Chelsea Boots Vs Desert Boots: What’s the Difference?

Making the apt decision for boots is far from easy!

And when it comes to choosing the best style for your outfit, dress boots double our confusion. Which style is better than the other? Which is more versatile and comfortable than the other? 

These are the things that occupy our minds.

And when it comes to the classy and well-known styles like the Chelsea and the Desert boots, the confusion even becomes more confusion!

That’s all a roller coaster of confusion! Take a sigh of relief as I am here to end it all for you and help you find your best match of boots.

Chelsea Boots Vs Desert Boots

The Chelsea boots are more versatile than than the desert boots. While the Chelsea are pull-on boots, the Desert boots come with laces. The silhouette of Chelsea boots is more plain than the Desert boots but the traction offered by the Desert boots are better with crepe soles.

Well, this is just a sum up for the two boot styles, and this article has in store for you all the details…

Let’s learn about them…

The Desert Boots

Origin of The Desert Boots:

As the name suggests, desert boots were worn by the British military men during the World War ll in the desert areas. But they came into fashion only in the 1950s when they were popularized by the UK shoe company C & J Clark.

To be more specific, officially they were introduced to the mainstream market in 1949 by the Chicago shoe fair with the debut of the Clark’s Desert Boots.

What Are Desert Boots?

Desert boots are lightweight dress boots that the British army wore in the desert region in Burma. They were especially made for them in the markets of Cairo.

The uppers of Desert boots are made of suede (though nowadays you will get the leather versions as well). The outsoles display spongy soft crepe soles that are thick yet comfortable being made of layers of latex that were suited to hold the grip on sands. They are ankle length boots and come with laces to adjust the fit.

Are Desert Boots Comfortable?

Yes, desert boots are very comfortable with soft suede uppers and soft latex crepe soles. The spongy texture of the soles lets you walk very comfortably on any terrain and the laces help you to adjust the fit according to your comfort. They are also lightweight and offers a snug fit.

Are Desert Boots Waterproof?

While most desert boots are made of suede uppers and therefore not waterproof, yet the Clarks Desert boots do offer waterproof versions of Gore-Tex liners to keep the feet dry all day long.

What is the Difference Between Chukka Boots And Desert Boots?/ Is a Desert Boot a Chukka?

Chukka boot

A Desert Boot  is definitely a form of a Chukka boot, but they do have some differences between them:

1.) The Desert boots are made of soft crepe latex or rubber soles while the Chukkas can be made of anything from rubber to Dainite to leather

2.) The Desert boots are made with a stitch down construction while the Chukka boots are made of Goodyear Welt Construction

3.) Desert boots do not made much structure to them instead they are more on the floppy side

Can you Wear Desert Boots in the Winter?

You can wear desert boots in the winter for they are made of suede but if you ask me, it’s a big no!

The fact that they have soft crepe soles, they do not hold the grip in wet grounds and also suede material is not for soaking in the water or the snow. They will soak in moisture really fast and will get damaged.

The Chelsea Boots

Origin of the Chelsea Boots:

The Chelsea boots owes its origin to Queen Victoria who first wore them and were made her personal shoemaker J. Sparkes Hall. The Chelsea boots however got its name from its popularity during the 1950s and 1960s in Chelsea, a small area in London.

What Are Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots are ankle length boots without laces and have elasticated side panels and pull on tabs or loops to allow you to wear on and off the boots comfortably.

They are made of leather or suede uppers and have rubber soles. The silhouette is pretty plain and goes well on every occasion. They are usually flat boots but some versions can have heels as well.

Can Chelsea Boots be Worn in Winters?

Chelsea boots are made of suede or leather uppers that are okay for light winters. But both these materials are not great for the snow as they can get wet and damaged easily.

Also, the elastic side panels are water resistant but not waterproof altogether. The soles will also not provide a very good grip in the slippery snow or water.

Are Chelsea Boots Comfortable?/ Are Chelsea Boots Good For Walking?

Yes, Chelsea boots are very comfortable to wear on and off due to the presence of the loops on the back. The leather uppers are breathable (but not the suede boots) and the bottom is flat which makes these boots great for daily walking. Also they are ankle high to support the ankle and protect it from twists and sprains.

Chelsea Boots or Desert Boots, Which One is Better?

If you have the money to fit your pocket, it’s better to get both these boot styles because both will serve different purposes.

While the Chelsea boots are more versatile and can go with casual and formal outfits, Desert boots on the other hand will go more with the casual outfits.

The Chelsea boots are made of suede or leather while the desert boots are mostly made with suede uppers.

The outsoles of the Chelsea boots are made of rubber but are plain while the Desert boots are made with crepe soles that hold better grip.

Both these boots are not suitable for every wet conditions.

Lastly, while the Chelsea boots are pull-on boots, the Desert boots a have laces for adjusting the fit.

And it’s a Wrap!

Which is better, Chelsea or desert boots will depend on your personal choice. But keeping in mind the versatility of the Chelsea boots and their leather uppers, I think that’s a more reasonable investment!

That’s all for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if so, do stay tuned to the site for more exciting articles. Till then…

Happy walking and have a great day ahead!

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