Top 10 Best Work Boots for Men’s Feet

On average, men in the US work two jobs or do overtime to make ends meet or keep their heads above water. It cannot be easy to do what they do daily.

Especially, men who work at construction, or manufacturing, or industrial sites or even in the fields, have seen days where fatigue does not seem to leave their body. A lot of it is directly related to the kind of footwear they wear for work.Best Work Boots for Men

When we consider investing in clothes or gear that are comfortable and protective for challenging or demanding workplaces, we often neglect our feet. It is a common mistake that people make, which further results in facing several disadvantages in the long run.

I am here to help you understand the need to wear good work boots, along with giving you a list of the best work boots for men.

10 Best Work Boots for Men Review

1.) Timberland PRO 6” Pit Boss Steel Toe Boots

Timberland PRO 6” Pit Boss Steel Toe Boots are made of 100% leather with a rubber sole. The heels of these boots measure approximately 1.5” while the shaft measures roughly 5.5” from the arch. It has a steel toe that provides maximum support, protection, and safety from any fallen objects at work.

They comply with the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) safety standards which assure the wearer of them being reliable. These boots come with impressive features, such as slip-resistant, oil-resistant, as well as abrasion-resistant. For comfort, there are padded top collars.

It has a comfort suspension technology which is a unique comfort system that reduces foot fatigue, provides arch support, and cushion all day long. They are tremendously durable and comfortable with anti-fatigue soles. One can wear them all day long without any discomfort.

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2.) EVER BOOTS Tank Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots 

Tank Work Boots by EVER BOOTS are made from supreme quality 2.0 mm soft nubuck leather which minimizes the break-in period remarkably.

They have a rubber sole that yields support throughout the day and the shaft measures around 7” from the arch. For the wearer to get maximum use out of these boots, EVER BOOTS designed them with Goodyear Welt, which is the toughest construction for long-lasting durability.

The boots are built with insulated mesh lining that helps in keeping your feet warm and comfortable throughout the day. It features an anti-fatigue function with a steel shank at the arch of the boot that relieves pressure when walking, especially helpful on stairs and ladders.

They have a signature Tank tread pattern that offers dependable traction when working on slippery and uneven surfaces. It also comes with an oil-resistant quality that magnifies its durability and averts oil decay to a great extent.

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3.) Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Boot

Skechers Men’s Verdict Boots are constructed with 100% leather and rubber sole. It features a waterproof leather upper, a padded tongue plus collar, along with a lugged rubber outsole, and cushioned insoles that provide excellent arch support.

The shaft height measures approximately 5 inches. Skechers is one of America’s oldest and most trusted brands, hence, you can expect superior build, great price, and perfect snug fit for your feet.

They are an excellent rough and tough option for your daily grind.

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4.) Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots are made from 100% leather and have a synthetic sole. The shaft measures roughly 6 inches from the arch, the heel measures about 1.25 inches, and the platform measures around .75 inches.

As the name suggests, it comes with a steel toe that protects your feet from any unforeseen mishaps at any demanding workplace.

It also features padded ankles and an oil-resistant outsole. These boots are designed with Goodyear Welt Construction as well and are exceptionally affordable.

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5.) Danner Men’s Vicious 8 Inch NMT Work Boot

Danner Men’s Vicious 8 Inch NMT Work Boots are constructed with 100% rich full-grain leather and have a rubber sole. It is completely waterproof and breathable as it is engineered with Gore-Tex liner that will keep your feet dry and warm throughout.

The shaft is about 7.5 inches from the arch and the heel is around 1.5 inches. Due to its composite safety toe, metal detectors will not go off when wearing it to workplaces with such detectors.

The platform is of a unique Danner Trailguard that makes the boots lightweight without compromising on the support factor. There is a durable TPU shank and EVA midsole that provides comfort and added support. The heel cap is abrasion-resistant that makes it very durable.

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6.) Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Safety Toe Boots are made with tobacco oil-tanned leather. They are stylish to be worn outside of work too and are also breathable, which makes them extremely comfortable.

The shaft measures around 6.5 inches from the arch that provides sufficient support to the wearer. It comes with a removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron comfort cushion insole.

Also features a fiberglass shank, MAXWear Wedge slip-resistant outsole, and a steel toe for the added protection to avoid injuries at hazardous workplaces.

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7.) KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots are made of 100% Nubuck leather and rubber for the sole. It comes with a removable Metatomical dual-density EVA footbed, and Dual density compression molded Eva and PU midsole for added comfort and support.

They also feature locking metal lace hooks for a tight grip. There are asymmetrical steel toes to protect any fallen objects at hazardous and demanding workplaces.

The boots have insulation that aids in keeping your feet warm during winters and for the summers there is a breathable upper lining that allows your feet to remain cool. They are waterproof, best for avoiding electrical hazards, and are also slip-resistant.

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8.) Red Wing Heritage Men’s Roughneck Lace-Up Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Roughneck Lace-Up Boot is again made from 100% genuine full-grain leather and synthetic Vibram sole. They come with heavy-duty laces as well and over-all the boots are extremely durable.

The bold stitching on the boots gives it a very rugged look, which makes them stylish and can be worn for a casual night out as well. It is designed with welt and cement construction that guarantees its durability, and the EVA midsole provides added comfort with its cushion.

The Vibram lug outsole provides grip and resistance on any type of surface, which is an added benefit of these boots.

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  9.) Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boots are made of 100% leather and the sole is made of rubber. The shaft measure roughly 5.5 inches from the arch and the heel measure about 1.25 inches. While the platform measure approximately .75 inches.

These boots come with a full-cushion Wolverine Multishox insole for comfort and support throughout the day, which are removable. It has features, such as slip-resistant, oil-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and a Multishox lugged rubber outsole.

There is also a breathable CK mesh lining that keeps the wearer comfortable for long standing hours. Wolverine is an iconic American brand that combines superior materials with timeless craftsmanship that can withstand the toughest of environments.

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10.) Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt Men’s Composite Toe Boots are constructed with 100% genuine leather and the sole is of rubber. The brand uses a unique Rugged Flex technology that allows you to move and stretch throughout the day no matter the job.

Its rubber sole is shock absorbent that makes it perfect for both indoors and outdoors and keeps your feet supported and protected at the same time. It is water-resistant, slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant.

These boots are very durable and versatile with its cement constructed rugged flex outsole. It also features a padded tongue and collar, along with a lightweight EVA midsole, plus an Ortholite insole that provides extra cushioning for your feet.

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Wrapping up

There are various types of jobs or work that people do, it can either be a desk job or field job. A desk job does not require you to wear a certain type of footwear. However, it is not the case with field jobs, as the latter demands a person to be out and about all through the day. Especially work that involves a person to be in a factory site, or industrial workplace, becomes prone to injuries. Manufacturers and brands have managed to cater to the needs of such workers by designing specific work boots that can protect them from such injuries. 

1.) Steel toe work boots – best for construction sites and factories with heavy machinery.

2.) Composite toe work boots – ideal for workplaces where they have metal detectors as it will prevent them from setting off.

3.) Electrical hazard work boots – perfect for workplaces that are vulnerable to electrical hazards.

4.) Oil-resistant work boots – for people dealing with oil and petroleum.

5.) Insulated work boots – good for protection in case of cold weather conditions and moisture.

6.) Waterproof work boots – preferred by individuals working in wet environments.

7.) Heat-resistant work boots – quintessential for mine workers.

8.) Slip-resistant work boots – beneficial for all kinds of workplace.

9.) Metatarsal guard work boots – advantageous for workers lifting or dealing with heavy objects.

10.) Puncture resistant work boots – valuable for people working in construction sites. 

All of the above-mentioned work boots have their specific roles and functions to play in their area of work. Each of them has to be approved and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials or in short ASTM. They set certain criteria and standards that manufacturers need to meet to make them safe work boots.  

No matter how careful you are at your workplace, there are still chances of you being a victim of an unfortunate accident. Instead of putting yourself at risk while working in a hazardous environment, it is best to cover yourself with the appropriate clothing and gear. A solid pair of work boots are just as important as a hard hat or protective clothing.

The brands mentioned above make more than that one type of work boots. Based on how challenging the workplace is, you can browse through the various options they have to offer and pick the right one to meet your requirement. Most of these brands and manufacturers make specific work boots for specific jobs. Hence, you have nothing to worry about!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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