Should you get Waterproof Insulated Boots for Sweaty Feet?

If you live in cold weather countries, you know the importance of waterproof insulated boots. They are the most essential part of your outfit to keep you warm and your feet dry!

But what if someone has sweaty feet?

It’s certainly not a great idea to wear waterproof insulated boots if you have sweaty feet because waterproof insulated boots are not ventilated at all and that restricts any air flow within the boots which will make your feet sweat profusely and in turn make your feet even more cold.

And if you live in hotter parts of the world, why on earth would you even try to wear waterproof insulated boots all round the year!

Still, for my cold region friends out there, I have got some exciting hacks wherein you can wear waterproof insulated and yet save your feet from getting sweaty!

Should you get Waterproof Insulated Boots for Sweaty Feet

Let’s learn about them quickly……

Should you wear waterproof insulated boots for sweaty feet?

If you have sweaty feet, it would be a fool of you to wear those waterproof insulated boots either you live in a cold weather country or a hotter one and that’s because wearing waterproof insulated boots will surely cause the following problems for your feet:

1.) Waterproof insulated boots are not breathable at all

Waterproof insulated boots will make your feet sweat even more profusely because they are not ventilated at all. Having an insulating layer means that will block any outside air to enter into the boots and that’s the same with the waterproof feature as well.

2.) Waterproof boots do not wick away the moisture from the feet

Waterproof boots also do not have any perforation in them and so they do not wick any moisture or sweat produced from the feet inside the boots.

3.) Waterproof insulated boots are just not meant for the hot weather

If you live in the hotter parts of the world and try to wear waterproof insulated boots, it will make your feet warm and you will sweat like hell. Insulating layers are needed for freezing temperatures and so it’s better to avoid them in normal cold weather.

4.) Waterproof insulated boots will cause blisters and rashes on the feet

As I have said, wearing waterproof insulated boots will make your feet sweat and that sweat when would stay constantly on your feet for the entire day, will end up in rashes and blisters.

5.) Waterproof insulated boots will produce a lot of odor from your feet

Also, the sweat from the feet will produce odor in the feet and in the boots as well when you return home.

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Ways to wear waterproof insulated boots without making your feet sweat

What if weather conditions compel you to wear waterproof insulated boots, like you have to walk in the snow for the day and there is no way you can escape wearing them!

Well, in that situation it’s actually possible to wear those waterproof insulated boots and yet stay away from sweating in the feet:

1.) Wear moisture wicking socks

Wearing mositure wicking socks will not only feel light inside those warm padding of insulated boots, but will also absorb any sweat that is produced from the feet.

2.) Wear a sock liner

Sock liner wicks away moisture from the feet and keeps them dry all day long.

3.) Sprinkle powder on the feet and the boots

Powder absorbs sweat and also controls sweat to a great extent. So, before wearing your boots next time, just give it a try!

4.) Spray antiperspirants

Just as antiperspirants work for our underarm sweat, it also stops the production of sweat on the feet and keeps them odor free all round the day.

5.) Try absorbable shoe inserts

Nowadays you get many shoe inserts that help in absorbing sweat and you can just take them out in the weekends and wash them thoroughly. Get one from

6.) Wear them off in between work if possible

When you get a break from work in between try to wear off your boots. It will help your feet breathe for some time and also dry your feet and boots.

And it’s a wrap!

To wind it up, I would like to present the final verdict that Waterproof insulated boots are not for the people who have sweaty feet. Instead, go for the boots that are well ventilated with breathable mesh lining.

And still if you like to wear them for some reason, try the hacks mentioned above and I am sure that’s gonna help you a lot with your sweat control!

With that note let’s bid adieu for today and meet up super fast in my next post. 

Till then take care and keep walking!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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