Are Military Boots Good For Running?

Many of my friends in the US army often tell me how hard it was for them during their training when they had to first practice running in their combat boots!

Weighing nearly 800g for each pair and sometimes even more, military boots will definitely give you tough time while running in them and obviously it’s not gonna be a comfortable run.

But military boots are used in the army for some good reason…

If you are to cover a rough terrain, military boots would not be a bad choice for running through the gravelled and bushy terrain as they provide ample protection to the lower legs from cuts, punctures from rocks, stones, brambles and branches.

Are Military Boots Good For Running

Also, they provide a lot of ankle support and excellent traction. But the disadvantage is that they would make your feet sweaty and add a lot of extra weight to your feet.

Let’s discover more about how compatible military boots are as your running companion…

History of Military Boots:

The first ever boots made for the US military service were known as the Jefferson Boots that came into existence in 1816.

These boots were not that great for there was no differentiation between the right and left foot. Later these boots went through modifications during the civil war.

Even in the 1980s the Soviet army had seen the usage of sneakers which they named kimris that well suited the rough terrains if the Afghan mountains during the invasion of Afghanistan.

Recently, the US military has established the AR-670-1 compliance standard wherein the US soldiers are allowed to choose boots of their comfort keeping in some norms of size, color and material.

Advantages of Running in Military Boots

If you have decided to run in your military or have no choice being a soldier, here are some sigh of relief for you:

1.) Military boots will provide the best traction while running in graveled and slippery paths

2.) Military boots will provide great ankle support while running thus preventing your ankle from getting twisted

3.) Military boots have safety toes and thus will save your toes if they get hit by the sharp rocks or stones or from falling branches

4.) Military boots help to absorb shock 

5.) They have insulating layers in them which are great for protecting your feet from the outside cold in the winters

6.) They have puncture resistant soles that prevent any cuts or pinch at the bottom of the feet while walking through loose stones or any sharp edges

7.) They provide protection while running through thorny undergrowths

8.) They provide protection against snake bites

9.) They are waterproof which is an add on while rainy days and also while covering waterlogged areas

10.) They have taller structures that prevent snow, water and mud from getting inside the boots in inclement weather

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Disadvantages of Running in Military Boots

If you are not in the army and have an option to skip the military boots, here are some good reasons why you should skip them for running:

1.) First of all you absolutely do not need them for running in plain terrains just for your regular running

2.) The military boots are hell heavy and will add a lot of weight to the feet thus making it difficult for you to run and you will be exhausted pretty soon

3.) They are not always breathable and will make your feet sweat this making you uncomfortable while running

4.) They do not provide the same cushioning as sneakers

5.) The military boots are not flexible at all

6.) For your regular running, you do not need ankle length boots, that will just add hindrance to your foot flexibility

7.) The energy return rate of military boots are not up to the mark for aiding in running

Advantages of Running Shoes / Sneakers Over Military Boots

Running shoes, most commonly known as sneakers are all meant for running and they definitely have a number of advantages over those heavy-duty, hard and rigid military boots:

1.) They are lightweight

2.) They help in better shock absorption and return the energy back to the feet from the ground

3.) They are made of breathable fabric that keeps away sweat by allowing air circulation within the shoes

4.) They also provide pretty good traction

5.) They are waterproof too

6.) They have far cushiony footbed for your comfortable run and does not make your feet tired or achy

7.) They help you to run faster and smoothly

What are the Risks of Running in Boots?

I have heard from my friends in the army how hard it was for them during their initial officer’s training days to run in combat.

First of all, the break in time for these boots took ages and that period made them face a lot of blisters and chafing. The weight of running in these heavy boots is something you cannot take in just easily.

Moreover, the amount of sweat that they make your feet produce during running due to the lack of breathability is gruesome as they not only lead to smelly feet but also cause skin problems like rashes, fungal infections and even severe skin infections.

Can Combat Boots be Used as Running Shoes?

I would not suggest you wear a combat boot instead of a running shoe for the sake of just running on a smooth road for your daily wear.

But if you are planning to run through a forest or any uneven risky terrain, choosing a combat boot won’t be a bad option for the amount of stability and support they provide to the feet and ankle in case you slip off cannot be provided by a running shoe.

Also, the amount of traction provided by them cannot be provided by a running shoe and lastly, the level of protection from cuts, punctures and water that provide is unmatched.

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And it’s a Wrap!

If you are willingly buying a pair of military boots, keep in mind to buy the summer variations which are more ventilated and comparatively lighter and with low ankle length.

They will be much more easier to run in!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

Just another piece of advice before you leave, break in your military boots before you start running in them!

Stay tuned for more informative pieces, till then…

Stay active, stay healthy and have a great day ahead!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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