Are Cowboy Boots Supposed to be Slippery?

Cowboy boots have a history behind them and if you do not know that, you are really missing something!

Many of you keep asking me hey Stephen, “Why are the cowboy boots so slippery?”

Are Cowboy Boots Supposed to be Slippery

And to answer that question, I have finally decided to come up with this article which will take you to the history of the cowboy boots, why were they actually made and the reason behind their slippery soles…

Oh! That’s not all of course!

You will also get to know through this article how to fix those slippery soles of the cowboy boots and also will come across with the 3 best non-slip cowboy boots that are recommended by our experts.

Just to give you a little light before we actually start with…

Back in the past, Cowboy boots were originally made with leather outsoles and leather being smooth in texture, the soles of the cowboy boots were slippery. But this is not the case with the modern cowboy boots as the outsoles are now made with rubber and PVC that hold great traction on slippery grounds.

Why are cowboy boots so slippery?

Do you know where did they get their names as “cowboy boots”? 

If not,

Let me tell you…

Cowboy boots were traditionally made for the farmers who used to ride on the fields on horse backs. Now, while riding the horses, they had to step on the stirrups and the stirrups were made of iron.

The slippery soles of the cowboy boots made it easy for them to mount and dismount and also to move their feet according to their comfort easily on the stirrups. Would have the soles been made of rubber back then, it would have got stuck in the stirrups and would create an obstacle for the riders.

cowboy boots being slippery is that they were worn by the line dancers

Another reason for the cowboy boots being slippery is that they were worn by the line dancers as well. Wearing slippery soles boots made it very easy or them to move and slide their feet effortlessly for the dancing postures.

How to fix slippery cowboy boots?

If you have ended up buying the cowboy boots with leather soles, here are some really amazing hacks that will help to fix the problem:

1. Fix slippery cowboy boots by walking on rough and graveled surfaces

This is in fact, one of the easiest and the most cost-effective ways to make those slippery soles non-slip. What you need to do is just walk on the stony and rough roads by scrubbing the soles on the rough particles and they will get rough and anti-slip easily.

2. Fix slippery cowboy boots by adding a rubber sole

This might take some patience and might cost you a bit more. There are two ways in which you can do so.

The first is to buy an adhesive or glue and a new rubber sole matching the shape and size of your boots and then attach the new rubber sole to the existing soles of the boots with the help of the glue.

Another way is to take out the old sole completely with the help of knife and then attaching the new rubbing sole to the boots with the help of adhesives and then securing it by hammerings nails on the soles.

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3. Fix slippery cowboy boots by applying sand and rubber glue paste to it

What you need to do is just apply this glue paste (Super Glue) on the soles of the boots and then sprinkle some sand over the paste. This will make the soles rough with the sand particles and will make them anti-slip.

4. Fix slippery cowboy boots by spraying the soles with non-slip shoe spray

This non-slip spray (Rust-Oleum 271455 Antislip Spray) works great in making the soles anti-slip. You just have to spray the soles with this spray before you walk out and be off the tension of skidding.

5. Fix slippery cowboy boots by scraping the soles with plastic knife

Scraping the soles with plastic knife will make the surface of the soles rough and this will help to hold better grip on slippery surfaces.

6. Fix slippery cowboy boots by spraying some hairspray on the soles

Hairspray does the job pretty well. But they might need several applications. Just carry the hairspray in your bag and spray it on the soles whenever the need be.

7. Fix slippery cowboy boots by pasting them with non-skid shoe pads

These non-skid shoe pads are just the best ways to make your soles non-slip. Just remove the adhesive cover and paste them on the heels and the toe area of the boots and they will hold your grip in snow, water or oil as these pads are made of anti-skid rubber.

8. Fix slippery cowboy boots with sandpaper

Scuffing the soles of the boots with sandpaper also helps to make them non-slip by making the surface rough and grainy.

9. Fix slippery cowboy boots with band-aids

Attaching band-aids is one of the simplest ways by which you can make the boots non-slip. Bad-aids have that rubbery texture and that helps to provide traction to the slippery soles.

10. Fix slippery cowboy boots with puff paints

These puff paints (Tulip 17581) are fun to apply and besides making the soles anti-slip by adding cushion and grip, they also make the dull boots look attractive.

11. Fix slippery cowboy boots with anti-slip traction tapes

These anti-slip traction tapes are not only easy to apply, but they also do the job of adding traction to the boots pretty well. They work the same as the anti-slip pads, but with an advantage that you can cut strips and add to the boots whenever the earlier ones are damaged.

Recommended Non slip cowboy boots

1. Wolverine men’s rancher 10” square toe steel toe work boot

When it comes to cowboy boots, these are my favorites firstly because they are so easy to put on and off as they are pull-on boots and the design is just gorgeous.

I have walked in them in snow and rain and I didn’t face any issue of slipping off and thanks to the slip-resistant rubber outsoles for that which also have lugs in them to offer you better grip on such surfaces.

Lastly, boots also offer protection through steel toes and by being EH rated with the never-ending comfort of EVA midsole and cushioned insoles.

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2. Ariat men’s rambler western boot

If you are looking for a combination of excellent comfort and grip, then look no further and just grab these boots!

The rubber outsoles of these cowboy boots are not only flexible, but also offer wear resistant and works great on slippery surfaces.

The best thing of these boots is the comfort which comes from the advanced torque stability technology which makes the soles not only moisture-wicking, but they are also gel-cushioned for the comfortable steps you take.

This is not all, the footbed also has a heel stabilizer to give support and stability to the heels while you walk on uneven surfaces. 

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3. Ariat men’s sport square toe western cowboy boot

These boots are quite similar in terms of comfort and traction. But these are especially built for sport wear, that is maximum performance and therefore, the comfort technology is a bit finer than the previous with the 4-layer technology footbed.

The outsole of these boots too offers excellent traction by oil and slip-resistant. Last but not the least, the design is fire with the contrast stitching and a combination of light and dark colored leather.

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And it’s the end!

So, the next time you plan to buy cowboy boots, go for the one’s recommended by our experts and you will not have any issue with slippery soles anymore.

And if you plan to buy the traditional ones with leather soles, then my tips to make the non-slip will come to use!

Hope you enjoyed reading my article and it has helped to solve your problems with cowboy boots!

Stay tuned for more such exciting articles till we meet next time soon…

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