Why do Work Boots Hurt my Knees?

It’s one of your routine days at work site and suddenly your knee starts hurting. The first thought that comes to your mind is that an internal injury might be responsible for the pain.

But in reality, it can be your work boots that are accountable for all the discomfort and pain. No doubt, your boots do a great job of protecting your feet at the work site but are they great enough at keeping your feet and knee comfortable?

Work boots that are designed to be durable, protective and sturdy can sometimes result in knee pain. The main reason is some work boots fail to provide adequate arch support unless customized. Besides protecting from outer elements, these boots weigh upon your feet, which puts a direct impact on your joints.

Why do Work Boots Hurt my Knees

So if you are wondering what could be the reason for stress and strain you are experiencing lately, it’s time to consider right pair of work boots for knee pain.

In this post, we will discuss the potential causes of the knee pain you feel after wearing work boots and what could be the perfect solution to overcome this pain so that from next time if such a situation occurs, you know whom to blame and what to do.

Reasons Work Boots Causing Knee Pain

The tenderness in your knee after putting on the work boots might be because of a number of reasons. Some of them are:

1.) There are plenty of work boots that have got too much heel but minimal outsoles.

work boots that have got too much heel but minimal outsoles

If you are thinking about what trouble it can cause, you might be surprised to know that these heels are responsible for creating an imbalance that puts additional stress on your knees.

2.) If you buy a heavy boot to protect your feet from harsh environments outside, it can lack basic ergonomic properties. 

This can make your knee go off by generating a feet swing. So next time you go out to buy a new pair of boots always look out for the light-weighted ones. Take my advice to avoid such “swing”.

3.) Because of the unavailability of the right fit, most of us end up getting work shoes that don’t fit properly.

And these ill-fitted boots cause instability of the knee and are responsible for your feet going off in the wrong direction. This in turn makes our knees suffer all the pain and making them susceptible to injuries. 

4.) Lastly, your feet need work boots that have advanced shock absorbing features, which reduce the impact of walking on the worksite.

Obviously, your boots don’t deal well with the solid activities that you perform, while bothering your knees by putting extra pressure on them.

Features in the Work Boots to Avoid your Knees from Hurting

The following are a few things that should be thought-out while purchasing the best work boots for bad knees. 

shock absorbing midsole boot

1.) Always look for the boots which have a shock absorbing midsole and thick cushioned footbed which not only balance the high impact activities but also restore the energy in your leg.

2.) The next feature is the presence of a good outsole. If you don’t want to slip or fall down then this is a must-have feature for your work boots. The traction provided by a good outsole saves your feet from rotating inward thus saving you from knee pain.

3.) While working in heavy weight work boots creates inertia that is bad for your knees. Therefore, lightweight boots are a boon for your knees as they are not only comfortable but also make it a lot easier for you to move around.

What Happens if your Knee Pain Persists

If you are thinking that wrong boots will only cause knee pain that let’s just say you might handle then you are misunderstood.

With wrong boots come even worse challenges one of them is what we call as bursitis. This condition is a very common symptom among the workers suffering from bad knees.bursitis kneesThere are a number of other consequences that can occur if you choose wrong work boots. What are they? Let’s have a look.

1.) Burning Pain and Swelling

Do you often hear a popping or a cracking noise while walking? It is probably because of the knee pain which occurred after wearing the wrong boots. Chances are that it might result in paralyzing pain and burning sensation. 

Not only this you can face even worse conditions like swelling followed by persistent aches because of the accumulation of liquid and blood in the muscles.

2.) Pain in Other Parts of the Body

Guess what? Your knee pain doesn’t just stop there. In fact, it invites other kinds of body pain as well. 

In a process to deal with your continuous ache, you end up adapting a posture that might be comfortable for you but not for your back muscles.

The small adjustments you make with your stance end up straining the back muscles leading to spasms. Check out our guide on best work boots for back pain>>

3.) Increased Risk of Surgery

The worst thing you can meet if you continue to deal with the triggering knee pain is surgery.

Yes, choosing the wrong work boots can end up admitting you in a hospital because they have become so weak that they can not tolerate more pressure.

Isn’t it terrifying? Is there something you can do to avert this situation? The answer is yes. Look out for the work boots with suitable features.

Benefits of Selecting Right Work Boots for Knee Pain

Now that you have selected the best work boots you might also be interested in knowing their benefits. Apart from relieving tenderness and aches here are the ways in which proper work boots help your knees.

1.) Relieve your Joints

The type of support that the competent work boots give allows the ligament in your knee to rest in between movements even when you are working a little extra. This ultimately decreases the pressure and increases endurance.

2.) Provide the much needed Stabilization

The work boots which are customized especially for your knees give stability to your core and lower limb in a way that relaxes them.

After wearing the appropriate work boots, you automatically will notice the flexible side to side motion that you have always wanted.

You will also be glad when you will be able to bend properly without groaning. Isn’t it amazing?

3.) Supplement your Muscles

All of us know that age isn’t just a number for most of us. Age has an inevitable effect on us, especially on our joints.

Unfortunately, the ligaments which hold our knees properly become frail making them susceptible to chronic pain.

But thanks to the well designed work boots which fits us perfectly and supplement the work our muscles do. These boots make our movement more effective  making them more tolerable to shock.

Just by investing in a pertinent pair of boots you will be astonished to see the change they bring not only in your knees but in your work style. Also, get ready to say goodbye to new knee injuries.

Final Words

In the end nobody wants to die of knee pain. With each passing day the knee pain is becoming a common issue but not something that you should ignore.

By picking the best work boots you can really experience the highest level of comfort all day long and can truly stand on your feet. Because at the end of the day if you will take proper care of your knees, they will take care of you. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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