6 Ways to Dry Leather Cowboy Boots Fast

How to Dry Leather Cowboy BootsLeather cowboy boots are widely popular among both men and women. These shoes are desirable for their unique fashion statement, sturdiness and stylish appearance. Gone are the days when cowboy boots were strictly used by horse riders, today they have become an iconic must-have. Considering the comfort, durability, and high-quality, the leather cowboy boots are the perfect addition to anyone’s shoe collection. 

To dry cowboy boots fast, use these easy methods:

Leather cowboy boots are versatile, but when wet they can be a cause of real worry. There is nothing more annoying than wearing a pair of wet boots all day long. Wet shoes can cause sore feet and can damage your skin. Additionally, prolonged wetness can also lead to deformation in leather. Fortunately, there are some easy yet effective ways to dry your wet leather boots speedily. 

So without any further ado let’s discuss them. 

Steps to Follow Before Drying Your Leather Cowboy Boots

To ensure the optimal outcome of clean drying your boots, some preparation beforehand is necessary. Let’s have a quick look at them:

1.) Clean your shoes thoroughly before drying them. If any mud or dirt is sticking to boots, make sure to remove it using a paper towel or a soft-bristled brush. Avoiding cleaning mud off the boots before drying them may result in staining on them. 

2.) Before drying, remove boots insole and laces. Attempting to dry them with laces may leave the scuff marks or can cause discoloration of the surface beneath laces. 

Tried and True Ways to Dry Your Leather Cowboy Boots 

Thorough drying is a must to prolong the life of your leather boots. The following are the ways you can use to dry out your boots faster and effectively. 

1.) Using a table fan: 

A table fan can be your savior in speedy drying. The high-velocity air through the fan carries the moisture away with it. This is one of the best ways to dry your cowboy boots. But always remember to clean your boots before drying or else they may built-up odor. 

      • Hang boots from the fan using a wire or rope. You can also consider using an “S” shaped hook or twisted wire for the hanging purpose. 
      • Turn the fan on and leave it overnight to dry completely. 
      • Dry boot insoles separately. 

2.) Leave Shoes in a Ventilated area: 

The best way to dry your wet leather cowboy boots is to place them in a dry, well-ventilated area. The airflow due to ventilation will remove the moisture from your boots. It will eventually sop up all dampness and will leave your boots shining as usual.

This method is best of all because it has no side effects. It takes a day or two to dry your leather cowboy boots completely but is preferable.

3.) Using old newspapers:

This is an effective way to dry your leather boots without stressing them. A newspaper is a good absorbent that can pull out the moisture from leather, thereby leaving it completely dried. The method involves:

      • Stuff shoes with crumpled newspaper lumps. Make sure the inner part of the shoe is filled. 
      • Use some newspapers to cover the outside of the boots. 
      • Replace the newspaper when it gets drenched. 
      • Consider replacing newspapers twice or thrice for effective drying. 

This method is safe and assures you to get your boots dried from both the inside and outside. 

4.) Using a Bath towel: 

An old discarded towel can be of great help in drying in boots. However, before using it, make sure the towel is completely dried. 

      • You’ll need two pieces of dry towels- one for inserting inside the boot and another one for wrapping around the boots. 
      • Once the towel is soaked up with water, repeat the process with another pair. 
      • This process is extremely convenient and won’t impact your shoes in any way. 

5.) Using Rice absorption: 

Rice is an excellent moisture absorber. You can also use it for speedy drying of your wet leather boots. To use this method:

      • Get a handy container large enough to accommodate your shoes. 
      • Fill container up to one inch with rice. 
      • Insert boots into the rice and leave the container undisturbed overnight. 
      • Next morning, you’ll have ready-to-wear dried up boots. 

6.) Using a Boot Dryer: 

If you are unable to invest in any effort then this ready-to-use solution is a good option for you. The boot dryers employ thermal convection heat to dry up your boots faster and super efficiently. Over it, these dryers pose no harm to your leather boots. There are several different types of boot dryers available in the market known to offer you appreciable service for effective drying of your leather cowboy boots.  

 Things You Should Never Do While Drying Your Wet Leather Cowboy Boots

There are certain things people are not recommended to try while drying up leather boots. Some people resort to heat-related techniques which should be strictly avoided at all costs. The reason being these techniques negatively affects the leather causing it to lose strength and chip off. 

1.) Never put your Boots Too Close to a Heat Source: Using heaters, hair dryers, or wood stoves for drying your wet leather cowboy boots may result in deteriorating your shoe leather. The direct heat from these sources affects leather as well as the glue binding layers of your shoe sole together. 

Thus, if you want your boots to deliver extended performance and durability avoid using these heat sources. Always prefer air drying or any of the methods discussed above. Still, if you have no other option then make sure to maintain a distance of 2-3 meters between the boots and the heat source. 

2.) Avoid using Compact Spaces for drying: Storing your wet boots in compact spaces such as a cupboard or plastic box for drying may degrade your boot’s leather. This restricts the air circulation and makes your boots breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and odor. As such, it is advisable to always dry your leather boots in open areas only. 

What next? Post-Drying Guidelines You Need to Know

The prevailing moisture can take away the sheen and strength from your leather boots. Also, the drying process may steal some charm from leather. Considering this, you must take a few measures after drying your wet boots to ensure its properties remain intact. 

1.) Use Boot Nourishing Solutions: The boot nourishing solutions enhance your leather boots shine and strength. These solutions are proven to clean and nourish your leather boots the best way. 

2.) UV Shoe Sanitizer: The shoe sanitizers help you make your wet boots germ free. However, if you are using the sun for drying then you should avoid using the sanitizer. 

3.) Boot Oil: Boot oil helps you restore your boot leather into good condition. It also protects your boots against further water damage. 


All of the above-mentioned methods are effective in drying your leather cowboy boots. Nevertheless, be sure to dry the insoles and laces separately. These can dry up much faster than your shoes so just leave them to air drying. 

Furthermore, no matter what method you use always check your boots for moisture after drying. Even a little moisture left can degrade your boots. Hence, consider using any of the methods as per your convenience and need. 

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