Is it Okay for Ostrich Boots to Get Wet?

Ostrich boots are one of the finest leather items in the market and the reason is not only they are produced less in number than cowhide leather but also, ostrich is not as abundant as cattle in most parts of the world.

Ostrich leather is very durable and will last you decades if taken care of properly. On that note there are a few NOs while taking care of ostrich leather items and one among them is…..

It’s not okay for ostrich leather boots to get wet because ostrich leather is not waterproof and even they cannot repel water on themselves. In order to protect them from water, you need to spray a water repellent coating on them, but never use any silicone based sprays on ostrich leather!

Is it Okay for Ostrich Boots to Get Wet

Let’s learn about ostrich leather items in more detail through this comprehensive guide that I have prepared.

Is ostrich leather waterproof?

Ostrich leather is not waterproof at all, though you can make them water repellent to some extent by spraying a scotch guard of some good quality. But remember, doing so will darken your ostrich leather boots to some extent.

So, you must keep your ostrich boots as much away from water as possible because it can form permanent water marks on the boots that’s hard to take off because you cannot wash the ostrich boots in any liquid thoroughly.

I will put down below the care and cleaning instructions for ostrich boots…..

How do you fix wet ostrich boots?

If your ostrich boots have got wet just by chance like you got caught in the rain or have stepped in a puddle unconsciously, come back right home and open your boots. 

Stuff some dry towel inside the boots to soak in the inside moisture and then pat the outside of the boots with a dry cotton cloth. Remember not to rub the surface of the ostrich boots with any cloth or brush because that will disturb the finish of the boots.

Next place the boots under the fan to let them dry completely.

How to clean ostrich boots?

The cleaning of ostrich boots are the same as other leather boots because ostrich skin is considered to be exotic leather and that demands some pro maintenance care.

Let’s start with the basics…..

How to clean the dust on ostrich boots?

To clean the surface dust on ostrich boots, just use a clean dry cotton cloth. Do not use any brush on them.

How to clean ostrich boots

How to clean the mud on ostrich boots?

If somehow the mud has settled on the boots, just grab a wet cloth (squeeze the water out from the cloth nicely). Do not let any moisture sip in the boots.

How to clean oil on ostrich boots?

It might be someday that you have accidentally spilt some oil on your ostrich boots. Don’t get worried! Just sprinkle some talcum powder on the grease and let it sit for half an hour. Then take a dry clean lint free cloth and rub off the grease.

How to condition ostrich leather boots?

Do not use any normal conditioner for ostrich boots because ostrich leather is exotic leather. You should only use exotic leather conditioners for this purpose.

Also remember not to put the conditioner while rubbing on the boots excessively, instead just go gentle with your fingers or the cloth.

Note: you should never buff ostrich leather because that would damage the finish of the leather and buffing ostrich leather won’t give any shine to it.

How to waterproof ostrich boots?

As ostrich leather boots are not waterproof, you should therefore really need to add a water repellent layer on them so that they do not get damaged in case they encounter water.

Do not ever put any silicone based water repellent spray on ostrich leather boots.


How often should you condition ostrich boots?

If you want to keep the ostrich leather soft and supple and do not want them to turn dry, condition them with exotic leather conditioner once every month.

How long will ostrich boots last?

If taken good care of, ostrich boots are gonna last you the rest of your life and that’s also because ostrich leather is very durable despite their soft texture and can take into any harsh elements of nature just as cowhide boots.

Can my ostrich boots get wet?

It’s better to avoid any water on ostrich boots because they are not water resistant. If you are caught into such a situation, immediately grab a dry cloth and blot the surface of the boots dry.

What’s so special about ostrich boots?

It’s called exotic leather for a reason. Not only do ostrich boots look luxurious with a soft and supple feel, but they are more durable, more flexible and stronger with more tactile strength than general leather boots.

Does ostrich leather crack?

No! Ostrich leather has natural oils in them that resists any cracking on the boots.

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And it’s a wrap!

Ostrich boots are like a one time investment, take proper care of them and they are gonna hold on to you for a lifetime!

That being said, save your ostrich boots from water and do not forget to condition and waterproof them, for you do not know what your boots are gonna face until the next day.

That’s all friends for this post. Hope you enjoyed reading with me. Take care and stay blessed!

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