-inch platform that increases the height of the boot. This platform contributes to the boot not appearing wide. Wolverine also offers a generous amount of sizing options with a medium “D” and an extra-wide “E” all the way up to size sixteen. So, if your feet are large as well as wide, Wolverine offers a great product for your consideration.

The Harrison comes with a mesh lining for breathability and a densely cushioned midsole for comfort. The outsole is made from polyurethane and rubber guaranteeing toughness and durability. The Harrison is also chemical, heat, oil, and water-resistant.


      • Handsome upper construction in quality leather
      • Removable footbed
      • Numerous sizing options
      • Chemical, heat, oil, and water-resistant


      • Some size difference noted between right and left boot
      • Could be better insulated
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Timberland PRO Pitboss (Best work boot for wide flat feet)

As one of the footwear industry’s best brands, Timberland makes our list. With an impressive array of sizing options, this is a highly competitive quality work boot at a good price. This boot offers D, E, and EE width sizing all the way up to size fifteen. It is also a reasonably priced work boot even for the larger sizes.

This boot is made of top-grain quality leather with a rounded soft toe, padded collar, and a cushiony insole. This is a soft toe boot, so if your work requires steel, alloy, or composite toe guard, this may not be the ideal work boot for you. This Timberland work boot also offers a sock liner that is contoured for comfort and can be removed.

Even if the “Pitboss” work boot is not insulated, all the materials used in its manufacturing are of the highest quality. The outsole is in rubber and is resistant to slipping, abrasion, and oil. If you don’t require a toe guard for your work activities, this work boot offers a bit more space for wide footed tradesmen.


      • Oiled leather upper boot
      • Removable sock liner
      • Reasonably priced
      • ANSI Safety Standards are met for the toe box


      • Not waterproof
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Looking for more boots for wide feet check out the video below

Top 10 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

Finding the Proper Boots for Wide Feet

Work boots are necessary for many professions in construction, agriculture, electrical and hydraulic systems, industry, and much, much more. Many folks just like to have a pair on hand because they are comfortable, have great durability, and are usually waterproof making them great for unexpected weather changes as well.

In this article, we are examining work boots for those of us that have wider feet and need a wide fit boot that has been specifically designed with us in mind. No more blisters or sore feet while waiting for a regular fit work boot to be “broken in”. Sometimes this just never happens, and you are stuck with an uncomfortable pair of boots that cause suffering and can be a huge distraction on the job.

Fit Is Everything

For people born with wide feet or for those who suffer various health conditions such as arthritis, hammertoes, bunions, or edema among others, wide fit footwear can really make life easier. Often these folks are obliged to buy a pair of shoes or boots that are one to two sizes larger, just so your feet can get the shoe or the boot on.

Wearing shoes that are too long can prove to be equally as uncomfortable as a shoe that is too narrow and tight. Now, with the new options of work boots designed specifically for wide feet, you can finally buy your own size.

Footwear manufacturers have seen the light and they are now producing with us in mind. Every season, there are new designs available in new colors and materials. In the past several decades, foot sizes have grown significantly for both men and women. This may be due to better nutrition, vitamins, or even prenatal and natal care.

Nonetheless, some years ago the most common male shoe size was a seven whereas now it may fall into the size nine to size twelve categories. The increase in foot size has opened the door to more attention for foot form. If you have particularly narrow or wide feet, you’ll be able to find something for your needs. No more discomfort, no more suffering, and above all no more sores.

Also evaluate the toe box especially if you have wide feet, or if you have a medical condition or deformity of the bone. A square-shaped toe space will allow you more room. Exactly how or rather where your feet are wide can also make a difference. Do you have a wide heel or is your forefoot wide? Everyone’s feet are different, that’s why it’s best if you can try the work boots on before selecting and purchasing.

Many people now purchase on-line, but as a wide-footed person, unless you are familiar with a specific brand and the sizing used, it is always preferable to try the work boot on personally, stand a bit, walk a bit and verify how it feels on your foot. If you really need to purchase on-line, begin by measuring your feet. Measure carefully the longest part of your foot, big toe, or otherwise.

Measure from joint to joint from your big to your little toes to get the width. If you feel a normal boot is a little bit tight, an “E” sized work boot may be sufficient, whereas if normal boots are particularly tight you may want to go with an “EE” size. In any case, make sure that you can return the boots if they are not the correct size for you.

What Should I Look for in Work Boots for Wide Feet?

1.) Size: In order to get the best value for your money, you’ll want to look for specific features to meet your needs. When shopping for work boots, you may notice sizing options that include the letters “D” or “E” with some touting 2E, 3E, or even 4E sizes much like XL, XXL, or XXXL. The “E” sized boots are usually a wide fit.

Other sizing methods may use standard terminology like 

      • narrow 
      • medium 
      • wide 
      • X wide
      • XX wide

These classifications may indicate a sizing difference of approximately an eighth of an inch between each size. 

2.) Comfort. No one wants to have sore feet or be uncomfortable while on the job. If you work an average of seven to eight hours per day, much of the day standing, can you imagine having tight or uncomfortable work boots? You’ll want comfort and foot support thanks to

      • Lightweight characteristics
      • Cushion footbeds or insoles
      • Foot linings that allow your feet to breathe and remain dry.

3.) Durability. This is a big consideration when buying a work boot. You won’t want your boots falling apart or losing a sole while you are in the middle of a job. You won’t want a leaky hole or a disintegrating toe guard in the middle of a project. Your work boot needs to guarantee you resistance and durability whatever surface or climate conditions. Quality materials and excellent workmanship in manufacturing will provide these guarantees.

Extra Features to Consider

You may want a work boot in oil-tanned leather or in a specific grain or quality of leather. You also may need work boots that are

      • Oil resistant
      • Chemical resistant
      • Abrasion resistant
      • Non-slip or skid resistant
      • With safety protections such as steel-toe guards.

Do you want a boot that slips on or that you lace up? No, they are not quite the same. A slip-on boot will not have any laces and should be easy to put on or take off. Lace up work boot will have laces and allow you to adjust its width by tying the laces. This type of boot also offers a snugger fit if you are worried about something entering your boot. 

Consider the pros and cons of the boots you are thinking about purchasing. No boot is perfect, and some may offer specific features while others may rank higher for durability or comfort. Your budget will also come into play when choosing your perfect work boot. How much you feel you want to spend in relation to the final quality/cost ratio.

Final Thoughts

We researched these boots by enlisting the help of a dozen professional tradesmen with wide feet. They tried out numerous wide work boots over the course of two weeks and in the end, we came up with these choices based on their feedback.

Our top pick of Skechers Men’s Verdict Work Boots is definitely worth your attention. However, our other picks are equally competitive, and we hope this article will help all our wide footed friends in finding the perfect Work Boots for Wide Feet.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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