How Long will Full Ostrich Cowboy Boots Last? 

While many different types of leather are employed to create clothing and accessories, ostrich leather is one that is less well-known. This animal byproduct has a very long historical existence. 

It is one of the best and toughest leathers. It is opulent, soft, supple, and thick, and the large feather quill follicles give it an exotic appearance. 

You can be assured that your ostrich leather cowboy boots will last a very long time. High-end ostrich leather is prized for its suppleness, adaptability, and durability. 

But apart from all that, it is also durable leather. It is unmatched for its tactile strength despite being soft and supple.

How Long will Full Ostrich Cowboy Boots Last

Is ostrich leather durable?

There is no match for its strength and durability. It is indeed a soft leather, but you can be assured that your ostrich cowboy boots will last you for a very long time provided you take good care of them.

The qualities of ostrich leather include strength, flexibility, durability, and, above all, suppleness. 

That is because ostrich leather has natural oils that help it withstand high temperatures and extended sun exposure without cracking. The leather is more stiff thanks to the natural oils. 

Ostrich leather is a preferred material for belts, cowboy boots, motorcycle seats, wallets, handbags, and other items. These goods frequently show to be durable and capable of providing years of enjoyment.

Different types of ostrich leathers

Because it can be harvested from various parts of the ostrich, the leather has a wide range of patterns. 

1.) Full quill ostrich

Full quill ostrich boots

Ostrich leather with full quills, also known as bumpy leather, is quite popular and comes from the main body of the animal. 

The leather is bumpy in the places from where the feathers have been removed. 

2.) Ostrich Leg

It almost resembles a reptile skin, just like snake leather. 

Ostrich leather is popular among many people due to its strength and softness, as well as the fact that it is durable. 

Difference between Ostrich leather Vs regular leather

One of the most popular kinds of animal leather is cowhide. 

Given that it is a common material for making boots, leather is the main ingredient of classic cowboy boots. 

Because of their toughness and resistance to tearing and punctures, this kind of leather makes sturdy work boots. 

And one of the rarest types of leather available is ostrich leather. 

It produces leather goods that are exquisitely beautiful and stand out from the crowd. 

The firmness of ostrich leather is unmatched. It is among the market’s toughest leathers.

The difference between regular leather and ostrich leather is: 

1.) Ostrich leather is more expensive than cow leather because it is more exotic. You’d be surprised at the interesting aesthetic quality of ostrich leather, which has a distinct appearance and texture.

The natural oils it contains prevent cracking and stiffness to a great extent. It is durable while also being flexible and supple. You might never be able to turn back once you’ve seen and felt this product. It’s robust but surprisingly cozy. 

2.) Even in its finished form, cow leather is heavy and has a rugged appearance. Ostrich leather, on the other hand, is lighter even after it has been finished. 

These boots will have a variety of patterns because the skin from various animal parts is combined. There are many options, ranging from full quill ostrich leather, the bumpy kind, to ostrich leg leather. 

3.) Ostrich leather is more supple and smooth than cow leather. Ostrich leather is loved for being both smooth and sturdy.

But it is also known for its durability, which surprises a lot of people. While soft and opulent, it can withstand harsh conditions just like cowhide can. 

Things you can do to make sure your ostrich cowboy boots remain durable.

Ostrich leather is a type of leather, but it differs slightly from cowhide leather in some ways. 

As a result, the care guidelines will differ slightly. 

You have to make sure to properly clean, condition and store your boots properly. 

1.) Simple Cleaning 

You’ll probably still get some dust and dirt on your ostrich boots even if you take great care whenever you wear them. 

Due to this, you should lightly clean your boots each time you wear them. 

Have a horsehair brush and a clean, soft cloth on hand to do this. 

Brush your boots down with the brush

When you return inside, lightly brush your boots down with the brush, slightly dampen the cloth, and then gently wipe them down.

Before storing your boots, allow them to completely dry out. Your ostrich boots could be damaged by moisture if you don’t wait long enough. 

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2.) Conditioning 

Boot cleaning alone won’t cut it. You should properly condition yours every one to two months to ensure that they remain in excellent condition. 

The more often you should condition your ostrich boots, the more you should wear them. 

Try it out on a small patch of skin first, then condition your boots for the first time. 

Because ostrich leather is a little more susceptible to oils than other types of leather, you want to make sure the conditioner you pick won’t unintentionally ruin your boots.

You can condition your boots once you’ve established that the conditioner you’ve selected is secure to use. Start by adhering to the same cleaning and maintenance guidelines. 

Apply an exotic leather conditioner to your boots after you’ve cleared them of all dust and debris and cleaned them with a damp cloth. 

Although it should be a thin layer, the entire boot should be covered. You can apply the conditioner with your fingers, but if you prefer, you can also use a brush. 

Wait until the boots are fully dry. When they have, use your horsehair brush to polish it. Your ostrich boots will have a slightly matte finish as a result.

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3.) Polishing 

You should only complete this step after conditioning your boots. 

Make sure the polish you choose is wax-based and has a neutral appearance. 

If not, you’ll need to be particularly careful to choose a polish that precisely matches the color of your boots. 

If not, you run the risk of having unmatched colors. 

Apply a thin coat of polish to the entire surface of your ostrich boots after buffing them. Brush your boots with a clean, soft cloth after the polish has dried. 

Get your horsehair brush, then polish your ostrich boots until they are the desired level of shine!

4.) Storing

Are you one of those people who always forget to take their boots out of the closet when it’s time to wear them? An absolute no-no! 

You must keep your boots in a dry, dark location, for starters. 

The closet is fine, but if your pair is strewn about with other shoes there, it will inevitably get scratched and damaged. 

Consider setting aside a specific shelf for your fancy boots. You should fill your boots with materials that won’t stretch them out to maintain their shape. You should give things like newspapers, tissues, and shoe trees a try.

Things to make sure to ensure your ostrich cowboy boots remain strong, durable and good looking for a long time. 

Here are a few more pointers to assist you if you want to take good care of your boots and maximize their utility. 

1.) Avoid wearing your boots every day if at all possible. You should wait at least a day between wearing your ostrich boots so they can completely dry out. 

2.) The more airing out you can do, the better, as moisture is one of the biggest enemies of any type of leather. 

3.) Your effort will be rewarded if you take good care of your ostrich leather boots. Ostrich leather, like cowhide and crocodile leather, ages admirably and even gets better-looking with time.

4.) Finally, just like with any pair of shoes, the soles of your boots will eventually wear out. When this occurs, you probably don’t want to just throw out the ostrich boots because they are so pricey and special. 

5.) So instead, we advise having a half-resolution performed by your cobbler. Due to the ability to preserve the original peg construction, this is preferable to a complete resole. You should also recap the rubber heels if necessary.

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To conclude, ostrich leather cowboy boots are one of the most expensive and exotic leathers, thus very expensive. 

And that is precisely why you need to make sure they last you a long time. 

Ostrich leather is sturdy and super strong which makes them durable, however, you have to make the extra effort to ensure they remain looking great and durable for a very long time. 

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