How to Get Paint OFF Work Boots? (Fast & Clever Ways)

Is there anything worse than spilling something on your work favorite work boots? I guess not. As soon as something hits your boots the first feeling that comes to your mind is that you have ruined them.This feeling intensifies as soon as you realize that it’s nothing but the paint that has torn down the glory of your boots.

How to get paints off work boots

The paint that stains your precious boots can be oil or water based. Although, it doesn’t matter much as both of them are quite hard to get rid of. While removing the paint from your boots apart from patience, right knowledge of products and process is equally essential.

The removal task only gets harder if you are dealing with expensive shoes which are constructed of specific material like leather.

However, we are here to save both your day and your boots. No need to lose all the hope. Just follow our article which will step by step guide you to remove that stubborn paint from your boots and make them as new as they were.

Getting Paint OFF Shoes Made from Leather

Removing wet paint off your leather boots can be a daunting task because leather is rather a delicate material and can be damaged easily and your main focus is to prevent this from happening.

Therefore, you can try these below mentioned tricks to remove the paint from your shoes without losing the original texture.

Taking out wet Acrylic or Latex paint

Materials Needed

      • A clean cloth
      • Leather wax
      • Cotton swabs/balls
      • Some alcohol

Step 1: Wiping the paint off

One of the greatest advantages of leather over canvas or any other material is that paint cannot seep in too deep. This superficial paint can be removed easily.

All you have to do is to take a cloth and just wipe off the paint. Don’t hurry and work with small sections instead of rubbing all over in a single go. Keep in mind, we have to preserve the leather.

Step 2: Cleaning with Alcohol

After you have wiped off the paint, take a cotton ball and dip it in some alcohol. Squeeze the excess alcohol out and dab it on the paint spots.

The science behind using alcohol is it loosens the paint making it easier to be pulled out of the boots. Once you are done dabbing the cotton, remove the process again for the proper removal of spots.

Step 3: Blotting

The final step is to blot out the paint using a clean dry cloth. Wipe the surface of the boots till it’s completely dry. As told earlier, leather easily discolors when it comes in contact with alcohol.

So what’s the solution? Take some leather wax and buff your boots until some glossy finish appears back on them.

How to get rid of the dried paint from leather boots?

Taking off dried paint from the leather is all together a frustrating task and requires more than one hacks. You might have to try the following tips either in combination or separately to find the one that can turn out to be successful.

Just keep one thing in mind, whichever method you adopt, do not rub the paint into leather. You have to either use a dapping or swiping motion as rubbing the paint might cause permanent damage to the boots.

1.) Using Cooking or Olive Oil

OLIVE OIL Restores Shine of your Leather Boots

Before trying anything else it is advisable to use olive oil or cooking oil technique as it not only removes paint but also reconditions the leather.

Different leathers are dyed using different leathers so the oil might not go the same with every leather boot so before applying the oil in a significant amount, just check it on a small spot for any adverse effects. Once you are satisfied with the results, simply follow these steps:

      • Dip a cotton swab or small cloth in some oil.
      • Start dabbing the paint lightly with the oil.
      • Allow the oil to set on the paint for 5-10 minutes so that it can penetrate and loosen the paint.
      • Once the oil has soaked in, take a blunt knife or a fingernail to gently scrape off the paint. Repeat this step until all the paint gets peeled off.
      • Slowly wash the boot with soap and water and polish the shoe just in case the oil leaves a dark color on it.

2.) Applying Vaseline over the Paint

Vaseline works on the same principle like oil. It moistens the paint so that it can easily get peeled off. Infact, it works better than the oil as it fits more accurately in the hidden areas. All you have to do is

Applying Vaseline over the Paint

      • Smudge some petroleum jelly onto the paint.
      • Let the petroleum jelly soak in for a few minutes.
      • Once it has settled remove it with a fingernail.
      • Polish the shoe to remove the unwanted or excess vaseline.

3.) Using Soap, Water and a Scrub Pad

This step is used for latex-based paints as these are comparatively easier to remove. Something as simple as soap, water and a green scouring pad can do this task.

      1. Take a small bowl or bucket filled with warm water.
      2. Add some soap into it and dip the scrub pad in this bucket.
      3. You don’t have to soak the leather, therefore just remove excess liquid by squeezing the pad.
      4. After this, scrub the affected area in circles. Keep doing this step until you see the paint coming away.

Rubbing Alcohol

This works in a similar way like a nail polish remover but it is less harsh than the latter. However, I’ll recommend you to use a leather conditioner after rubbing alcohol as it can dry out the leather and conditioner overcomes this phenomenon by making your shoes look great.

      • Dip a cotton swab or cloth in the alcohol
      • Dap it on the paint with soft hands.
      • Gently wipe away the paint.
      • Apply the leather conditioner and you are good to go.

How to Get Paint off from Suede Boots

Removing paint from leather and suede is similar in almost every manner. To remove oil-based paint from suede you have to:

      1. Gently scrape to remove the excess.
      2. Make a solution of soap and lukewarm water.
      3. Sizzle or quickly mix this solution to create a greater volume of bubbles.
      4. Take a sponge and apply only the foam to the paint. After this wipe it off with a clean dry cloth.
      5. If the stain still persists then try softly smudge with cleaners into the spot with a cloth and allow it to dry.
      6. Blot dry the area till it is dry and then proceed to the final step which is buffing.

Whoa! The paint is gone

Tips to Remove Spray Paint off your Shoes

Getting paint on your boots while spraying something, let’s say your car is a very common phenomenon. If you catch it while it’s still wet then it’s easier to remove but the task becomes equally challenging once this paint dries out.

The chemical nature of spray paint is similar to that of regular paint and can be taken off by following the same steps.

Step 1

Take a damp cloth and wipe it off as soon as the spray paint gets on the shoe. It is very simple to erase this paint while it is still wet and does not require any chemical. But be careful, you don’t have to rub the paint into the shoe fibres.

Step 2

If your paint has dried off then apply some paint thinner to a dry cloth and smudge the spots gently. Make sure that you use only a small quantity of thinner at a time so that the chemical doesn’t ruin your shoe.

Step 3

You can use solvents such as turpentine oil or pure alcohol to complete the task. This step becomes easier if the area has already been treated with paint thinner.

Removing Epoxy from Your Boots

While regular paints are easier to remove, the task becomes quite difficult when it comes to removal of epoxy because of its strength. It is resistant to traditional paint removal methods and that is why it requires planning and patience.

It is advisable to use high pressure abrasive tools with proper safety measures while taking off the epoxy paint. Following are the methods of removing epoxy.

Choosing an Epoxy Stripper: You can opt for one of the following strippers:

      • Essential oils 
      • Klucel G
      • Acetone to remove paint from smaller surface

Stripping off the Epoxy Paint using essential oils

      1. Dip the cotton swab into essential oil , coating the tip.
      2. Take this swab and run it over the hardened glue. Don’t rush too hard. Just gently press it on the leather. 
      3. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes to soften the epoxy paint.
      4. Wipe away both, the oil as well as the paint with a cloth. You can repeat the process if necessary.

Klucel-GUsing Klucel G

Step 1:  Take the powder in a small amount with alcohol and make a thick paste. Check for the consistency, if the paste is runny, add more powder to it.

Step 2: Dip the cotton swab into this mixture coating the tip.

Step 3: Rub this mixture over the paint, pressing gently on the leather. Let this paste sit for a few minutes then wipe it off using a cloth.

Removing the paint with Acetone

It is the most common method but technically it should be the last method to be used since acetone is damaging to the leather. Follow these steps 

      • Dip the cotton into acetone.
      • Rub the acetone over the glue. Keep in mind that you don’t have to allow acetone to touch the leather. Only apply it to the glue.
      • Let it rest soak for a few minutes. Dab the acetone and epoxy with the cloth. Don’t wipe away the acetone as it’ll spread it to the leather creating more fuss.

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In The End

We understand how annoying a stain on your precious work boots can be that too of a paint which comes in diverse types. Unfortunately, if you try to remove this without proper interventions then chances are that you might ruin your boot.

We know how important your boots are for you and that is why we have listed some of the best hacks to solve your problem and to keep your boots intact and great.

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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