Best Asphalt Paving Boots for Construction Workers

Paving isn’t an easy task! It demands great work of the body and especially your feet.

Moreover, the worst thing is that you have to constantly withstand high temperatures and dirt and tar on your boots.

Best Asphalt Paving Boots

The best paving boots that ranked 1 in our list is the COFRA Leather Work Boots with heat resistant outsoles that can withstand temperatures up to 572 degrees F And are also oil, slip and abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and puncture resistant as well. There are APT plates with anti-perforation ad the foot bed is very comfortable. Moreover, the thermal insole also protects against heat which is a unique feature to these boots.

As the work is demanding, so are the boots for paving.

The paving boots should be specially designed to withstand harsh conditions and high temperatures.

To ease your task, 

I have shortlisted best boots for asphalt work that are designed especially for paving and have made a detailed review on them.

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What Should You Look for in a Paving Boot?

1.) High temperature: The heat resistant work boots should be able to withstand temperatures as high as 300-550 degree Fahrenheit.

2.) Fit: The boots should fit you perfectly so that they do not stuck in the tar and you lose your grip. 

3.) Lace up system: This will ensure the perfect fit.

4.) Heat insulation: They should not let in heat to your feet.

5.) Self-cleaning technology: This is important to clean debris automatically when you work with tar.

6.) Flat outsole with wedges: This will prevent the pebbles and gravel from collecting in the outsoles and will ensure better contact with the ground.

7.) Safety toe: This will protect your toes from any heavy load.

8.) Padded tongue and collar: This will ensure that no stone or debris get inside your boots.

9.) Arch support: This is needed for better support and comfort.

10.) Electrical hazard protection: This will protect you from shock.

11.) Waterproof: This features is needed if your work environment demands working in water.

12.) Odor control: This is necessary because when you work in heat, you feet tend to sweat and produce bad odor.

Detailed Review of Best Asphalt Paving Boots

1.) COFRA Asphalt Work Boots

Made of water repellent, breathable leather
Thermal insole protects against heat
The outsole is built with nitrile rubber blend that is resistant to temperatures up to 572 degree F
Composite toe that is crush resistant
Puncture and slip resistant outsole, Chemical resistant
APT plates with anti-perforation , EH protection
Not any

Our Verdict:

These are the ultimate boots for paving if you work in high temperatures as they can withstand temperature up to 572 degree F. The outsole is also puncture and slip resistant.

The electrical hazard protection feature and the chemical resistant feature help you to work in any condition and work with any chemical or solvents.

The composite toe is crush resistant and the thermic insole withstands heat. The boots are also really waterproof.

Above all they are comfortable, provide great support and traction and are sturdy. The only thing is they are not made of 100% leather.

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2.) Ariat Men’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

Made of 100% leather, The footbed is gel cushioned
Comfortable, Ankle support, Moisture wicking lining
Perfect fit, Has a padded collar, Waterproof
The outsole has a self-cleaning duratread technology
Not totally waterproof

Our Verdict:

These boots are specially designed for equestrian athletes. They are light weight and gives a perfect fit. They have a super grip and do not gather mud in the outsoles as they have self-cleaning technology.

The ankle support and the padded collar adds to great comfort. The gel cushioned footbed is so comfy to walk in.

The moisture wicking lining is breathable and also keeps the feet dry to some extent but not in heavy rains. At last, the lacing is sturdy and provides the needed fit and support.

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3.) Carhartt Men’s CMF6380 Rugged Flex Six Inch Waterproof Work Boot

Made of 100% leather, The sole is synthetic
Arch support, The heel is 1.75”, Comfortable
Composite toe, It has got cement construction
The boot upper is made of premium leather
Lace-up system, Dual-density Ortholite insole
Workflex rubber outsole, Slip resistant, Meets EH standards
The waterproof feature does not work well

Our Verdict:

The 6 eyelet lace up system provides great fit and support. They are comfortable as well as durable. Cement construction reduces break-in time and adds flexibility.

The composite toe adds protection. The electrical hazard protection protects against any shock and is needed in any work environment. The workflex rubber outsole is oil, slip and abrasion resistant.

The dual-density ortholite insole adds superb cushioning and helps you to walk without getting tired. It has a rubber toe guard.

The break-in time is quite fast. They are waterproof but you need to take some extra measure as well if you work in the pool industry.

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4.) KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

Made of 100% leather, Has a rubber sole
Arch support, Has a padded tongue and collar
Has breathable mesh panels, Ankle-cut design
The footbed is removable, The sole is non-marking
Side cut outs for ventilation, Light weight, Dual density midsole
Not much durable in the sense that the soles might get detached after a few months

Our Verdict:

These boots are very comfortable and provide good support. They are lightweight and has breathable linings. It has got side cut outs for ventilation.

The dual-density midsole provide great cushioning and therefore you feel comfortable even after hours of walking in it. They provide good amount of traction during hiking in steep terrains.

The ankle-cut design and the padded tongue and collar adds support and comfort. The only problem is with the construction of the sole which seems not much durable.

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5.) Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks 8″ Alloy Safety-Toe

Made of 100% leather, Arch support
Alloy safety toe, Has got waterproof membrane
Fiberglass shank offers structural support
The mesh lining has got antimicrobial treatment which controls odor
Is built with dual density dynamic anti-fatigue technology
It is oil, slip and abrasion resistant
The unique feature is that it is built with low temperature formation technology that maximizes traction on cold surfaces
The outsole is built with all-weather TPU technology and have flat wedge shape 
Issues with the collar and waterproof feature

Our Verdict:

These timberland asphalt boots come with some really good features like anti-fatigue technology which does let you get tired even when stuck up in them for long hours.

They are really waterproof and the ankle-support is high. The padded collar also adds to the support but they might not fit true to your feet and might need readjusting.

The All-weather TPU outsole holds up to very low temperature and the wedge style ensures great support and maximum ground contact. The safety toe adds to protection.

The waterproof feature won’t surpass extreme rain. The mesh lining has got antimicrobial treatment which controls odor and the outsole provides good traction against oil, slip and abrasion.

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6.) Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Endurance 6″ PR Work Boot

Made of 100% leather, Arch support, Steel toe
Heel is 1.75”, Ankle-high boots
Oil, slip and abrasion resistant, EH protection
Cement construction reduces break-in time and adds flexibility
Has an anti-fatigue technology which absorbs shock
Issues with stitching, not much durable

Our Verdict:

They are comfortable to walk in with arch and heel support. The outsole is oil, slip and abrasion resistant and has electrical hazard protection technology.

The cement construction provides less break in time and adds flexibility. The anti-fatigue technology absorbs shock and lets you walk in them comfortably all day long.

But there are certain issues with the stitching of the soles which comes out after months and needs re-stitching, so the durability is not that great.

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Why wear Asphalt Paving Boots for Road Construction?

Asphalt paving boots have the following features:

      • They have flat bottoms that is there is no tread or heel
      • They are heat resistant
      • They are puncture resistant
      • They have full gusset tongue
      • They have safety toe in the form of composite toes and not steel toes

Having learnt that, now I will explain you why wearing asphalt paving boots for road construction is so important:

1.) Flat Bottoms to avoid asphalt from sticking

The boots that have got heels or treads in the outsole are more likely to get stuck in the asphalt and stick gravels or asphalt in between the treads.

This will not be the case with the flat bottomed asphalt paving boots. When the surface of the boots will be smooth, it will not get stuck in the asphalt or will not stick the gravels from the asphalt in between the treads.

2.) Heat Resistant to prevent heat transfer to feet

When the outsoles are heat resistant, it means that stepping on the hot asphalt will not transfer the heat to your feet and there will be no damage to the outsoles as well due to the heat on the roads.

3.) Puncture resistant soles will not create holes with sharp asphalt particles

Puncture resistant outsoles mean that the gravels on the asphalt paved roads will not inside the soles of the boots and cause harm to your feet.

Also, the hot gravels will cause any puncture or holes in the outsoles of the boots which is a very necessary feature for boots that are meant to tread on asphalt.

4.) Full gusset tongue will prevent burns while the pouring process

With the full gusset tongue there will be no chance for the hot asphalt to get inside the boots while the pouring process. This will save your feet from any burns.

5.) Composite toe caps are non-conductors of heat

While a safety toe is important for asphalt paving, but steel toe caps can transfer the heat to the feet in case the hot asphalt pours on the boots by chance.

But with the composite toes this will not be the case because composite toes are heat and cold resistant as they are non-conductors of heat and cold.

How to find right asphalt paving boots?

Asphalt can be very dangerous to your feet and choosing the wrong boots for walking on asphalt can cause harm to your feet like burning or other bruises!

Therefore, it is important to get the right boots for paving on asphalt and here’s what you should look in the boots while buying:

1.) Asphalt paving boots should have flat bottoms:

Flat bottomed outsoles are a must for asphalt paving! The heeled soles will dig in the asphalt causing the boots to stick to the asphalt and gather asphalt all over it. Also, there would be danger of tripping over with heeled boots.

This will not be the case with flat bottomed boots at all as there are no elevated surfaces at the bottom and therefore, they distribute the pressure equally to the entire length of the boots. Also, flat bottomed boots will attract less dirt and asphalt at the bottom.

2.) Asphalt paving boots should be heat resistant:

This is one of the most important features of asphalt paving boots that is they need to be heat resistant or else, the outsoles will get melted with the heat that is being generated by the hot asphalt during the pouring process. If the boots are not heat resistant, your feet might suffer from burns and bruises!

3.) Asphalt paving boots should have safety toe caps:

The boots that have standardization mark from OSHA for their safety toe caps should be your choice for asphalt paving because they would ensure safety of your toes from the heavy equipment used in asphalt paving.

How to clean asphalt boots?

Asphalt settles as tar on your boots which isn’t too easy to get rid of!

However, I have a very easy procedure to share with you guys on how I take off the asphalt from my shoes while they get stuck with those black greasy substances:

      • Take a plastic knife and scrape off those asphalt from the bottom of your boots
      • Mix Dawn detergent in a bowl of water and use a toothbrush to rub off the remaining asphalt from the boots
      • Use a clean wet cloth to take off the soapy water from the boots
      • If there is still any traces of asphalt left on your boots, you can spray WD40 on those areas and let it sit for a few minutes
      • Use a lint free cloth to take off the spray from the boots. The boots will be completely rid of the asphalt
      • You can finish off by applying a good conditioner to nourish your boots and you are done
      • Do not forget to dry the boots thoroughly at last!

Know about more exciting ways to get tar off boots.

Asphalt paving boots v/s concrete boots:

Though not many, but still there are certain differences between asphalt paving boots and concrete boots that are as follows:

      • Asphalt paving boots need to be heat resistant as molten asphalt is hot. Concrete boots need not be heat resistant.
      • Asphalt boots need not be slip and oil resistant while concrete boots need to be.

How do you keep asphalt from sticking?

You can keep the asphalt from sticking to your boots just by spraying a silicon emulsion spray on the outsoles of the boots that are readily available in the online stores. You can check:

1.) Seavenger Silicone Spray and Lubricant Grease

2.) Sprayway SW945 Silicone Spray


Silicone spray has been used since ages by people dealing with asphalt to prevent the asphalt from sticking to the truck tires, tools and boots.

Looking for more option check out the video on top asphalt paving boots

8 Best Asphalt Paving Boots for Road Construction

Before we say Good Bye:

Good asphalt boots ease up your both walk and road work and so it is very important to choose the right pair for your feet.

Hope the review would resolve your queries and help you select the perfect pair of asphalt boots for your happy feet.

We gave you 6 options to choose among and all of them are unique to themselves with distinctive features.


First you have to sure what you want exactly or what are your requirements.

Then go through the review to choose the best suited according to your checklist.

Do let us know in the comment section below which is your favorite pair among the ones mentioned above.

Till then…

Stay safe


Keep walking!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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