Do Grip Socks Help Blisters?

Grip socks have gained immense popularity in sports and activities that involve excessive feet movements like yoga and dancing.

Do Grip Socks Help Blisters

The reason behind this is…

Grip socks have non-slip silicone or rubber dots and patterns at their bottom that helps to provide you the best traction in slippery floors and inside your boots. The grip socks help to prevent slippage inside the boots and thus reduce friction that gets generated while your feet slip inside the boots and get rubbed against the walls of the boots which is the cause behind the blisters.

So, wearing grip socks can save you from slips and falls and once you start wearing them, you will know how important they are how they secures your feet inside the boots thus adding comfort and performance!

This article will tell you all that you need to about grip socks including what they are, what’s their purpose, about their care and maintenance, what to look for when buying them and also our top 3 grip socks recommended by our experts!

So, let’s get started without any further delay…

What are grip socks?

As the name suggests, grip socks are the ones that help you to hold your grip on floors (both wet and dry floors) so that you do not lose your balance by slipping off. These socks are of utmost necessity for dancers, barre classes, yoga and for soccer!

These socks have anti-skid pads made of rubber that appear like rubber-like dots or patterns at the bottom of them that helps you to stay put to a point without slipping off and for this very reason, grip socks are also called non-slip socks.

What is the purpose of grip socks?

You must be someone who wears socks all the time in the house too for keeping your feet warm and comfortable and to save them from dirt. 

Or you might be the one who is a dancer or does yoga or goes to barre classes or plays soccer!

Or you might be just the one who has to wear socks all day long inside your boots for work!

Whatever may be the reason of your wearing socks, grip socks are the best choice for the above-mentioned purposes because they prevent your feet from skidding and save you from slipping off and falling and getting hurt.

Having rubber pads in them to hold your grip, grip socks prove beneficial in slippery tiled floors and in floors spilled with water. Thus, grip socks help you to hold your balance while you move.

Another purpose of grip socks is to prevent blisters which occurs from wearing boots all day and I will tell you how they do it in the section below…

Do grip socks prevent blisters?

Yes, grip socks definitely help in preventing blisters. 

Do you know that one of the main reasons that you get blisters from boots is because your feet move up and down while walking if your boots are not fitted properly and also because your feet slides back and forth if the length of the boots is bigger for your feet?

So, wearing grip socks will help your feet to stay in place inside the boots and prevent the toes and the back of your heels from rubbing against the walls of the boots thus preventing friction and blisters.

What to look for while buying grip socks?

While buying grip socks, look for the following features:

1.) The grip socks should offer you a snug fit and should not hold too tight to your feet which might lower blood circulation to the feet

2.) The grip socks should offer you breathability, otherwise your feet sweat a lot in them

3.) Make sure that they are not too sticky in nature or less it can be the cause of your falling off and getting injured

Why do you need grip socks?

You might need to wear grip socks for a couple of reasons, some of which are listed below:

1.) Your feet sweat a lot inside the boots and due to this your feet might often slip inside the boots. Wearing grip socks help to reduce slippage inside the boots

2.) It helps to maintain a good grip of your feet inside the boots so that they do not slide front and back and get rubbed against the walls of the boots thus causing blisters

3.) It just makes wearing of the boots a more comfortable experience, especially when you are someone who needs to wear boots for more than half of the day

4.) It helps to improve your performance by giving you the feel that your feet are locked and secured inside your boots

How long do grip socks last?

If taken proper care, grip socks can last you as long as a year or two. By proper care I mean the correct way of washing and drying them.

You must know that that the anti-skid rubber patterns on these socks that help in preventing slippage are being stuck on the socks with the help of adhesives. So, washing them in hot water can result in the opening of those rubber patterns.

Therefore, it is recommended to wash them in cold water with mild detergent and if possible, wash them with your hands and not in the washer.

Can you wear grip socks over normal socks?

Yes, you can definitely wear a grip sock over your normal socks provided the grip socks that you are wearing have anti-skid grip dots both on the inside and the outside of the socks. 

The idea of wearing normal socks inside grip socks is to absorb moisture that gets build up inside the grip socks.

But remember, the normal socks that you are wearing inside your grip socks should be made of moisture wicking fabric and should offer breathability.

Recommended Grip Socks

Best unisex grip socks:

These grip socks can be used just for any purpose, be it for yoga, barre, soccer or for hospital uses. The anti-skid polka dots are made of silicone that remain stuck to the floor thus offering you utmost traction and balance. These socks feel well cushioned and the elastic is also of high quality.

Best grip socks for soccer/football players:

These socks grips both on the inside and the outside of the socks thus ensuring utmost slippage prevention. These socks also help to eliminate sore feet and help in preventing blisters too.

Best grip socks for yoga, barre and dancers:

I just love the design of these socks like how the elastic straps on top add to the style of these socks as well as help to hold the socks securely to your feet.

The material of the socks is natural combed cotton that helps to keep your feet dry and sweat free all day long.

The silica-gel grips that are present on the front and the heels of the socks help to provide the best traction while you move your feet in multiple directions while doing yoga or while dancing.

And it’s a wrap!

Blisters are very painful and if just wearing a grip sock can prevent it, I don’t think it’s a bad investment any way even if the price seems to be a bit pinch for the pocket for just a pair of socks.

I hope you will love the grip socks recommended grip socks by our experts and will definitely benefit from them!

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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