Can I Put My Cowboy Boots in the Dryer?

Cowboy boots are known for their strong and rugged nature, as well as being durable. And since most strong, high quality boots are made of good quality leather, it shouldn’t get wet frequently as water is known to degrade leather’s quality. 

But just in case your cowboy boots do get wet, what can you do to dry it and make sure the quality remains intact? 

It is not advisable to put your cowboy boots in the dryer as they are mostly made of leather, and leather boots are stripped of the natural oils that they contain when they are dried in a high heat setting. However, if you do decide to put your wet cowboy boots in the dryer, make sure you use the lowest heat setting possible.

Can I Put My Cowboy Boots in the Dryer

Things you can do to keep your cowboy boots in good shape- 

1.) If you get your cowboy boots wet, make sure to dry them as soon as you get home. Don’t leave them wet for too long; it’s bad for your boots. 

2.) Check that the boots are not damp or moist, and that they are entirely dry. 

3.) Cowboy boots should be stored in a dry, non-moist environment. Suede cowboy boots should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area to allow the suede to breathe. 

4.) If your cowboy boots get damp and muddy, see how to clean leather cowboy boots and suede cowboy boots. 

5.) When using high heat to dry your cowboy boots, be careful not to overheat them. 

6.) Use specialist materials to waterproof your cowboy boots throughout the wet or snowy season.

Ways in which you can dry your cowboy boots

Some methods are not advisable when it comes to drying your leather cowboy boots, however, people still attempt to dry them using heat-related methods. 

These approaches, however, are incompatible with the boots as they have a negative impact on the leather. 

Heat can cause the leather on your boots to harden and crack, which can cause discomfort and pain in your feet and harm the overall aesthetic of your boots. 

Cowboy boots, in general, take a long time to dry, so you must be patient with the process. 

But before you begin the drying process, remove any dirt or soil from the boot. Clean its surface with a moist towel, then, clean your boot with a brush. Continue scrubbing the boot until you are certain that it has been sufficiently cleaned. 

Different methods of drying- 

1.) Place it in a room with proper ventilation 

Drying your shoes is simple if you store them in a well-ventilated area. The room must be sufficiently aired so that the boots dry quickly, because to eliminate the moisture, a good flow of air should be given. 

As a result, the air may suck moisture out of the boots’ leather and it may take at least a day to dry with this method. 

2.) Sun dry the boots

If you reside in a sunny area and wear cowboy boots, you may utilise the sun’s natural heat to dry your boots. All you need to do is keep your cowboy boots out in the sun.

Cowboy boots out in the sunRemove the footbed and dry it with boots. If the footbed remains inside the boots, it may remain damp and not dry properly. 

3.) Keep the boots absorbed in rice 

Rice absorbs a lot of water. You must place some rice in a bucket taller than the boots. Then soak those boots in them. Keep them till they are completely dry. 

The procedures described above are highly successful for drying cowboy boots. Always check for moisture after drying since it is detrimental to the boots. 

4.) Use boot dryers

Boot dryers are a popular item for drying cowboy boots. This is especially important when the rainy season approaches. 

Boot dryers are a popular item for drying cowboy boots

A boot drier is a professional device used to dry and maintain the form of cowboy boots. Several pairs of cowboy boots may be dried fast at the same time. 

Boot dryers will thoroughly dry the cowboy boots without allowing them to become soggy or damp, hence, lowering the chances of damage and degradation in quality. 

5.) Newspaper technique

Newspapers function similarly to rice. It will absorb the water in the boot material. 

Make loose newspaper wads and place them into the boots. But remember, using this approach, you will need to replace the paper when it becomes wet.

What happens if your cowboy boots get wet? 

1.) Irreparable damages might occur

If you can’t prevent getting your cowboy boots wet, dry them in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunshine. When the boots are exposed to direct sunlight, they may sustain irreparable damage. 

And when this happens, the leather begins to crack and peel away in layers. Your boots might also lose their elasticity and suppleness. It will stiffen and become brittle as well. 

If you try to wear them again after they’ve dried out, they’ll most likely hurt your feet and legs, especially if they’ve shrunk in size.

2.) Cracking can be seen at the surfaces

After exposing your cowboy boots to water, you must keep them from drying out too rapidly. If you allow them to dry out too rapidly, you may see cracking on the surface of your boots. 

This is due to the fact that leather absorbs water when wet for an extended period of time. And if it freezes after it has dried, it is more likely to break. 

3.) Fungus growth 

Mold is a type of fungus that forms when you keep your leather boots damp for an extended period of time. 

Unfortunately, it can cause the leather to peel away in layers and leave a foul smell behind. 

Will getting my cowboy boots wet cause them to degrade in quality and lighten in color? 

This is not always the case. Before you can wear your cowboy boots again, they must be thoroughly cleaned.

Also, before storing them, be sure that they are properly dried and apply leather conditioner. If the boots have not previously been treated with a waterproofing agent, you should do so. 

When exposed to damp weather, they will aid in the preservation of the shape and form of your cowboy boots.

Tips to keep your cowboy boots in good condition always

Follow the care guidelines below to get the most out of your cowboy boots. 

1.) Make use of waterproofing agents

Waterproofing solutions are available to keep your boots from becoming wet. Some of the better ones contain urethanes, while others have oils that not only waterproof your boots but also allow them to keep their shape and form after rain or snowfall. 

This is why you should put one on each boot before putting them in the water. If you see your boots swishing water as you walk or a puddle forming around your boots, you should apply waterproofing solutions.

2.) Remember- natural drying is the best possible way to keep the boots healthy and durable

Allowing your boots to dry naturally for a few days is always a good idea. The shape and form of the boot will be altered if you throw them on a dryer or place them near a heater. 

3.) Polish and condition the surface 

You may polish your boots on a regular basis to help keep their form, color, and texture. However, you will need to apply the correct sort of leather polish to guarantee that they have a strong sheen. 

If you do not condition or apply waterproofing solutions to your boots for an extended period of time, they may crack or curl. This will not be an issue as long as you are diligent in your maintenance regimen.

While the conditioning will preserve your boots from harm that would occur if they were left unprotected, you should still clean and dry them. Reapply the conditioner as needed.

4.) Maintain and store them properly

Make sure your boots are entirely dry before storing them for a prolonged length of time. If you don’t, you risk permanently damaging your footwear. 

Before storing the boots until they are used again, ensure the insides are cleaned clean of debris like dirt or mud. Finally, make sure they are stored in a cool, dry place to avoid mold growth.


If possible, safeguard your cowboy boots from getting wet. However, it may not always be possible, and therefore, the techniques described above are the most effective for drying your cowboy boots and have no negative impact on the quality of your boots. 

Keeping them in the dryer might not be a good option as you do not want your cowboy boots to lose their quality, but there are other alternatives you can go for that are less harmful. 

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