Are Tactical Boots Good for Walking?

Tactical boots, also known as military and combat boots, are commonly associated with military personnel as they are sturdy, robust, and tough-looking; however, this does not restrict you or any other civilians from wearing them.

Whether you work in the construction industry, the mining industry, or as a hiker, tactical boots are an excellent choice. 

Are Tactical Boots Good for Walking

To be honest, tactical boots can be used for walking, but they aren’t built for it. They’re heavy, uncomfortable, and not at all designed for this type of activity. Though they are extremely durable and give excellent arch support, preventing pain and providing safety.

Okay, I know it sounds confusing. 

But let us help you understand both sides of the coin as to why and why not tactical boots should be used for walking. 

Why are tactical boots ideal for walking?

Well, because:

→ They give additional support to your leg muscles, provide greater foot and ankle stability, and protection for people who have previously been injured so that nothing stops you from taking that healthy walk you desire

→ Ensure a firm grip on any surface which will not let you slip and fall

→ Are constructed of leather that has been toughened and is often water-resistant allowing you to comfortably continue your stroll or hike even in damp conditions

→ Have internal panels of quality materials are frequently used to promote ventilation and moisture control

→ Have a longer lifespan than typical work boots and are designed to be comfortable in a variety of seasonal changes

Disadvantages tactical boots has while walking

1.) They’re not as cushioned and comfortable

The boots are rigid and have inflexible soles, making them uncomfortable at times. 

2.) They’re heavy as compared to normal walking/running shoes

When compared with other walking and running footwear, tactical boots can be quite heavy, which might induce tiredness and make your walk less pleasant.

3.) They provide less internal support

The boots offer very minimal internal support as compared to regular working boots which might not be ideal for long walks. 

If you an ardent fan of tactical boots and want to use for walking too, then you need to be aware of the qualities you should look for before you purchase a tactical boot that is suitable for walking:

1.) They should be comfortable

Comfort is the most crucial thing to look for in your walking and running footwear. By trying on a pair of boots in your exact size, you can determine whether or not they are comfortable as tactical boots are usually comfy when purchased in the right size. 

If the boot is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and cause blisters because of the friction while walking, so stay away from these. 

Also, the heels of your tactical boots should be of a moderate height to help you cover long distances in your walks and runs. 

2.) They should come with breathable insoles

The insoles of most tactical boots are designed to help with sweating and ventilation which is an excellent feature as walking does make your feet sweat, and without proper breathability, your feet will be prone to bacterial infections and foul smell.  

They’re also crucial for giving comfort and support while you walk as it prevents foot strain. They’re designed to increase traction inside the boots, reducing the likelihood of your feet slipping inside. 

Make sure that the outsoles are composed of polyurethane or rubber as it makes your boots more flexible.

3.) They should be of the right height

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re buying tactical boots, is its height . A 6-inch boot, in particular, will provide excellent ankle support on uneven terrain and will be ideal for walking, running or long-distance hiking.

Boots with a 6-inch shaft are typically more flexible than other boot styles. They will be more supportive depending on how tight the lacing is on them. 

4.) They should be lightweight

Your tactical boots must be light. If your boots are excessively heavy and restrict your movement and quickness, it will hamper your walking speed and time too.

You should replace them with a pair that is more flexible and lightweight as the lighter your boots are, the more comfortable they will be to wear and walk with it, meaning you will be able to wear them for longer periods of time without experiencing foot strain. 

 Tips for wearing tactical boots while walking

If you do decide to go for a walk with tactical boots, keep these tips in mind to keep your feet happy and comfortable:

1.) A lot of you must have experienced blisters in a new pair of boots, so it’s equally important to check if your boots have been properly broken in. Blister-causing friction can be avoided by wearing good quality socks or two pairs of socks.

2.) You can also experiment with additional insoles in your tactical boots which will provide relief and also support your arch while walking or doing any other similar activity. Check out Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles here-        

3.) Learn to look after your feet by keeping them clean and dry. Also, take the necessary precautions to ensure the longevity of your boots and the protection of your feet.

Recommended brands of tactical boots that is ideal for walking

1.) Nortiv Military Tactical Work Boots 

This isn’t a tactical, combat boot in the traditional sense. This boot is ideal for folks who have never walked or hiked in a military boot and are seeking something in the middle of standard combat boots and walking/running shoes.

2.) Garmont Bifida Tactical Military Boots

The boot is well-fitting and provides enough ankle and shin support while walking or for your hiking trips. The Garmont delivers good fit and stability in addition to being durable. 

3.) Danner Military and Tactical Boot

This boot is designed to provide maximum support and stability. It is very lightweight and suitable for walking due to its structure.

4.) B Belleville Tactical Boots

These combat boots are ideal for walking as they’re made of highly breathable material that absorbs sweat while you walk or run. It also provides arch support preventing your feet from experiencing pain. 

5.) Bates Ultralite Tactical Military Boot

These breathable and lightweight boots will be an ideal choice for walking as it provides comfort giving you a pleasant experience while walking.

In closing, claiming that tactical boots are an ideal pair of walking or running footwear totally depends on each individual. While some may vote against it, there are of course people who vote for it.

Whatever is your personal stance, decide only once you weigh in both the pros and cons of it. And I’m sure, following the right precautions, you will enjoy your walking, running and hiking in tactical boots as well. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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