Are Crew Socks Good for Wearing in Work Boots?

We all know that choosing a wrong pair of work boots can have a negative impact on your feet and job. But have you ever thought what a pair of wrong socks can do? No, right? 

Well if you really want to know the answer then just put on the wrong pair of socks under your work boots and you are really in for a rude awakening.

There are a variety of socks available out there and one such type is crew sock. While there are specific work boot socks, can you wear crew socks with your work boots?

Are Crew Socks Good for Wearing in Work Boots

Synonymous with ‘half-calf’ socks, crew socks are just the right kind of socks to be worn with work boots. The socks are great for wearing with mid or high top shoes and are available in all sizes, be it extra small to plus size. The length of the socks and added padding ensures that your feet remain safe and comfortable all day long and you can work with ease.

Most of the crew socks are antimicrobial, breathable with moisture wicking properties which save your foot from getting drenched in sweat. The socks are quite durable and don’t wear and tear easily. With all the classic properties of a pair of good boot socks, crew socks keep your feet happy during a long day of working in boots.

This guide unveils all the important information about crew socks, their pros, cons and comparisons. The article also consists of some of the best crew socks in the market. 

Recommended Crew Socks 

Is your sock drawer lacking in crew socks? Why not try these top three crew socks in the market:

1.) Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Crew Socks

Made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, these Carhartt force performance socks are an excellent blend of comfort and quick drying. The legendary craftsmanship of these socks truly lasts as long as your boots.

One of the many interesting features of these socks include mesh cooling channels which will keep your feet dry throughout the day while improving the airflow and breathability.

Coming with a pull on closure, the lightweight and fully cushioned crew work socks maintain the optimum temperature of your feet and keep them cool and comfortable all day long.

Talking about the fast dry technology, the socks deliver superior sweat wicking action which quickly transport sweat and keep your feet dry.

Other features include heel and toe reinforcement which offer added protection in high impact areas. Lastly, the odor neutralizing technology of the socks keep your feet fresh in any conditions.

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2.) Smartwool unisex-adult Hike Light Crew

Seen as hikers favorite choice, the Smartwool ultra soft socks are made of 70% high quality merino wool which make you experience warm insulation and durability at its peak. The socks are designed to give superior performance in the highest degree of jobs.

The flat knit toe of the socks give you additional comfort and elasticized arch brace for a secure fit. The mesh ventilation zones incorporated throughout these socks enhance breathability while giving you comfortable wear throughout the day.

The socks are suitable for various trails, road terrains and other outdoor activities, thanks to their minimal cushioning which gives you padded comfort during any season. These crew socks come with a two years warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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3.) Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew Light Cushion Socks – Men’s 

Manufactured using 54% nylon, 43% Merino wool and 3% lycra spandex, the micro crew socks are amazingly comfortable and are made in the USA.

The socks are light in weight with a thin layer of cushioning along the base of the foot. The true seamless technology in them gives you undetectable seam fusion for an ultra-smooth, invisible feel.

The socks come with increased breathability which is enhanced by the mesh panels in them. Talking about the length, the socks take on traditional crew height and peek just above the top of the standard hiking boot.

Furthermore, the socks are designed and knit in Vermont in such a way that they act very fast in wicking moisture away from the skin and avoid sweaty and stinky feet.

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What are crew socks?

Seen as one of the most popular socks, the crew socks reach up past your ankles and fit right round mid to upper calf. They are longer than loafer or ankle socks but unlike over the calf socks, the crew socks don’t run up to your knees.

The crew socks are great for pairing up with mid or high top boots. The socks can save your ankles from chaffing by the boots. Crew socks are available on all sizes from extra small to plus sizes and can be pulled up to get both a professional or casual look.

What materials are used in making crew socks?

Crew socks are manufactured using different materials in order to make them suitable for both summers as well as winters. Most crew socks are made from 100% cotton. Although you can find socks made of polyester blends or other synthetic materials as well.

If you are going to wear crew socks in winter then it is always advisable to opt for the ones that are made using lighter material like cotton or bamboo so that your feet can breathe.

In winters, we advise you to go for warmer versions of crew socks such as cashmere or wool which can provide extra warmth to your feet.

You can choose from rich, wintery colors like dark reds or greens.  The socks are not only comfortable but also provide a decent coverage and warmth while you work outdoors.

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What are mini crew socks?

Mini socks as the name suggests are just the shorter versions of standard crew length socks. They are somewhere between standard crew sock and an ankle sock. These mini crew socks sit down at the feet or just below the ankle and are barely visible above your boots.

Who all can use these socks? The mini socks are good for those workers who want to keep their feet away from sweat while keeping their ankles and calves away from the burden and restriction of heavy, tall socks.

Apart from that, mini crew socks go well with fashionable outfits and are designed to give a quirky and cute look. They suit trainers, flat and low heel boots.

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What are the different lengths of crew socks?

While it has already been discussed above that crew socks come in both mini and taller sizes for optimum flexibility and usage, the standard size sits between the calf and ankle.

The length of these socks vary significantly across brands but most of them run around 6-8 inches from the heel to the top.

The socks are available in varying lengths including three main lengths which are

      1. ¼ crew (micro crew)
      2. ¾ crew
      3. Standard crew

Longer crew socks which reach up to your mid calf, offer different options for sock styling. The longer length gives you more design options and a larger surface to display.

These socks go well with ankle or calf height boots and are appropriate for those who want to show both their boots as well as their socks.

What are crew socks actually used for?

Crew socks are used by both men and women from centuries and are ideal for many usages. The socks can be paired up for casual wear, dress wear and activewear. The socks are great for outdoor activities as they are known for their ability to wick away sweat.

For all the unobtrusive jobs, the standard crew socks are just long enough not to make your ankles cold while you work in harsh environments. The socks can be worn at construction sites, tough, slippery job sites  and even during hiking or other athletic activities.

You can wear them with most, if not all work boots and during anytime of the year. Crew socks are just of tremendous help to any active person.

Benefits of crew socks

Some of the amazing advantages of wearing crew socks are:

1.) The socks are ultra comfortable and hug your feet

These socks are always known for being comfortable. No matter whether you have to wear them just during the day or even in the night, these socks won’t let you feel any discomfort. They hug your feet and make them as comfy as they can.

2.) They just fit better

The design of the socks is such that it fit into your boots better. Whenever you wear them they just fit into your feet like a glove.

Very easy to wear and you can wear them for as long as you want without getting tired. Thanks to this better fitting, the socks allow your feet to move freely without any worry.

3.) Crew socks have got deeper cushioning in their sole

This particular feature makes the socks more comfortable than any other variety of sock out there. The warmth of the socks helps your body thermoregulate and maintain the required heat.

4.) Absorbs sweat

The cotton crew socks ensure to absorb the sweat and keep your feet fresh and toasty all day long no matter how humid and warm the environment is in which you are working.

5.) The socks protect the natural moisture of the feet

This is a very important benefit especially during the cold and dry months of winters. They minimize or prevent dryness of your feet by maintaining the natural moisture of your feet.

Pros and Cons of crew socks

            Pros                       Cons
Material blended for comfort and durability.

Wide range of sizes

Good arch support

Low percentage of spandex

Thicker material could get warm in summer months.

Can shrink in the dryer

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Final thoughts

Whether you are working indoors or going outdoors, crew socks are there with you in your every need. The design and proper use of technology make these socks reliable and you can definitely count on them. I hope this article has cleared all your doubts regarding the very versatile crew socks. So go, buy yourself a pair of crew socks now!

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