Are Zipper Boots Durable?

Zipper boots are versatile, fashionable, and functional boots that go with a wide range of clothes. They are available in a variety of styles and materials and are useful to everyone.

The zipper boots became a very practical option that is comparatively better than laces that require tying and adjusting everytime.

These zipper boots allow you to keep your shoelaces in place once you’ve found your perfect fit. In fact, once you’ve found the ideal balance of fit, comfort, and support, you don’t want to mess it up.

The zipper enables for simple on and off without having to re-adjust the fit and stability of your boots every time you put them on.

Are Zipper Boots Durable

They’ve recently become popular with the necessary safety improvements like steel toe caps and high grip outsoles, which means they can also be used as safety boots. 

A good pair of zipper boots may give extra protection while also preserving the boot form and making it more durable. Yes, zipper boots are durable, although, the main problem with these boots is that the zippers may become jammed or even break, hampering the longevity of the boots. However, if you choose high-quality zipper boots, they will endure a long time.

Let us have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of zipper boots. 


1.) Zippers make getting your boots off and on a very effortless task.  This is a significant benefit in an emergency or at times when you’re extremely exhausted and getting down to remove your boots seems like a task.

After a long day at work, taking off laced up boots may feel exhausting, therefore, the zipper boots are ideal as they are simple to remove. You just zip down, and the boot slips off your feet with minimal effort and time.

2.) The footwear, designed for military and defense professionals, allows them to be ready for action in the quickest time possible. If a person is in a scenario where he needs to remove his boots to avoid an accident, he may do so with ease.

Likewise, if an individual has to remove his boots to prevent drowning, they may quickly remove their boots and find safety. 

3.) These boots not only have a zipper on the side, but they also have regular front laces. This allows you to modify the boots to fit, improving comfort while working and enhancing efficiency.

You don’t have to adjust the laces every time you put on the boots. You can have the same fit every time if you discover a comfortable lacing place so that you can leave it laced up and just use your zipper, which will not require frequent adjustments.

4.) Another advantage of zipper boots is that during summer months, you can easily unzip the zipper and let your feet breathe and cool down as these zips can work as temporary ventilation. 

5.) A lot of zipper boots these days come with various safety features like steel toe, water-resistant body, resistance from electrical hazards, etc. Therefore, they can be used for working in rough and tough environments. 


1.) Your zipper may become jammed or break over time, and it is far more difficult to repair or replace a zipper than it is to replace lace. This may lead to additional boot purchases in the future.

2.) A zipper is merely another entry point for water to enter your footwear. If you plan on doing a lot of work in a wet environment, you might want to reconsider the side zip. 

3.) Getting the proper fit on your ankle may make a significant difference in stability. The thing is that most size zip boots have built in stability, however, the bad news is that if you need to make further adjustments, it can be far more difficult to do so in a zipper boot than in a regular lace boot.

4.) Most zipper work boots lose their correct fit with time, causing the boots to feel loose and unpleasant.

How to get the right fit in your zipper boots?

Because one of the benefits of zipper boots is the ease with which they can be put on and taken off, it’s critical that you get the fit perfect the first time you put them on.

We recommend lacing up your boots first with the zipper open. Walk around in this manner to ensure that the laces are properly adjusted. 

Pay close attention to your ankle support and any uncomfortable areas on the top of your foot. You can also check out the boot lacing guide if you need to adjust. 

Once your laces are secure, zip the boots up for one last fit check. The objective is to have your boots laced tight enough to be comfortable and sturdy, but loose enough that you can easily slip them on and off using the zipper. This procedure is applicable to both police officials and anyone who wears a side zip work boot. 

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What should you look for in a zipper boot before purchasing

Jammed or damaged zippers are common complaints when it comes to zipper boots. For added comfort, look for boots that have extra top material between the zipper and your foot.

A zipper that is immediately in contact with the foot might cause chafing, pain and discomfort. To keep water out while the boot is immersed, waterproof zip versions should feature a flap between the zipper and the foot. 

Ideally, zipper boots should have a slant to them. This increases its strength and longevity while also increasing the size of the opening to make it easier to put on and take off without effort.

The degree of the curvature is determined by various elements, including the top materials of the boot and the style of the boot.

In case, you have a stuck zipper and you don’t want to ruin your boots. What should you do? 

1.) Do not push the zipper. Move it lightly. Wipe some vinegar over the zipper. It might dissolve the accumulated debris.  

2.) If you’re wearing the boots, try bending your knees to smooth out a wrinkle that might be creating the blockage. In fact, it’s a good idea to bend the knees when pulling up zippers to avoid creases in the first place

3.) Have someone else handle the zipper since they will have a better angle to work from. 

4.) After you’ve released the stuck zipper, apply some lubricant to remove the dirt that created the obstruction.

How to care and maintain your zipper boots?

Now, some basic rules that you need to follow:

1.) Keep any leather cleaner away from the zipper. It attracts dirt on the zipper. 

2.) Clean the teeth of the zipper before closing it. 

3.) Apply a zip-cleaning lubricant on a regular basis, allowing it to dry before shutting the zippers for storage. Avoid cleansers containing silicone since they might attract dirt. 

4.) Make sure your coat-shining products don’t end up on your boots. If you use those spongy silicone shiners, which you probably shouldn’t since they can dry out the boots, make sure you don’t run them over the zippers. 

5.) Instead of saddle soap, use boot cream on your boots. Saddle soap is too abrasive for most boots.

How to maintain them?

1.) It is advisable to close the zippers after they have dried. We want the leather in our boots to maintain its form and not wrinkle. Therefore, close that zipper. 

2.) Insert boot jacks or a tube of newspapers inside the boots to straighten them up. Otherwise, the zippers would be deformed all the time. Wrinkles can shorten the lifespan of zippers. 

3.) Allow boots to dry at room temperature, away from direct heat and sunlight. If feasible, allow at least 10 hours between wearing the boots. 

4.) Boot hangers are excellent for drying them upside down and avoiding creases. 

Recommended zipper boots for you

Thorogood Tactical Boots 

Thorogood Zipper work boots are designed with elements that provide shock absorption and cushioning for the areas of the foot that absorb the most pressure when walking on hard or uneven surfaces. It has excellent traction for your safety.

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Bates Tactical Boot

Bates Tactical Boot

These work boots include fibreglass shanks that provide excellent arch support and stability, allowing you to walk comfortably. It also has water-resistant and oil-resistant outsoles.

Ariat Steel Toe Work Boot

Aside from simplicity and comfort, there are other features too that these boots provide. These Ariat zipper boots perform admirably, as they include EVA midsoles that provide comfort while walking on uneven or hard ground due to their shock absorbing characteristics.

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When it comes to zipper boots, it is as good as other lace boots as it comes with all the good properties of a safety work boot. You just need to know how to care for your boots properly so that they give out all their benefits to you. 

In this article, we have included all that you need to know about zipper boots, how to care for them and maintain them. Hope it helps!

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