Are Wedge Sole Boots Better for Your Back?

Generally, boots are either with lug sole or heeled sole. The problem with both of them is that one or the other part of the feet feel more pressurized than the rest and thus cause feet pain in certain parts. 

Mostly, it is the heels and the front line of the feet that take in the most pressure of the body while walking in general work boots with heels.

Are Wedge Sole Boots Better for Your Back

But this is not the case with the wedged sole boots. The sole in the wedged sole boots runs through the entire length of the boots equally which helps to distribute the pressure equally to the entire foot and the arch of the feet gets the support too which is not the case with the heeled boots.

Also, in wedged sole boots, the heels of the feet do not experience any extra pressure of the body and as a result it does not hurt your back. In addition, the wedged sole boots help to absorb more shock than normal boots thus, reducing the chances of any back pain.

Through this article, we will learn more about the wedged sole boots benefits and features and why are they better for your back than the heeled boots!

Why do work boots cause back pain?

Let’s get into the science of how the feet and the back are connected!

The bones in your feet are connected to the pelvic joints which in turn again are connected to the spinal cords. So, any strain and pressure in the bones of the feet will directly affect your spinal cord and cause back pain.

The primary cause of strain in the feet are the wrong work boots. (Best Work Boots for Back Pain)

But how?

A wrong work boot can cause you back pain because of the following reasons:

1.) Work boots with high heels cause the most back pain:

Wearing work boots with high heels is not comfortable for your feet at all and I am sure you all will agree to it.

But, besides the discomfort, there is another big problem to wearing high heeled boots and that is such boots make the heels of your feet rise to extra height than the rest of feet resulting in concentration of pressure only in the heels which carries the entire weight of your body.

The heel then sends the pressure directly to the spinal cord thus causing excessive back pain.

2.) Work boots with thin cushion or no cushion at all cause back pain:

By cushion, I mean cushioned insoles. The work boots which lack insoles with good cushioning do not absorb shock or the pressure of the body and therefore your feet feel more pressure of the body in such cases, thus causing the back pain.

3.) Work boots that do not have arch support also cause back pain:

Arch support is very necessary while you walk because the arch is the middle part of the feet and lack of support in the arches puts the entire pressure of the body in the heels and the front part of the feet.

When the arches are well cushioned, it helps to absorb shock better and also dissipate pressure equally thus reducing the chances of back pain.

Wedge or heel sole boots; which is better for your back?

High heeled boots are the last option you should be considering for your back pain and there’s a reason for it. The plantar fascia is attached to the calf muscle which is then connected to the hamstrings and then the hamstrings is connected to the pelvis which lastly joins the spinal cord and the lower back.

Wearing high heels affect the plantar fascia of the feet and as it is connected to the lower back, the back aches due to excess pressure in the heels. The high heels tend to stretch the plantar fascia, resulting which loosens the hamstrings thus alleviating the back pain. 

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There is another side effect of wearing high heels as well. High heels elevate the heels of the feet and thus when you walk, the center of gravity shifts forward for your body which tends to bend the back forward while walking thus causing back pain after a day long walk. Wearing high heels can also lead to arthritis in the spine.

When compared to high heeled boots, wedged sole boots are far a better option for your back. This is because wedged sole boots provide far better support to the entire feet including the toe area, front area, heels and the arches.

The heels are not raised in this case and therefore, there is no forward bent of the body due to change in gravity. Also, there is no pressure in the plantar fascia and thus no effect in the hamstrings and the lower back.

The arch of the feet is also well supported by cushioning and the entire length of the bears the load of the body equally. The ball of the foot also does not experience any displacement and stays put. There is no stretch in the ligaments and the tendons and thus no feet or back pain.

Which type of sole is the best for your back?

The soles of the work boots must have the following features in order to prevent back pain:

1.) The soles should be well cushioned:

This is the first and the foremost criteria for a good sole in order to reduce back pain. Soles that have soft cushioning will absorb much of the weight of the body, thus reducing the pressure from the feet and leading to reduction in the back pain.

2.) The soles should be according to the shape of your arches:

You might have a low arch or a high arch. Whatever might be the shape of your arch, the sole of the boots should take its shape in order to support it and cushion it or else the arches will be deprived of a base and the heels will take in the entire weight of the body.

3.) The soles should be able to absorb shock:

Nowadays, there are plenty of shock absorbing insoles available in the market. These soles help to absorb shock better and return the energy to the feet, thus making your walking experience a comfortable and painless one.

4.) The soles should be able to make the most contact with your entire feet:

Soles such as the wedged soles will help to make contact with the entire length of the feet thus distributing pressure equally to the entire feet rather than concentrating it on one point only. This certainly helps to reduce pressure on the back and the heels and stop your back from aching.

5.) Orthotic soles might reduce feet and back pain:

Orthotic soles are especially designed for the ones who suffer from feet ailments and back pain. They provide extra support, cushioning and shock absorption to the feet thus, reducing the chances of any feet or back pain.

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It’s the END!

Wedged sole boots are great for your back if they have a good cushioning and arch support!

They are definitely much more comfortable to walk in as compared to the other types of sole and when there is comfort, there cannot be any pain!

That’s all for today. See you soon in my next column. Till then…

Take care, keep reading my articles to know more about the best for your feet and stay fit and healthy!

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