How Do Boot Dryers Work?

On a scale of 1 to 10  how annoying is the feeling of putting on wet footwear? If your workplace demands wearing boots on a daily basis then I am sure you must be familiar with this unpleasant happening.

How Do Boot Dryers Work

No matter whether your boots are made of leather, canvas or any other material, they seem to take ages to dry out especially during winters.

While there are a number of solutions for this problem, a more reliable way is to get the job done by investing in a boot dryer.

The boot dryers circulate warm air into your boots and let them dry after you are finished wearing them for the day. They not only dry out the footwear but also inhibits growth of mildew and mold hence keeping your boots odor-free and your feet fresh. Employing different technologies, boot dryers accelerate the drying process of not only wet shoes but wet sports equipment and even garments.

In this post, we’ll discuss the working of boot dryers and how efficient they are. You will discover the different methods of using boot dryers along with their pros and cons further along in this post. Let’s begin, shall we?

The science behind working of boot dryers

How do boot dryers work? Well, it’s nothing but the principle of thermal convection which helps in production of heat. The air present in your room is sucked in and is then transferred through the vents.

Following the transfer, this air is warmed up to do away with the moisture which makes your boots wet. This principle is used by almost every type of boot dryer except the one which uses UV technology to do the same.

What are the Different Types of boot dryers?

There are four different varieties of boot dryers which work on the above mentioned principle.They are as follows:

1.) Forced Air Dryers

These are considered one of the fastest air dryers and are guaranteed to give you most satisfactory results. The forced air dryers have got inbuilt fans which pass on the air into the boots or the garments to be dried.Forced Air Dryers

The advantage of these dryers is their speed which gets your work done real quick. However, the drawback is the production of excessive noise produced by the motor which can be a real headache.

2.) Convection Dryers

Convection dryer utilizes an internal heater which gradually warms the air at room temperature. This air is typically pulled with a slight rise in temperature before it starts heating the boots or shoes.

Convection dryers are very quiet compared to forced air dryers but lack speed as against the same.

3.) PTC Dryers

Positive Temperature Coefficient or famous by the name of PTC Dryers are small stone like equipment which have got a self limiting temperature feature. Superior in both efficiency as well as speed, the device has got an impressive heating mechanism with a response time that will leave you amazed. And yes, these dryers are energy efficient too!

Not just this, this category automatically stabilizes the heating temperature after it reaches the predetermined level and that I think is really good since it leaves no room for overheating of the device. We recommend using KOODER PTC Boot Dryer.

4.) UV Dryers

Unlike the other three types, the UV dryer as the name suggests uses ultraviolet light to throw away microorganisms which grow in your wet boots. Other than that, these devices keep your feet fresh by keeping foul odor at bay.

How fast do they dry?

The wetness of your boots and technology of the dryer basically decides their efficiency and the speed. That being said, the drying process should be carried out within recommended speed and frequency. The average duration of time taken by the dryers depends on the saturation of water present in your boots.

      • Forced Air Dryers- One to three hours for drying an article of completely wet clothing.
      • Convection Dryers- Three to eight hours
      • PTC dryers- Four to eight hours.
      • UV dryers- Three to eight hours

Are boot dryers bad for boots?

This is a very common question that most of the people generally ask. The straight answer to this question is ‘no’. You really don’t have to worry about the boot dryers and here are some reasons.

      • Work boots are generally made of leather which is quite a robust material.
      • The tensile strength and tear-resistance of the boots are very high which make the boots flexible.
      • Most boots are resistant to charring and are resistant to heat.

How to use a boot dryer properly?

Although there is no disadvantage of boot dryers, follow these steps to leave no room for any kind of harm to your boots.

Step 1: Take a towel or papers to absorb as much of the water present in and on your boots.

Step 2: Dry your boots using one of the above mentioned hair dryers as described before.

Step 3: Once they are dry, use a shoe polish or a leather shoe nourishing cream or spray to bring back that bounciness in your boots.

As your skin needs to stay hydrated to feel fresh, in the same manner your boots are supposed to get just the right type of hydration that nourishes from within.

Ways to avoid damage to your boots while drying

Here’s a list of four tips or ways to avoid damage when drying.

1.) Dry your boots naturally using traditional methods like wiping them clean using a damp cloth and placing them in the sun afterwards. Another method is to stuff your boots with newspapers and allow them to dry. Just replace the papers when the old ones get moist.

2.) If you are thinking of soaking wet boots on a dryer then it’s a big NO since water is bad for electronic devices. Moreover, trying to put a soaking wet boot on a dryer is not a very smart idea since it will take quite long to dry.

3.) Try to make the small accessories dry using the attachments. This will be more efficient and will give you more impressive results.

4.) I will suggest you to use the dryer in the recommended room temperature without placing the device in proximity to a source of heat. This will save both your boots as well as your dryer.

Three best boot dryers available in the market

If you want to say goodbye to wet boots forever, check these best boot dryers.

1.) PEET Boot Dryer 

Peet currently is one of the most loved dryers available in the market right now. This whisper quiet device can originally hold one pair of boots or two items of clothing and can dry them overnight. The best part about this device is that it is energy efficient and consumes very less electricity. Not just this it dries and deodorizes your boots by removing sweat and odor from your footwear hence keeping your feet comfortable and dry.

The Peet dryer is subtle yet effective and works very smoothly drying your boots in 3-8 hours. You can dry any kind of footwear and material whether it’s leather, rubber, fleece or even microfibre. And the bonus part is its durability which comes with a warranty of 25 years. Isn’t it amazing?

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2.) Kooder Boot Dryer

Looking for a cheap and simple option then Kooder could be your next choice. The device is designed with two inserts which are powered by electricity supplied through heavy duty cord. Advantage of this device is that apart from drying your boots, it automatically sanitizes them by sending heat through top and side holes which also inhibits mold or fungus growth.

The dryer is heat resistant and comes with smooth finishing touch and is compressed to make sure that the cabinet is not easily breakable. Additionally, the Kooder boot dryer has a PTC heat generator for long lasting generation of heat. And yes, it has got impressive and precise temperature control to prevent overheating so that you can relax while your boots get dry.

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3.) DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

This dryer is best among all the rotating boot dryers. By offering rotating ports, it makes it possible to accommodate both light and heavy boots. This versatile device is ideal for boots, shoes and gloves and dries them in generally 60-120 minutes.

DryGuy utilizes 105-degree air to quickly and safely dry your boots with inbuilt 3 hour auto shut off timer so you can leave it on without any worry. The forced air efficiently removes all the fungus and bacteria making your boots cleaner than ever. While the device doesn’t shrink, warp or harm your precious boots, it is quite safe to use and comes with a one year warranty.

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Do boot dryers really work and are they really efficient? These are two legit questions that can enliven the users. These well-designed devices are prudent and shielded and are a must- have for people who see every other outdoor activity as a thrilling event. Not only this, apart from drying your boots these devices extend the lifespan of your footwears by reducing the chances of deterioration. So, you can easily invest in the ultimate accessory without having a second thought.

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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