Can You Spray Paint Your Work Boots?

Bored with the same old color of your boots? I guess so, otherwise why else would you be searching about spray paints?

Let’s be honest- after some time of wear and tear, the boots lose their charm or most of the time, the manufacturers just don’t make the shade that you desire for. 

Can You Spray Paint Your Work BootsWell, if you really want to change the look of your work boots then spray painting your boots can be a great option.

Spray paint, specifically designed for your work boots is a very effective and inexpensive way to rejuvenate them. Depending on the type of your boots, silicone or acrylic compounds are perfect options for spray painting. Spray-on paints are also quite helpful if you want to waterproof your boots.

Want to know more about spray paint and how to use them on your work boots? Read this article where we have tried to answer all your queries regarding spray painting the boots.

What kind of spray paint should you use on boots?

If you want your task to be successful then choosing the right spray for your boots is quite important. You can’t spray paint the leather with a product that is suitable for fabric and vice versa.

Doing so can result in lack of adhesion or cracking and peeling after drying and ultimately can make your boots less durable.

Most of the paints which are manufactured for leather, vinyl or plastic are available in an aerosol can for easy application.

If you want to have multiple options then Moneysworth & Best Brillo Nu-Life Leather/Vinyl/Plastic Color Renew Spray is a great option. The spray doesn’t rub off and it even repels water, soil and stains. Not just this, the brand has got an array of 52 colours to choose from.

You can also go for Angelus Leather Paint Set where you can mix different colours to get the exact shade that you want. But the downside of this paint is that you would require a spray gun for its application.

If you are looking for a paint that is suitable for painting fabric shoes, try the set of paints from US Art Supply. While they require a spray gun for their smooth application, you can also directly spray out of the bottle. Interestingly, these colors are manufactured using high quality light fast pigment and even meet ASTM D-4236 standards.

The bottom line is that before spray painting your boots, always make sure that you choose the right paint. Also, before starting, get an approval from the manufacturer whether the paint is recommended for the material of your shoes.

What are different options for applying spray paint on boots?

There are two ways of applying spray paint to your work boots. It totally depends on you which one you would like to choose. The two options are:

      • By using canned spray paint
      • Mixing your own paint in a spray gun

Most people find canned spray paint easy to use. One of the main reasons for this is because it is usually lighter to hold.

But this method has its own disadvantage. If you are using canned spray paint then you are confined or restricted to the color that is provided in the bottle.

Although, this can be adjusted by controlling the intensity of the paint that you are applying. You can apply more or less to get the color that you want.

Another method of spray painting your boots is by mixing your own paint and then adding it to a spray gun. In this method you get to experiment with the different paint options available.

If you don’t have the exact shade, you can mix different colors until you get it right. The downside with this method is that it requires more work and is a bit troublesome to handle.

How to Spray Paint your Work Boots?

Materials required

      • Shoe Brush
      • Deglazer/ Color prepare/ Acetone
      • Old newspapers
      • Large tablecloth or sheet
      • Clean rag or cotton wool balls
      • Protective gloves
      • Masking tape
      • Finisher or sealer (optional)

Preparing Your Boots for Spray Painting

Preparing the leather boots

      1. Take a shoe brush and remove any dirt or debris from your boots.
      2. Next, roughen up the surface of your boots using a scouring pad.
      3. Soak a cotton ball in acetone or Fiebing’s Deglazer. This will help in removing waxy finish, dirt and oils on the boots. Rub the cotton ball briskly until the shine of the boots disappear and the dull surface starts appearing. Make sure you work in one direction all the time.
      4. Once you are done with the above step, clean your boots with warm water to clean any remaining traces of acetone.
      5. Let the boots dry.

Preparing the fabric shoes

      1. Mix a small amount of dishwashing soap in warm water.
      2. Take a rag or cloth in the mix and using this rag, wipe the whole surface of the shoes to remove dust and dirt.
      3. Allow the shoes to dry.

Method to Spray Paint your Boots

Spray painting can be a daunting and time consuming process. If you’ll rush you might end up in giving crack or flake to your boots.

      • The first step is to stuff your boots with newspaper or plastic boots so that you can get a smooth and even surface.
      • Place your boots on a surface covered with a sheet or some newspaper.
      • Hold your sprayer about four to six inches away from your boots and depress the nozzle to release the paint.
      • Paint the entire boots with long and even strokes.
      • You can apply the paint in desired quantity till you get the color you want. Apply several thin layers to achieve the darker shade.
      • Don’t forget to let your boots dry after applying another layer of paint. This takes about an hour.
      • After you are done painting, let the boots dry for an hour or so.

Protecting the paint 

This step is optional. However, using a finisher or sealer serves two purposes, one is it adds protection that saves your paint job and the second is it gives your boots a glossy or shiny surface.

Whatever surface you choose, you need to apply several light coats, allowing them the boots to dry in between.

Tips while using spray paint on boots.

      • Always stuff the toes with newspaper or plastic bags if you are painting on delicate or soft shoes to obtain a smooth surface.
      • While painting with metallic colors, use a base coat beforehand. Doing so will provide a more even surface for metallic coats.
      • If you are planning to paint the shoes using multiple colors, start with the lighter color first and then progress to the darker color.
      • Always work in one direction to give an even finish to your boots. This step ensures that you don’t miss any part.
      • Using a hair dryer on a cool setting or placing your boots in front of the fan can speed up the drying process.

Final thoughts

Whether you want to revitalize your boots or bring their original design to life, using spray paint is always a great option.

Spray painting your boots is a really cool hack to give your old work boots a new life. You can even color match your boots to an outfit in no time.

So, next time while purchasing boots if you don’t get the color that you desire for, you know how to spray paint and get the color. Are you ready to get creative?

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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