4 Best Moisture Wicking Socks for Work Boots

Socks often get a bad deal. They and their importance are often underestimated if not taken for granted. And that’s unfortunate because they can make the difference in everyday comfort, particularly if you are a professional wearing a pair of work boots daily.

Socks are underappreciated especially the good ones. Feet get sweaty, smell, and can be generally uncomfortable, and all this happens inside a sock, and in many cases a bad sock.

Now not all socks begin badly, however, some are just not the correct sock type for the shoes or activities you are involved in.

Best Moisture Wicking Socks for Work Boots

We get a lot of requests about socks that are specifically manufactured for sweaty feet and that wick away moisture for pros involved in heavy-duty physical labor.

We had any number of volunteers for testing moisture-wicking socks because this problem is so common to agricultural, industrial, or construction work. 

We found some excellent moisture-wicking socks for you to consider, and our top overall pick was the Darn Tough Coolmax®Work Boot Sock. Our testing volunteers overwhelmingly praised these socks because these are 4 season work socks that not only wick away moisture but keep the temperature inside your work boots comfortable. 

If, however, you work in a cold climate or outdoors a lot, we also suggest the Carhartt Cold Weather Thermal Work Sock keeps your feet warm and wick away moisture at the same time.

Work SocksMaterialSock LengthMachine WashableExtras
Darn Tough Coolmax28% acrylic, 39% Coolmax® polyester, 3% Lycra Spandex, and 30% nylonMid-calfYesGuaranteed for life
Fox River Midcalf80% acrylic, 2% spandex, and 18% nylonMid-calfYes, Tumble dryCustom fit with knit compression, Reinforced heels and toes
Dickies Crew Dri-tech Men’s Moisture Control78% cotton, 19% polyester, 2% spandex, 1% nylonCrew SockYesVentilation channels
Carhartt Cold Weather ThermalAcrylic, wool, spandex, and nylonOver-the-calfYesGreat for winter and cold weather climates

Our Best Work Sock Moisture Wicking Choices

Best Overall Work Moisture-Wicking Socks for Work Boots

1.) Darn Tough Coolmax®Work Boot Sock

This boot sock offers impressive moisture-wicking capabilities. It comes with full cushioning that is seamless. This prevents the sock from bunching during the day and from slipping inside the work boot.

Breathability is a priority, and the design uses seam fusion. Your feet will be protected from bacteria hence preventing the formation of foot odor.

This is a four-season sock that uses temperature control to keep your feet comfortable in both hot summers and cold winters.

These boot socks are machine washable and come in two colors:  grey/black and olive. The Sock fabric is 28% acrylic, 39% Coolmax® polyester, 3% Lycra Spandex, and 30% nylon. Produced in the USA.


      • Construction is Seamless fusion 
      • Great Moisture-wicking capabilities
      • Nicely Cushioned 
      • Comfortable Mid-calf height


      • Two colors only
      • A Bit Expensive 
      • Problems reported with staying up 
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Best Mid-Calf Length Moisture-Wicking Socks for Work Boots

2.) Fox River Midcalf Work Boot Sock

Sock material in 80% acrylic, 2% spandex, and 18% nylon makes these Fox River boot socks as solid and comfortable as they come.

Produced in the USA, they are easy to care for thanks to machine washable and tumble dry characteristics. 

Toes and heels are reinforced in the event use wear work boots with protective toe caps whether steel, alloy, or composite. The mid-calf length is optimal for wear with the majority of work boots.

These socks can be worn in colder climates as they offer sufficient warmth for outdoor activities. They do a great job of wicking away moisture thanks to Fox River’s stay dry technology and remove hot spots caused by friction that lead to blisters and irritation.

The manufacturer’s “URfit” design provides a custom fit with knit compression and a sock top that is ribbed. Available for purchase in  2-packs, these work boot socks also aid in absorbing shock to increase foot comfort throughout the day.


      • Fabric is mixed fiber
      • Machine washable 
      • Tumble dry
      • True to size fit
      • Reinforced heels and toes 


      • Durability problems reported

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Best Crew Moisture-Wicking Socks for Work Boots

3.) Dickies Crew Dri-tech Men’s Moisture Control Work Sock

These crew work socks by manufacturer Dickies work to keep feet cool and comfortable even in hot weather. Produced in 78% cotton, they offer incredible breathability, and cotton is naturally moisture-wicking as well.

The addition of 19% polyester guarantees durability and there’s 1% nylon and 2% spandex mixed in for good measure to help. Ventilation channels provide excellent ventilation and airflow as well as moisture control.

The fit is excellent. These socks stay up on your leg but do not constrict circulation. Some compression under the arch prevents sock from sliding and slipping inside boots. Durability is enhanced because both toes and heels are reinforced.


      • Breathable cotton fiber
      • Fit is true to size
      • Form-fitting but not tight
      • Comfortable in hot weather or settings
      • Sold in convenient 6-packs or 12-packs
      • Variety of colors


      • Sock bottoms could be thicker
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Best Cold-Weather Moisture-Wicking Socks for Work Boots

4.) Carhartt Cold Weather Thermal Work Sock

If you work in a cold region or an area that has rough winters and you need to be outdoors, this Carhartt work sock is a convincing option. Spandex, acrylic, nylon, and wool, combine to give these over-the-calf work boot socks fantastic insulation.

Your feet will feel warm on really cold days. The bottom of this sock is heavily cushioned and offers substantial support of the foot arch.

Sold in shades of black, navy, and brown they feature a cuff that is ribbed and a reinforced sole for heavy-duty work.

Moisture-wicking, they successfully move out and away perspiration protecting your feet and work boots from bad odors. Ankle vents reduce some of the cushioning’s bulkiness increasing during wear. USA produced.


      • Sold in sizes 5 – 15
      • Good support of the foot arch
      • Machine Washable
      • Great Moisture-wicking


      • Only come in three colors
      • Expensive
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Are Moisture-Wicking Socks Worth It?

1.) Socks Help to Prevent Blisters

Sweaty socks, apart from being unpleasant to the touch, can cause feet to slide around. If your socks and feet are dry, you’ll benefit from a better grip inside your footwear. Otherwise, you are apt to end up with blisters and maybe infections. 

Excessive moisture from heavy perspiration increases rubbing as your foot moves within the work boot and this rubbing is the principal cause of blisters forming. 

See also: Do Grip Socks Help Blisters?

2.) Keeping Feet Warm and Comfortable

Wet socks are also likely to cause your feet to be cold. Perspiration tends to be cold and can cause feet to feel even colder. So, a good pair of moisture-wicking socks can control the temperature within the work boot for increased comfort.

3.) Protecting Your Work Boots with the Right Socks

Moisture-wicking is certainly a top priority in socks for work boots. With perspiring feet, not only your socks will be damp but the insides of your work boots as well.

This can contribute to the deterioration of boot materials shortening the lifespan of your boots. Socks produced to be moisture-wicking help move excess unwanted moisture outward and away from your skin

If you wear a waterproof boot, moisture-wicking socks can improve and increase comfort.

When Should Moisture-Wicking Socks Be Worn?

For all of you professional laborers, the answer is every day. But good moisture-wicking socks aren’t limited to only the professionals among us.

If you are an amateur athlete or just someone who works out regularly, moisture-wicking socks are a definite advantage, especially when it comes to the formation of blisters.

Any type of manual labor, like yard work or cleaning out the garage, can benefit from a pair of these socks as well as running errands. Whenever you will be active physically, moisture-wicking properties will be a plus.

Also, if you happen to naturally perspire heavily, moisture-wicking socks are great for everyday wear even in the office. Do something nice for your feet (and for whoever is washing your socks)!

What Makes a Sock Moisture-Wicking?

There are a few crucial features to search for when selecting a moisture-wicking sock. It’s not sufficient to just advertise that a sock wicks away sweat.

1.) Material

There are a few materials that are naturally moisture-wicking or at least absorb well. Among these we find

Manufacturers will also look for blends or fine-tune fabrics to increase moisture-wicking as much as possible. Alternative materials that are good for moisture-wicking include polyester and nylon. 

All these materials also feature breathability that allows air to circulate. Excess perspiration will dissipate through the sock.

In a cold climate, wool socks have great moisture-wicking capabilities and also help to limit any odor.

2.) Padding and Thickness

Depending on your profession and the physical labor involved, several points on your feet will support the most weight of any pressure exerted.

Heels and toes in particular are stressed during walking, running, or standing. You can strain your ankles when you bend and stretch. 

These stress points, comprising toes, heels, and ankles will benefit from extra cushioning. Some socks indicated specifically for work will feature an entire cushioned foot bottom.

Some sock manufacturers will increase padding around the ankles and toes or may completely pad the heel. Some sock designs cover the complete foot top.

3.) Sock Length

The sock length must never be underestimated even if it is a question of personal preference. Length can improve the level of comfort and is particularly relevant to the kind of work boots that you wear.

The low-rise sock is not optimal for a classic work boot. If the sock is not sufficiently long to cover your leg within the work boot, the boot will most likely rub along your skin. 

Always consider the length of your socks within your work boots and how they fit together. Consider if you have 6-inch, 8-inch boots, or knee-high boots? Do you wear lace-up work boots that cover your leg calves midway?

Do your boots have padded collars around the ankles? The correct sock length will protect your leg within your work boots. 

Typical sock lengths include:

Ankle-length socks. These are socks that end at the height of your ankle. If your work boot is higher, choose a longer sock.

No-show socks. These socks are even shorter and end before arriving at your ankle. They are generally a bad choice when wearing work boots. 

Classic Crew socks. Crew socks cover your ankle but do offer any protection to the calf of the leg. 3/4 crew socks are somewhat shorter than a classic crew sock design and not ideal for work boots.

Work Boot socks. This kind of socks is designed to wear with boots. They usually will match the height of the standard cowboy boot.

Classic Over-the-calf socks. If you prefer a sock that covers the leg’s calf muscle, then choose an over-the-calf style. They are longer than standard boot socks. They will show just a bit above the rim of classic western-style boots.

Knee socks. A knee-length sock will rise to your knee cap.

4.) Support

If you need compression socks or just good arch support. Look for a moisture-wicking sock with these capabilities. This type of work sock improves circulation during long work shifts.


Nothing can make you miserable faster than bad damp smelly socks. If you want to avoid wet smelly feet on the job that may even damage the inside of your work boots, our list of best moisture-wicking socks for work boots offers you some quality alternatives for improving foot comfort as well as protecting feet and boots.

These are all highly rated and worthy of consideration. We highly recommend our top pick for the overall best moisture-wicking sock for work boots.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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