Insulated Vs Uninsulated Boots Comparison With Pros and Cons

Insulated vs uninsulated boots

Do you live in a hot environment or a cold one?

Wondering why I am asking this question?


It’s because the choice of your boots: whether you should buy an insulated boot or an uninsulated boot, depends on the temperature of the place you are living.

Both the types of boots have their own advantages and disadvantages, you just need to know about them and select according to your requirements.

Insulated boots keep your feet warm in cold weather. But at the same time, they are heavy as some extra material is incorporated in the making of them. This also means that insulated boots would not be a great choice if you live or work in warm or hot environment. Uninsulated boots on the other hand are lighter in weight and suitable for warm weather because of the breathability they provide.

Now let’s read in details about the pros and cons of both the types of boots.

Insulated Boots Pros and Cons


You can get the following benefits from insulated boots:

      • Insulated boots are warmer
      • They provide more cushioning and hence more comfort
      • The insulating layers are made from natural materials like sheep skin or yak skin
      • They keep the feet warm in cold weather like while snowing
      • Your feet are saved from snow bites
      • It is a great choice for diabetic patients for need the extra warmth and the extra cushioning


Nothing comes without a negative side and so do insulated boots have their own negative sides as well:

      • They are bulky
      • They are heavy for the extra layer of insulating material inserted inside them
      • You cannot wear insulated boots in summers because they offer zero breathability which will make your feet sweat like hell
      • You cannot wear insulated boots in the rain or the rain will ruin the insulating material inside the boots
      • Wearing insulated boots in mild cold might overheat your body and you might feel discomfort

Uninsulated Boots Pros and Cons


Well, uninsulated boots might seem to you less interesting, but they have many advantages which cannot be ignored at all:

      • They are best for summer months 
      • They offer breathability to keep the sweat away from the feet
      • They have cushioning as well, though might not be as thick as the insulated, yet a considerable comfort
      • They can be worn in rain
      • If you pair them with thick wool socks, you can even wear them in cold weather
      • They are light in weight
      • They are more flexible
      • You will have options of wide range of styles and features


Truly speaking, there is not such any negative side of uninsulated boots leaving:

      • They will not provide the warmth needed in extreme cold weather

Comparison Table Between Insulated and Uninsulated

Features  Insulated boots Uninsulated boots
Cold weather Keeps the feet warm Does not keep feet warm
Hot weather Can’t be worn Suitable to wear
Rainy season Can’t be worn because they are not waterproof Can be worn as they are waterproof
Cushion Thick and soft Thin cushioning
Comfort  Very comfortable Comfortable in hot weather
Weight  Heavy  Lighter 
Breathability  No  Yes 
Slip resistance Yes  Yes 
Durability  Less  More 

Comparison of Features in Details:

1.) Comfort: Insulated boots are more comfortable in cold weather and uninsulated boots are comfortable for mild cold to hot weather.

2.) Cushioning: Of course insulated boots are better and thickly cushioned than uninsulated boots.

3.) Water resistance: Insulated boots are not waterproof and can’t be worn in rain or in water. On the other hand, uninsulated boots are well suited for wet conditions as they are waterproof.

4.) Weight: Insulated boots are heavy because of the extra layer of cushioning and the insulating materials. On the other hand, uninsulated boots are lighter and easy to carry.

Insulated or uninsulated hunting boots?

Hunting boots are meant for doing excessive physical activities wherein your feet are going to be heated up due to excess metabolism and will therefore make your feet to sweat.

Therefore, for temperatures up to 20 degrees F it is not required that you wear insulated boots.

Still, if you want to wear insulated boots, do not above 200g insulation in hunting boots.

Before we say Good Bye:

So, in the race of insulated boots vs uninsulated boots, we recommend choosing uninsulated boots as they are meant for all-weather. 

Also you can wear the uninsulated boots even in cold weather with our pro tips:

Pro tips:

      • You can wear uninsulated boots in cold weather with thick woolen socks to keep your feet warm.
      • You can wear them with tight woolen stockings.
      • You can insert extra cushioning insoles and padding to give you the warmth.

Well, that’s all for today guys!

We will be right back with our next piece of writing. Till then take care and…

Keep walking!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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