5 Easy Ways to Break in Logger Boots FAST

How to break in logger boots

When you buy brand new logger boots, you cannot expect to lace the boots up and wear them right away. It is unlikely that the logger boots will fit right from the very beginning.

Breaking in logger boots is one of the significant stages in the life of a logger boot as it lay down the remaining life of the boot in motion. 

New pair of logger boots can be very uncomfortable for the wearer since they have not yet conformed to your foot.

You need to break in logger boots so that it becomes comfortable and you can wear them for a long period. If you wear your boots unprepared, your feet might suffer from painful blisters, chafing, or pinches.

You can break into logger boots by using the following methods

      • Wear thick socks with logger boots at home
      • Using Boot Stretchers
      • Using leather oil to stretch boots
      • Lacing boots to make it more comfortable

Let’s take a look at easy ways to break in new logger boots so that it becomes comfortable for you in the long-term.

5 Quick Ways to Break in Logger Boots Fast

1. Wear the logger boots in your house

One of the easiest ways to break in your logger boots is by wearing them and walking around the house for a few hours every day. Wearing boots for a few hours each day will give the boots much time to conform to your feet.

But, you must wear the logger boots with thick socks as this will not only help in stretching the leather or fabric of your boots but will also improve the fittings without damaging the material.

2. Adjust the Laces of your Logger Boots

You can make your logger boots more comfortable by adjusting the boot laces. If your job involves you kneeling a lot, then skip the first set of eyelets while lacing your boot.

This will not only give your foot a little more space for breathing but will also become very comfortable for the wearer. Considering that the laces are tied, you will not experience any fall.

3. Use leather oil to soften your logger boots

If your logger boots are made up of leather, then you can use leather oil to soften your boots. Leather oils enable the boots to mold to your feet. If you keep on applying leather oil to your boots for some weeks, then this will help the boot to stretch in the ball areas and the all-leather insole will start to take the shape of your footpad. 

4. Use Boot Stretchers to Break in Boots

You can also buy boot stretchers from boot repair shops to break in your boots. Usually, boot stretchers apply pressure to the logger boots to stretch them. Boot stretchers are a good option for you since it does not involve many hassles.

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You need to pop them in and give your logger boots some time to stretch. But, one of the demerits of boot stretchers is that the boots will not conform to the shape of your feet in the same manner. This means that the boots won’t be much comfortable for the wearer.

5. Apply Moisturizer

      • Mix 1 part of rubbing alcohol with 1 part of water and then apply this mixture to the outer parts of the boot.
      • Don’t drench the boots with the mixture but give a slight massage into the leather.
      • Wipe away the excess mixture and give some time for the solution to work on the leather.
      • Once the mixture penetrates the leather, the boots will not only soften but will also break.
      • Repeat the procedure a couple of times until the boots become soft and fit your feet.

How much time will the logger boots take to break in?

Usually, the boots break in depending upon the material it is made up of. You must give your boots a couple of weeks to break in. This will help you learn that you can wear them for a long time without experiencing any discomfort. 

How Will I Understand That My Logger Boots Have Broken In?

Pay thorough attention to your logger boots. Note how much time has passed after you have started wearing them and if your feet are starting to feel sore. If you find out that the sore feeling is setting in, then that means the boot break-in procedure is taking place. Also, note the fit.

If the logger boots fit you, then your feet must feel quite cozy but a bit tight. But, after some time, you will see that your boots are cozy but not very tight. Thus, this means that your logger boots have broken in. 

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What Should You Avoid while Breaking in Logger Boots?

1.) Do Not use Water to Break in Logger Boots

A rumor that has been going around for quite a long time is that if you immerse your logger boots in water or fill the boots up with water then it will help the boots to break in.

But, you must keep in mind that logger boots made up of leather can only handle a little amount of moisture before warping or changing their shape. Some serious damage might occur if you try to use water to break in your brand new logger boots.

2.) Do Not Apply Direct Heat to Break in logger Boots

You must not heat your boots with a hairdryer to speed up the break-in process. Applying direct heat to your logger boots will lead to cracks inside the boots, will dry it up, and will also ruin your logger boots.

3.) Do Not Kick Off Your Boots

You might want to kick off logger boots at the heel after coming home from a long day of work. But, doing this every day might ruin your boots. Always, take your boots off by hand by loosening the laces.

4.) Do Not overlook uncomfortable areas or Pinches

Before purchasing a pair of logger boots for yourself, check whether any pinches or uncomfortable areas are present in the logger boots or not. If the boot fits you and the afore-mentioned issues are not present in the boot then go ahead and buy them. 


Before buying a pair of logger boots for yourself, make sure that they are comfortable. Check whether it can give you the amount of protection you need at your workplace. Lastly, be sure to break in your boots before you start wearing them. 

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