Do Wedge Boots have Steel Shank?

Do you know what a steel shank is in work boots?

Do Wedge Boots have Steel Shank

Well, it’s a piece of rectangular steel plate that is placed in between the outsole and the insole of the work boots. To be more precise, it is placed between the ball and the heel of the feet under the arch area.

It not only helps to maintain the shape of the boots, but also offers protection to the lower parts of the feet from any possible injuries. 

Steel shanks not only support your arches but also eases the load from the knees and the calves.

Wedged boots on the other hand are solely for your comfort. They are not meant for slopy terrains at all. Wedged sole boots are in fact, made for the hard concrete surfaces that are flat.

Though this has got nothing to do with the steel shanks, yet there are very few wedged sole boots that have steel shanks in them. Generally, the heavy-duty construction wedged sole boots have the steel shanks in them.

In this article, I will take you through the pros and cons of having steel shanks in wedged sole boots and tell you whether having those steel shanks in your wedged sole boots is necessary or not. Also, I will introduce you to some excellent wedged sole boots that have steel shanks in them!

So, without any further delay, let’s begin the hunt…

Pros and cons of having steel shank in wedge boots:

Wedged sole boots already perform many of the tasks performed by the steel shanks for your feet. Therefore, whether your wedged sole boots have those steel shanks or not, really doesn’t matter much!

Still, there are certain pros and cons to having steel shanks in your wedged sole boots which I will be discussing below:

Pros of having steel shanks in wedged sole boots:

      • There is no separate arch support in wedged sole boots as the sole runs equally through the entire length of the boots. Having the steel shanks will provide an extra support to the arches of your feet and is especially helpful for those with fallen arches.
      • Steel shanks will help to maintain the shape of the wedged sole boots much longer.
      • Steel shanks will also protect the base of your feet from any injuries of puncture or stepping on sharp and hard surfaces.
      • Wedged sole boots already distributes the weight of the body equally to the entire feet and the steel shanks will only help to do it better with its presence.

Cons of having steel shanks in wedged sole boots:

      • Having steel shanks in wedged sole boots will make the boots to set off metal detectors which can be slightly annoying if you need to pass through the metal detectors everyday for going to your work.
      • Wedged sole boots are in-built heavy ones and having steel shanks in them will only increase the weight of the boots and will add to your discomfort.
      • The steel shanks might also make the boots hard unnecessarily because of the presence of the steel plate.

Do all boots have steel shank?

Certainly not!

Not all boots have steel shanks and it is not mandatory for boots to have steel shanks as well. There are a number of boot styles and designs that are suited for different types of works. When there is no need of steel shanks in boots there might be the use of a composite shank.

What is the Use of a Steel Shank

Boots that are built for industrial uses like the construction boots, boots worn by linemen and climbers usually have steel shanks in them for providing a sturdier support in uneven and rough terrains.

All boots do not make use of the steel shanks because the steel can add onto some problems to the boots like they make the boots unnecessarily heavy, they make the boots more rigid and less flexible and also sets off the metal detectors.

Therefore, some boots make use of the composite shanks instead that are much lighter than the steel shanks, more comfortable and maintains the flexibility of the boots.

Comparison of wedge boots with and without steel shank

Now let us look at the comparison chart of wedged sole boots with and without the steel shanks so that you can decide whether you want those steel in your boots or not:

Wedged sole boots with steel shanks Wedged sole boots without steel shanks
They are heavier in weight They are lighter in weight
They set off metal detectors They do not set off metal detectors
They are less comfortable because the steel makes the boots rigid They are more comfortable to wear
They save your feet from puncture injuries They do not protect the feet from sharp objects
They help to maintain the shape of the sole of the boots The shape of the sole of the boots might not be retained in the long run

Best wedge steel shank boots

Here’s a list of the top 3 wedged sole boots with steel shanks that are recommended by our experts for their extreme performance:

1. Georgia boot men’s wedge wellington work shoe

These wonderful boots are a combination of style, durability and comfort. It can be worn for any profession including the construction workers, farm workers or the electricians because of the presence of some outstanding features.

The mid-calf length shaft to enable you to stand in the water and mud all day long, protection from electrical hazard with ASTM rating of F2413-05, the presence of a steel toe for the utmost protection of the toes and the non-slip and abrasion resistant outsoles.

And to enhance your comfort these boots have well cushioned insole and midsole along with the presence of a steels shank to support your arches.

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2. Wolverine men’s loader 6” soft toe wedge work boot

First of all, these boots are just gorgeous and extremely lightweight unlike other wedged sole boots. The goodyear welt construction used in these boots speak of its durability and to give you comfort all day long there is the soft cushioned footbed with fatigue-fighting reinforcement that returns the energy back to the feet for superior performance.

Working in the hot weather will be much easier with these boots that come with the unlined padded collar that allows breathability and keeps the feet cool all day long.

The steel shank provides support to the arches and the outsole has a unique feature that helps to auto clean the dirt and debris.

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3. Danner women’s bull run moc toe 6” ST work boot:

These wedged sole boots from Danner are just perfect for any working women with style and utmost comfort. The 6” heel not only gives a lift to the height which is the desire of all women, but also saves water and mud from getting inside the boots.

These boots are extremely comfortable with the cushioned open-cell ortholite footebd and the ankle-high length of the shaft to support the ankle from any twists and turns.

For the protection of the toes from any injuries, these have got steel toe caps that are ASTM rated steel shanks and stitch-down construction adds to the strength and stability of the boots.

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Wrap Up!

It is not compulsory for your boots to have steel shanks, choose them only if you need additional arch support and if your workplace pose hazard from punctures.

Hope you enjoyed my article. Stay tuned for more such exciting articles!

Take care and have a wonderful day ahead!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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