5 Best Work Boot Dryer

If your work takes you outside, you probably have had to deal with wet work boots at some point, even if your boots are waterproof! This can be a fastidious problem if you’re used to letting them dry out naturally, you know, it takes time.

The idea of wet boots, that are uncomfortable, and smell is not appealing to anyone, especially professionals that need to wear their boots practically every day of the week. 

So, what are your options? Placing your boots on a heater or trying to dry them out with a hairdryer isn’t a solution that can be used daily.

You may want to consider a good boot dryer, particularly if your boots are exposed to the elements like snow or rain regularly.

Best Work Boot Dryer

They may also come in handy if you suffer from excessive perspiration that leaves boots soaked on the inside. We researched and tested boot dryers to enable you to make a choice and save time.

Our top pick is the Peet 2-Boot Electric Dryer. This boot dryer won us over because it is safe on all boot materials including leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, neoprene fleece, synthetics, and microfiber and comes with a 25-year warranty.

If you prefer a portable boot dryer, check out the DryGuy Travel DX Work Boot Dryer.

Boot DryerDrying PointsFeaturesPortableWarranty
Peet 2-Boot Electric DryerTwoSilent, Low wattage, Dries footwear overnight, Safe on multiple materialsTwenty-five years
MaxxDry XLFourDries within an hour, Hosts tall and XL boots, Quiet motorOne year
Kendal Boots & Gloves SI-SD06G FourWall mount, AC110/120V, 325 watts, 60HzWarranty service
MaxxDry Heavy-duty IML02146FourTimer, heat or no heat settingsGood portabilityOne year
DryGuy Travel DXTwoAC/DC power adaptor, works in an autoYesOne year

Our Favorite Picks for Best Work Boot Dryers

Best Overall Work Boot Dryer

1.) Peet 2-Boot Electric Dryer

This is a silent boot dryer by Peet that warms the air. As air rises within the boot it dries the boot out. Noise-free thanks to a lack of noisy fans, it will dry boots overnight in most cases, although much will depend on the saturation of the boot material.

This dryer can be left plugged in because it consumes very little electricity with very low wattage. The dryer is safe on all boot materials including leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, neoprene fleece, synthetics, and microfiber, so Peet has you covered.

Peet offers a 25-year warranty that is quite impressive and demonstrates how the manufacturer stands behind the product.


      • Silent
      • Low wattage
      • Dries footwear overnight
      • Safe on multiple materials
      • 25-year warranty


      • No on/off switch so requires unplugging
      • It’s a bit lightweight so tipping over is easy
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Best Tall Work Boot Dryer

2.) MaxxDry XL Boot Dryer

Have large or tall work boots? Consider the MaxxDry Dryer as it can dry tall boots without extensions added. 

Because the MaxxDry has 4 points for drying, you can also dry gloves together with your boots or a second pair of boots.

The circulation of warm air will have boots and gloves dry usually within the hour. Odors are eliminated as dry air blocks bacteria from perspiration as well. 

A full-bearing motor is quiet and rated for 80,000 hours as well as UL listed. This is a versatile work boot dryer with longer extension tubes that can be removed.


      • Dries within an hour
      • Hosts tall and XL boots
      • Quiet motor
      • Versatile


      • Expensive
      • When drying only one pair of gloves or boots, lots of warm air escapes through the two points, not in use.
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Best Work Boot and Glove Dryer

3.) Kendal Boots & Gloves SI-SD06G Dryer

Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer SI-SD06G

This dryer is designed to dry both boots and gloves. It features three temperature settings and comes with a built-in timer.

You can choose to dry two pairs of boots at a time or choose to dry boots and gloves because the unit comes with a specific unit for drying gloves.

Active carbon is integrated into the dryer to remove unwanted smells. The dryer works in about a half-hour. Gentle warm air protects materials.

The timer can be set for up to three hours and features both high and low-temperature settings. It requires very little space.


      • Dries quickly
      • Can dry more boots and gloves together
      • Active carbon removes smells
      • The timer works for three hours
      • Various temperature settings
      • Comes with a wall mount kit
      • Uses AC110/120V, 325 watts, 60Hz


      • Expensive
      • Some problems with hoses remaining connected

Best Heavy-Duty Work Boot Dryer

4.) MaxxDry Heavy-duty IML02146 Work Boot Dryer

MaxxDry IML02146 Heavy-Duty Boot

This heavy-duty dryer for heavy-duty boots can heat air to 105°F to dry work boots in an hour and remove unwanted hours.

Four different drying points allow you to dry boots or gloves together. Extension fittings are available for longer work boots. 

This unit is compact and portable as well as silent and efficient. It will not harm materials.


      • Four drying points
      • Mild heat and no heat options
      • Does not harm materials or linings
      • No shrinking


      • Could heat up more
      • Noisy

Best Portable Work Boot Dryer

5.) DryGuy Travel DX Work Boot Dryer

This dryer is designed to be a portable travel boot and shoe dryer. It comes with two drying units, with one for each shoe or boot, and these dry at 99°F. The dryer features an AC/DC power adapter that can also be used in your auto while driving.

The unit uses a hybrid convection system for heating. It boasts a compact design that can be packed in a backpack or tote bag. This dryer will not damage materials and comes with a one-year warranty.


      • Portable
      • Convection drying
      • AC/DC power adaptor
      • Works in an auto
      • Does not damage materials
      • One-year warranty


      • Drying somewhat slow and may need more than twelve hours
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What Is a Boot Dryer?

A boot dryer is a machine that is electrically powered to circulate air to dry out the insides of boots and shoes.

Many operate with air that is either heated or not. These dryers are designed to reduce the time necessary to dry out wet or damp boots significantly.

How Do I Pick a Boot Dryer?

One kind of boot dryer isn’t going to be universally ideal for everyone who wants a boot dryer. Your principal considerations will be how often you need to use it and where you use it.

If several professionals in your family wear work boots for their jobs, you may want to consider acquiring a multi-boot dryer, so everyone can benefit from it at the same time. Also, consider that if you will need to use the boot dryer daily, you’ll want the best quality boot dryer available.

If you travel for your work, a portable boot dryer may be more beneficial or if you need to dry boots only occasionally you may prefer a budget-friendly choice.

Features to be on the lookout for:

1.) Portability

Where do you use your boot dryer the most? Will you use it in your garage or mudroom at home? Or do you need to take it with you when on work expeditions or traveling? 

2.) Type

Do you prefer a freestanding boot dryer, or would you prefer to mount it on a wall?

3.) Power

Different dryers will come with differing wattage capabilities. Most will fall in a range of 36 to 250 watts. Lower wattages will equate with greater savings in energy.

4.) Number of Boots that need drying

Will you need a multi-boot dryer or just a dryer for your work boots? If you have a family, you may prefer to opt for a machine that can dry more pairs of boots or gloves at the same time.

5.) Heat Choice

Lots of boot dryers are similar to hair dryers. They allow you to use heat to dry your boots or unheated air. Consider the material that your boots are made from.

The work boot manufacturer may suggest a preferable means for drying them to maintain the boots’ integrity.

6.) Timer

Do you need to go to sleep or to go out, but you want your boots dried all the same? Some machines may come with built-in timers that you can set so you’re not wasting electricity.

7.) Odor Problems

The boot dryer itself will aid with bacteria and mold formation, but some dryers will come equipped with an odor control feature built into the design.

These may feature charcoal or other kinds of filters to combat this eventuality from the start, eliminating bad odors during the drying process.

8.) Warranties

A warranty from the manufacturer will offer added peace of mind with your new purchase in the event of either breakage or misfunctioning. See if the manufacturer offers a warranty, what it covers, and for how long.

Where Can I Buy a Boot Dryer?

Any number of local stores like a Sears or a Walmart most probably carry this type of item if you prefer to see the boot dryer up close in person.

However, if you prefer a vast choice, purchasing online may offer you the greatest number of choices.

Because so many online commerce sites offer boot dryers, you’ll be able to browse through dozens of brands and models with all the technical details right at your fingertips.

Online stores will also permit you to compare prices more rapidly and read customer feedback which is an added plus.

Finally, a web store will deliver the boot dryer directly to your home or office, so no losing time, paying for gas, or parking to look for when purchasing.

Added Benefits

Even if you are acquiring a boot dryer for your work boots, know that these machines can dry more than just your work boots. For some items you wish to dry, you may need some type of attachment, but it can be done.

And you won’t only be drying your work boots! You can dry other kinds of boots as well as shoes and all kinds of gloves from ski gloves to mittens, winter hats, and even sneakers.

Boot Dryer Operation

Many boot dryers come with timers so they will shut off automatically after a programmed amount of time. Most electrically powered devices will have thermal overheating mechanisms so that the dryer will shut off rather than overheat even if it has no timer. 

Common sense will eliminate the risk of your dryer catching fire. Check power cords, don’t cover fans when in operation, and clean dust and dirt buildup.

The manufacturer will recommend the correct operating procedures as well as cleaning and storage suggestions to get the best performance from your machine and prolong its lifespan.

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In Conclusion

Selecting a boot dryer can be a bit challenging if you consider how many kinds of boot dryers are out there.

Our list of favorites will hopefully get you on track to selecting the best work boot dryer for your needs, thus making your life just a little bit easier.

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