Do You Use Boot Cream Before Mink Oil?

Wearing a good pair of leather boots is important for a well-dressed man because they are the first thing everyone looks for in a man. Just like wearing a pair of boots are important for a man, it is also important to take care of them.

Do You Use Boot Cream Before Mink OilOnce you break-in your boots, you have to start taking care of them. Boot-care products like boot cream and mink oil are extremely important since they not only extend the life of your boots but also keeps them in a good condition.

YES, you should use boot cream before applying mink oil to your boots. This is because it is recommended to polish your boots using boot cream and then condition your boots using mink oil. While boot cream restores and enhances the color of your boots and rejuvenates your boot’s appearance, mink oil protects your boots against salt, water, and other hazardous elements. 

Let’s talk in-depth about boot cream and mink oil and how they can benefit your boots.

Difference between Boot Cream and Mink Oil

Shoe Cream Mink Oil
Boot cream moisturizes such boots that have minimal exposure to dirt and wear. Mink oil condition boots if they are more exposed to stubborn stains. Example: work boots/military boots
Boot cream does not provide much weather/water resistance to your boots. Mink oil provides weather/water resistance to your boots.
Boot cream retains the original leather color of your boots. Mink oil can darken your leather boots.
Boot cream do not

stay for a long time on your leather boots.

Mink oil contains ingredients that stay active and remain on your boots for a long period.
You can use boot cream on suede leather items You cannot use mink oil on suede leather items

How to use boot cream and mink oil on boots?

Follow the steps listed below to condition your leather boots using mink oil and boot cream.

      • Take some amount of boot cream on your fingers and rub it into your boots. It is recommended to use fingers to apply the cream to your boots as it will be able to reach all the corners of your boots.
      • Now give some time to the boots to set in.
      • Use a soft brush so that the cream can go further into the boots and remove any excess that remains in the boots.
      • Next, apply a second coat of boot cream and use the brush again to remove any excess. The second coat will add a protective layer of polish to your boots.
      • Once you are done with boot cream, apply a single coat of mink oil to your boots and wipe off excess oil using a soft cloth.
      • Lastly, take a polishing pad and rub it lightly on your boots for a healthy shine.

Pros and Cons of using Boot Cream


      • Boot cream can be used daily and keeps your boots all-time vibrant.
      • Boot cream not only maintains the natural color of the leather boots but also enhances their original color.
      • One of the significant advantages of boot cream is that it relieves the boots from all kinds of creases by relaxing the leather.
      • Boot cream also conditions your leather boots and give them more shine. Hence, it can also be used in the form of a conditioner.
      • Also, boot creams can be found in various shades and can be matched with any boot color easily.


      • One of the disadvantages of boot cream is that it can change the color of your boots if you use them in excessive amounts. This is because color enhancers are applied in form of boot creams.
      • Special leathers like shell cordovan cannot be treated boot cream. Shell cordovan has a tight fiber structure which gives the boots a natural shine. However, boot cream polishes the density of this leather and loosens them.

Boot Cream or Mink Oil? Which one should you use?

You must use boot cream if you intend to restore the color of your faded leather boots. Boot cream comes in various shades and can be matched with any color of your leather boots. It is also useful in restoring your boots from creases and giving them a healthy shine.

But, boot cream cannot protect your leather boots from stubborn stains. In these conditions, mink oil is a good option. Mink oil protects your boots from lots of wear, dirt, and grease. Apart from this, it can also protect your boots against, water, mildew, salt, and extreme weather conditions.

It is recommended to restore the color of your boots using boot cream and then condition them with mink oil. While boot cream will restore the color of your leather boots and give them a natural shine, mink oil will protect your boots against toxic elements.

Best Boot Creams to restore your leather boots

1.) Tarrago Boot Cream

Tarrago boot cream is derived from natural waxes like carnauba wax and beeswax. While the carnauba wax provides a long-lasting shine and makes your boots water-resistant, the natural beeswax nourishes and keeps your leather boots flexible. Tarrago boot cream can be used on both leather and synthetic leather boots. This easy-to-use boot cream safely cleans and delivers a healthy shine to your boots.

One of the best parts of Tarrago boot cream is that it comes in various color shades and hence can be an ideal match for any boots. Owing to its high-quality pigments, Tarrago boot cream provides good coverage. 

2.) Saphir Boot Cream

Saphir Boot Cream not only nourishes and restores your boots but also makes them water-resistant. This boot cream is made up of beeswax, mineral spirits, and pigments. Saphir boot cream can work well with closed pores and shiny leather boots.

Also, they have got a good collection and hence you can choose from a vast array of beautiful colors. Thus, it can be said that Saphir boot cream is ideal for enhancing the color of your leather boots.

3.) Meltonian Boot Cream

Meltonian boot cream is a soft cream formula that can be used in all your leather boots for restoring their shine. This boot cream imparts a subtle matte shine rather than a super-glossy one. This easy-to-use product reconditions leather thoroughly without leaving much residue behind. 

Meltonian boot cream is available in different colors. They can add some color and patina to your worn-out or faded leather boots. Additionally, Meltonian boot cream is also perfect for eliminating scuffs and scratches. But, Meltonian boot cream is not quite good for full-grain leather boots.

4.) FeetPeople Premium Boot Cream

The FeetPeople Premium boot cream is available in different shades like classic black, vibrant scarlet, intense imperial blue, and so on. It is made up of natural carnauba wax that gives your boot very rich and creamy polish.

Apart from this, the FeetPeople Premium boot cream provides a unique pigment dispersion to your boots which assures even and quality distribution of color.


Hence, it can be concluded that boot cream is a good way to restore the color of your faded leather boots and giving them a natural shine. But, it is recommended to follow it with mink oil if you want to add an extra level of protection against salt, mildew, mold, and other hazardous elements.

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