Why Logger Boots have High Heels?

Logger boots are mostly used for farm work and timberwork. One of the characteristics of logger boots is their high heels design.

The raised heels of logger boots have multiple purposes. High heels of logger boots can not only help you to monitor your balance but also keeps you on your toes so that you can withstand miserable weather conditions. 

Why Logger Boots have High Heels

Let us take a look into some of the reasons why logger boots have high heels.

1.) High heels provide proper elevation from the ground

The forest terrains are mostly uneven. The high heels of logger boots provide proper elevation from the ground during marshy and wet conditions. A logger needs to go to the forests and other wooded areas. These areas are characterized by very rugged features like rocks, logs, debris, and weathered ground.

High-heeled logger boots increase the distance between you and the ground thereby keeping your feet dry around the clock. Hence, it is important to wear high-heeled logger boots while walking through these areas to ensure safety.

2.) High-heeled logger boots help you to walk up a steep slope

The raised heels of logger boots enable you to walk up a steep slope easily. A heeled boot digs in well and is ideal for walking up a sloped terrain. With the help of these boots, you can walk with ease on rocky terrain or a terrain i.e., strewn with tree stumps.

High-heeled logger boots will let you navigate your way properly. Thus, logger boots will protect your feet perpetually from the ground and the weather.

3.) High heels aid in the climbing process

Often, loggers must climb trees. In such circumstances, the loggers require spurs. These spurs need to be fixed tightly in a proper way. High heels of logger boots provide a gap for the climbing spurs to fit properly so that it is wrapped around the bottom of the boot. This helps the loggers to climb the tree easily which would have been impossible in case they were wearing flat-soled shoes.

4.) Logger boots with high heels are comfortable

You might not know that when you are walking, the heel is the first part of your shoe that hits the ground. This is the reason why you experience heel pain when you wear thin or flat-soled shoes for a long time.

High-heeled boots are more comfortable because it supports the entire foot structure of an individual. These boots also enable the wearer to keep their back straight and allow them to maintain a straight posture while walking.

5.) High-heeled boots are durable

A heeled logger boot will last longer than a flat-footed boot and hence are much durable. The sole of raised heel logger boots will not wear down easily. Since most of the weight put on the shoe during everyday use will be mostly concentrated on the heel, the rest of the shoe will not get affected much. The heel is built in a way so that it can take the extra stress you are going to put it through. 

6.) Logger boots are good for your health

Foot pain in the ball of the foot area is one of the common problems that people working in the logging industry face. This is why these people must wear logger boots with raised heels so that it can reduce their discomfort. Because these boots have high heels, the ball of foot does not have to bear much pressure after a hectic day.

High-heeled boots with high arches are better than flat-soled shoes. If you have a high-arched foot then you can purchase custom inserts and use them in your boots. Owing to its elevated heel areas, your torso remains under the support and reduces back problems.

Logger boots with high heels aid you in improving your posture and enable you to get through a whole day without getting shin splints. Shin splints occur if you do not wear properly fitted shoes and lead to serious pain inside the ankles.

Check out the best logger boots in the video below

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What happens when you wear high-heeled logger boots?

Some of the demerits of wearing high-heeled logger boots are:

      1. Since the knees have to bear the brunt of every step, high-heeled shoes can lead to severe joint pain.
      2. Wearing high-heeled logger boots can lead to leg pain and muscle spasms. This is because the elevated areas of the shoe direct the heel of your foot in an unnaturally upward position that shortens the tendon.
      3. Heels push your pelvis forward and hence when you walk or stand, it puts extreme pressure on your lower back and leads to lingering pain.

You should not wear a heel that is more than 3 inches because it put more pressure on the balls of your feet and exerts undue weight on your knees and lower back.

What happens when you wear short-heeled shoes?

Short-heeled shoes are better than high-heeled shoes because:

      1. Short-heeled shoes do not make any changes to your usual walking pattern and thus do not lead to back or foot issues.
      2. If your work involves doing lots of activities throughout the day, you must wear short-heeled shoes instead of heels.
      3. Short-heeled shoes are more comfortable than high-heeled logger boots.

Check out the comparison between Chippewa and Carolina logger boots.


So, now you know why logger boots have high heels. Logger boots can serve many purposes, starting from keeping you healthy to prevent you from falling on uneven terrain. However, before you order logger boots for yourself, ensure that you order the appropriate size that will fit you, otherwise, it might lead to back or joint problems.

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