Can Inside Shoe Lining Repair? (Fix Shoe Inner Lining)

Do your shoes remain of the same color year after year?

Do the outsoles not wear off with time?

Of course, shoes start to deteriorate in condition with regular wear over time.

Just as the color starts fading and the outsole starts wearing down, likewise, the inner lining of the shoes too start to wear off with time. Signs of wearing off of the inner lining of the shoes would include:

1.) The inner lining coming out of the shoe base due to wearing off the glue 

2.) The stitching getting rot leading to the wearing off of the inner lining

3.) Tearing of the parts of the upper part of the inner lining due to constant rubbing and friction

4.) The inner lining developing holes in some of its parts due to getting rubbed with sweaty feet constantly

Can the Inside Lining of Shoes Be Repaired

Whatsoever might be the reason of the wearing off of the inner lining of your shoes, there’s a solution for every problem of your inner lining of shoes in this article!

Yes, you heard it right, the inside lining of shoes can definitely be repaired, whatever be the reason behind its wear and tear. Applying simple tricks like using of glue to attach new pairs of lining over the old ones, or to insert a new insole replacing the old insole, or just pasting grip pads over the holes and torn parts can do the job with perfection!

Excited to learn about some of the most amazing hacks to repair the inside lining of shoes? Well, this article is just the perfect place you have landed on!

Let’s read on to discover them…

How do you fix the inner lining of a shoe?

It may so happen that with regular wear, the entire inner lining of the shoes start to wear off or it might just be the parts of the lining that faces the wear and tear.

Whatever maybe the case, there’s way to fix either parts or the entire inner lining of the shoes:

Repairing the entire inner lining of the shoes:

Sometimes it so happens that, the inner lining of the shoes start to come off from the bottom of the shoes and there are two ways by which you can fix it:

1.) Reattaching the inner lining of the sole using hot glue gun: 

Take out the lining by pulling with your hands gently or if needed make use of the knives to scrape out portions of the lining if so needed.

Apply the hot gun glue to the base of the inner sole and place them back again inside the shoe and press hard for a few minutes until the entire lining has been nicely attached to the base of the shoe.

2.) Reattaching the inner lining of the sole using needle and thread:

For this, choose a type of thread that will last long and is waterproof like nylon threads or any synthetic thread which has got a very good shell life. Just sew the sides of the lining with the bottom part of the shoe using the thread and needle.

Resoling the entire inside lining of the shoes:

You need to go through the following steps:

1.) Remove the old lining with the help of a knife or blade by carefully following the edges of the lining

2.) Place the old lining on a piece of cardboard and iron the lining so that it does not have any crease that leads to the edges to crinkle up

3.) Cut the cardboard in the shape of the old lining 

4.) Select two types of fabrics, one that will serve as the footbed and the other that will provide the cushioning 

5.) Place the two pieces of materials on the cutout cardboard and cut these two pieces of materials in the shape of the cardboard

6.) Now, apply glue on the inner side of both the materials and attach them together

7.) Next you need to make use of the needle and thread to stitch the two pieces of linings together

8.) Now, apply glue to the bottom of the lining and tuck the lining in below the padding of the inner sole of the shoe

9.) In order to ensure maximum adhesion, you can insert a shoe horn or just any piece of wooden block and place them on the lining of the shoe.

Repairing parts of inside shoe lining:

In order to repair parts of the inner lining, like the counter lining or the tongue lining or the vamp lining, just peel off the particular parts of the linings and reattach them using either glue or by stitching.

Resoling parts of the inner lining of shoes:

Steps to follow:

1.) Take out the particular part of the inner lining which has completely worn out by pulling them off (if required use a sharp blade to scrape out parts of the linings).

2.) Next select a new fabric matching the old one and cut out the exact shape by placing the old lining over the new fabric and the gently cut out the new lining using a pair of sharp scissors.

3.) Stich or glue the new lining in the required place inside the shoe and you are good to go

How to fix peeling shoe lining: 

Methods to repair portions of peeled off inner linings of shoes will be discussed in section below of this article…

Repairing holes in the inner lining of the shoes:

The best way to mend holes in the inner linings is to insert silicon gel pads on those spots which not only provide great cushioning to the area but also excellent grip to avoid further friction from the feet.

Adhesive grip tapes or grip pads for various portions of the feet can also be used depending on the area where the hole has occurred.

Why does the inner lining of my shoe wear out?

There are several reasons behind the wearing out of your inner lining of shoes, some of which include:

1.) The shell life of the inner lining might have come to an end

2.) Constant friction of your feet with the inner linings wears them out

3.) The glue might have lost its adhesion power and so the lining might have started to wear off

4.) Sweat and friction from the feet might have caused the upper material of the lining to tear off

5.) Regular washing in the washer also affects the inner lining and wears them off

6.) If you walk in the rain or get your feet into water while work, it might also loosen the inner lining gradually and wear them off

7.) The stitching of the lining might rot with products that you apply in the shoes

Shoe lining repair kit:

Your shoe lining repair kit must contain the following items:

1.) A pair of scissors: to cut off the old lining and to shape the new lining material

2.) A sharp knife or blade: to scrape off the old lining from the base of the shoes

3.) Glue: to attach pieces of lining as well as to attach the new lining to the base of the shoe

4.) Needle and thread: to stitch the sides of the new lining to the frame of the shoes

5.) New fabrics: one fabric to serve the purpose of footbed and another to serve as the cushioning

Leather Shoe lining peeling (reason and ways to mend):

The inner lining of the tongue or the side walls of the shoe or the upper part of the heel are the parts where the linings peel off quite often and this is because these are the parts which get rubbed off by your feet rigorously; the reasons being friction, loose fitting shoes, sweat, your walking pattern, etc.

Whatever might be the reason, if you notice any part of the inner lining of the shoes peeling off, head straight to the following repair tips:

Method 1:

1.) Take a new material that matches the upper lining of the shoe that has peeled off

2.) Cut out a small portion from the new fabric (just much required to fill in the gap of the torn portion of the lining)

3.) Paste the new cut out lining above the torn part of the lining using glue and place a heavy object for an hour over the pasted part to ensure maximum pressure

Method 2:

1.) Take adhesive tapes or silicon grip pads and paste them over the torn part of the inner shoe lining

2.) If the tear is in the heel part of the lining, you can simply insert new heel grip pads over the torn part and you are done

And it’s a wrap!

With regular wear, linings of shoes will definitely wear off gradually.

But thank God you now have some amazing tips to repair them instead of buying a new pair of shoes for the same!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article of mine, and if so, do stay tuned for more exciting posts ahead!

Till then, keep reading, keep exploring and keep enriching yourself with useful knowledge about work wears!

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