Cowboy Vs Mexican Boots Comparison

The American Cowboy boots has its roots in the Spanish and Mexican traditions, and hence it comes as no surprise that the cowboy boots and Mexican boots share a lot of similarities.

To the pointy toes and the sleek ornamental look that they own with style they do give each other some stiff competition and are in for a real exigent face off. Who is going to win the race-the cowboys or the vaqueros? Read on to find out. 


Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are specifically made to cater to the farming/cattle rearing and equestrian requirements of the valiant cowboys of the West.

Made with exotic leather made with hides of alligator, eel, elephant, elk or fauna found in the area, these boots have indeed made a statement in the cultural arena with their sleek signature look.

The pointed toe look, high heels and shaft and no lacing makes it so fashionable and appealing. Used by cowboys, riders and men and women from almost all walks of life, these cowboy boots do enjoy remaining in the limelight no matter how many years pass by. 

During the early years cowboy boots were handmade with exotic materials, but these days they are indeed available in a wide variety of materials and features.

Cowboy Boots Anatomy

The traditional cowboy boots’ signature pointed toe structure has undergone changes over years to cater to the needs and comfort of the wearers. 

The slick, treadles leather of the boots facilitates the easy mounting and dismounting of horse riders, and even the easy insertion and removal of the foot from the stirrup of the saddle. The tall heel is present to prevent the boot from sliding through the stirrup.

The tall shaft is meant to be quite roomy and sturdy for ease of wearing and to protect the leg from rubbing against the saddle and from winds, sun or thorns.  

All these features of cowboy boots are meant to cater to the equestrian needs of cowboys and might not really fare well in other workspaces. So now since we have gotten a basic idea about what cowboy boots are all about let us get to know the main opponent, the Mexican boots. 

Mexican Boots 

Both Mexican boots and cowboy boots are very similar in looks and function and hence which one is the original one is question that tends to spark a lot emotionally driven debates, but since it’s not an arena for heated arguments we will just get to see the Mexican twin of cowboy boots- the Botas picudas mexicanas. 

Just like its American counterpart, the Mexican boots too have a high shaft, deep scallop and pointed toes. Since they are meant for purely equestrian purposes and not for the whole rancher duties, these Mexican boots can indeed afford to look more dapper.

The defining factor of the Mexican boots are its square-off heels with thick welts to keep the boots in the stirrup. 

The extremely narrow pointed toe was not something that was there from the start. To be honest this recent addition was just a humorous take, just to poke fun.

The elongated pointy toe even goes in curls in certain designs. It’s all just meant for a big laugh and was actually a fad that came into being in the late 2000s. 

Cowboy Boots vs Mexican Boots 

Even though at a first glance these two might seem to be rather identical twins, but that is not really the case. There are indeed a lot of similarities as well as a lot of dissimilarities as well.

So as to figure out who might fare better in the race to be the better boot, we will have to make a better comparison of the two to figure out how well each of them perform in the sections like structure, functionality, versatility, utility etc.

Check out the table given below for a better understanding of the two. 

Feature  Cowboy Boots  Mexican Boots 
Height of shaft  Taller  Shorter 
Heel design  More variety available  Signature square shaft 
Foot protection  More protection  Average foot protection 
Leather quality  High quality genuine leather  Made with split and normal leather 
Durability  Durable (up to 10 years) Not that durable 
Water resistance  Naturally water resistant  Will have to be treated to make it water resistant 
Pulling straps  Present  Present 
Toe shape  Pointed toes (other varieties are available as well these days) Pointed toes (modern ones are extremely pointed) 
Heels  Heels can have different shapes and patterns  Signature square heels with thick welts 
Aesthetic appeal  More formal looking and can be worn on any occasion, More classy decorative details  Has a more vibrant and colorful look and might not look that great at every other occasion and with every other attire. Lacks any aesthetic decorative details 
Utility  Adapted for daily use, Fit for manual labor as well  Not fit for daily use, Not fit for manual labor 
Protection from elements and injury  The real leather provides more protection from snake bites and hot spillage  The split leather does not protect against hot substances or animal bites 
Comfort  Harder to break in and quite uncomfortable to wear  Easier to break in and more comfortable to wear 
Breathable The sole is more breathable and keeps the feel cool  Not that breathable 
Ease of movement  Average  Square heels help move faster 

With the lower shaft height and the not that sturdy structure, its easier to pop on a Mexican boot than a cowboy boot.

The lightweight nature of the Mexican boots as well as the ease with which one can break into it and wear it all day makes it a much better option when pitted against cowboy boots when it comes to the case of comfort.

Regarding aesthetic appeal, style and durability the cowboy boots does score much more than Mexican boots. The ornamental designs and the high-quality leather make the cowboy ones look classier and last longer.

There are more designs and varieties in heel structure and toe shape when it comes to cowboy boots, but the Mexican boots with their square heels with thick welts does indeed provide one with more agility.

The protection quotient is quite low in the case of the Mexican ones and might not be a suitable choice for the work place. 

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Can Cowboy boots replace Mexican boots?

The cowboy boots fare well in the following categories- 

      • Durability 
      • Looks/ aesthetic appeal 
      • Protection 
      • Variety of designs

And the Mexican boots score better in the following categories 

      • Comfort 
      • Agility 
      • Convenience

If your work place requires you to protect your feet from heavy objects or hot substances then yeah cowboy boots must be your choice.

But if its all about staying comfortable all day and moving around with speed and ease, then Mexican boots are your way to go. 

So, depending on your work place requirements make a wise decision and rock those boots with class and ease. 

Recommended Cowboy and Mexican Boots

Given below are a few products you can check out if you wanna get yourself some classy pair of cowboy boots. These options have been chosen by considering how well they have met the needs and desires of the customers. 

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High quality, durable comfy shoes for every occasion. 

Matisse Women’s cowboy boots 

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Sadly Amazon doesn’t really provide us with a lot of options in the authentic Mexican boot section, but worry not as we have got you covered. 

You can opt for boots from Mezcalero, a brand that produces stylish and durable Mexican boots. Click on the link given to find an array of comfy and sexy Mexican boots 

Another authentic Mexican boot producer is Vaquero Boots, so, feel free to click on the below link to discover a huge collection of vibrant Mexican boots 

By now you must have decided whether to get a Mexican boot or a cowboy boot. So hop on the boots and work on to victory with ease Mateyyys and Amigossss!!!!!!

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