Can You Wear Thin Socks with Cowboy Boots?

People spend hours, even days or weeks planning which cowboy boot to buy so that the boot that they ultimately buy would fit like a dream. But, the effort will always be incomplete without wearing the right socks underneath cowboy boots.

Just because they stay hidden from sight doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Right socks are just as important as the right cowboy boots. 

Cowboy boots have a characteristic high shaft (anywhere between mid-calf to as long as 16″). With a shaft this high, not wearing socks underneath is like openly inviting blisters and pain. 

Can You Wear Thin Socks with Cowboy Boots

Majority of people, nowadays, have started accepting that wearing socks with boots is important. But, the question arises whether you should wear thick or thin socks with cowboy boots.

Yes, you can wear thin socks with cowboy boots without worrying about rough edges chafing your skin because cowboy boots of excellent craftsmanship do not have uneven edges in the first place.

So, as long as you’ve purchased a high-quality cowboy boot, thin socks of the suitable length will serve the purpose just about right!

Cowboy boots might look hard on the surface, but, on the inside, they are neither stony nor spiny. So, when you buy the right size of cowboy boots, thin socks of the right length will be more than enough to help you break inside your new boots without irritating your feet. 

Keep reading to find out the benefits of wearing socks with cowboy boots, what length is right, the right sock material, and much more!

Ideal Length of Socks for Cowboy Boots – Can You Wear Thin Socks with Cowboy Boots? 

Cowboy boots have different lengths. Naturally, the right length of socks will differ too. There are basically 5 types of cowboy boots. Hence, you should target socks of the following lengths. 

1.) The Traditional Western Cowboy Boots – Typical shaft length for these boots is 12″. Over-the-calf socks are best for these boots. 

2.) The Work Cowboy Boots – These boots are wider at the heels and comparatively shorter. Crew-length socks are best for these boots.

3.) The Shortie Cowboy Boots – As the name suggests, these cowboy boots are shorter, about 10″. Mid-calf-length casual socks are just about right for these boots. 

4.) The Riding Cowboy Boots – These are the closest relatives of country-style cowboy boots from the 80s. Since they’re mostly used for horse riding, it’s preferred that you wear knee-length compression socks with these boots. 

5.) The Buckaroo Cowboy Boots – The shaft of these cowboy boots is between 14″ to 16″. So, knee-length socks are ideal for Buckaroo boots. 

You can wear socks ranging from mid-calf length to knee-length with cowboy boots for maximum comfort. 

Now that the matter of length is settled, let’s settle the matter of thickness too! 

Thin socks are very suitable and comfortable for cowboy boots. Bulky socks can make walking in cowboy boots very difficult by increasing the weight and pressure on the feet. Thin socks, on the other hand, will offer the following benefits when worn with cowboy boots.

1.) Thin socks will work as an optimum protection layer to prevent direct contact between the boots and your skin. 

2.) Thin socks will not feel bulky. They won’t create friction either. Hence, walking in cowboy boots will be easier when you’ll wear thin socks. 

3.) Moisture-wicking thin socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. 

4.) Choosing the right sock material according to the weather (and purpose you’ve purchased the boots for) will help in reducing problems such as smelly feet and blistering.

5.) Thermally insulated thin socks will keep your feet warm in cowboy boots without making them slippery. 

Although many people vouch against wearing thin socks with cowboy boots, wearing them will only make your experience more pleasant and comfortable. 

Thin Socks V/S Thick Socks: Which of The Two is Better? 

This is a universal debate. It might be interesting for you to learn the pros and cons of each of these types to determine which one is going to be the better choice for you. 

Pros of Thin Socks:

      • Thin socks are lightweight. It makes them better options for summers. 
      • Thin socks are breathable. They will never overheat your feet. 
      • Thin socks with padding at the balls of the feet offer the right amount of support so that your feet don’t tire.

Cons of Thin Socks:

      • Thin socks made out of cheap fabric aren’t durable. 
      • Thin socks that do not have proper seam can cause blistering and chafing. 
      • Thin socks made of only cotton might not be able to keep your feet dry. 

Pros of Thick Socks:

Cons of Thick Socks:

      • Thick socks add extra weight. It makes them uncomfortable when worn under already heavy cowboy shoes. 
      • If not vented or blended with the right fabric, thick socks might not be breathable. It might make your feet wet and cold instead of dry and warm. 

The bottom line, thus, is that both thin socks and thick socks can be good as well as bad. For them to be ideal for any season, they have to be moisture wicking and lightweight. 

Weight, in general, is the one cookie point that makes thin socks better than thicker ones. 

Features to Look for in Thin Socks to Wear Under Cowboy Boots 

When we say thin socks, we do not mean flimsy socks. It’s the material that makes the major difference. People who have had a bad experience after wearing thin socks with cowboy boots have mostly chosen the wrong fabric. 

The many features that thin socks have to have to make ideal socks for cowboy boots are as follows. Make sure the pair you buy is a blend of all the following features! 

1.) Material/Sock Fabric – Buy socks made of either Merino wool or cotton and spandex. Cotton blend with polyester and spandex, Lycra, or Sorbtek are also excellent fabric choices for socks to be worn with cowboy boots. 

2.) Moisture-Wicking Property – If the socks you’re wearing fail to absorb moisture from sweat, the whole cause is lost. Not only will your feet smell, but they will also be prone to fungal infection. So, whatever sock you wear, make sure the fabric has a good moisture absorbing capacity. 

3.) The Breathable Factor – Socks that do not absorb sweat after trapping it are unbreathable. They won’t allow proper flow of air and your feet will remain wet and cold. It will lead to problems such as pinched toes, smelly feet, and blistering. So, make sure the fabric is breathable.  

4.) The Matter of Seam – It is very important that the seam of the socks is not at the wrong spots. Otherwise, it will create raw spots in your feet and they will hurt like crazy. Thin socks without a seam or a very soft seam around the toes are best. 

5 Best Thin Socks You Can Wear With Cowboy Boots 

1.) Wrangler Men’s Socks: For Buckaroo-Style Cowboy Boots

Wrangler Men's Western Boot Socks (Pack of 3),Black,Sock Size:Large(10-13)/Shoe Size: 9-13

If you’ve purchased Buckaroo cowboy boots, place your bet on these socks because of the following features:

These thin breathable socks are tight and comfortable around the calves. They won’t fall around your feet after a few hours. Needless to say, you can wear them all day long without worrying. 

The seam around the toes is very soft. So, these socks will ensure that you don’t end up with sore or blistered feet

Since they’re made of polyester, nylon, and spandex, they’re perfect for hot and humid summers. They will keep your feet cool and dry. 

They’ve just the right amount of cushioning at the ball of the feet. It adds the support that’s needed to maintain blood circulation. 

Most importantly, they’re affordable!

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2.) Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Crew Socks: For Work Cowboy Boots 

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack, Black (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-12

It’s amazing how socks this inexpensive can absorb so much moisture! If your feet sweat a lot and emit an obnoxious smell, then, these are the right socks for you. 

The base of these socks is made of very soft cotton. They offer enough compression so that your feet don’t feel ticklish, itchy, or numb.

A mixture of polyester, nylon, and spandex with cotton makes these socks absorb all the sweat. 

They offer insulation to keep your feet warm during cold weather. At the same time, they are breathable too. So, they will keep the feet dry and cool during hot humid weather. 

Do not wear these socks with full-sized cowboy boots. They can cover half your calves. Wear them with shortie cowboy boots or work boots only. 

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3.) Dan Post Over-the-Calf Men’s Socks: For Traditional Western and Buckaroo Cowboy Boots 

Dan Post Dan Post Cowboy Certified Over the Calf Socks 4 Pack White 10 (Men's Shoe 10.5-13)

These socks can be comfortably worn under boots with shafts as high as 16″, that’s usually the maximum length of cowboy boots. 

They are breathable and stretchable. They will hold and support your calves tightly because they don’t fall.

They are true to their size, offer the right amount of padding around the balls of the feet, and can absorb sweat for more than 10 straight hours. 

They protect the skin from getting scratched. 

They are antimicrobial and they are also non-itchy too. 

The seam around the toes is extremely soft. It doesn’t irritate the skin. 

These socks are so stretchable that you will have all the freedom in the world to wiggle your toes inside your boots easily. 

The only thing to watch out for is their price. They’re on the very expensive side of the budget. 

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4.) Wrangler Men’s Wellington Cushion Smooth Toe Socks: For Work Cowboy Boots 

Wrangler Men's Wellington Cushion Smooth Toe Work Boot Socks 4 Pair Pack, White/Grey, Large

First off, the company advertises these socks as all-weather socks. But, they offer better performance during the winter season. If you’re living in a place that sees rough winters, then nothing can beat the comfort of these socks.

They’re lightweight! That’s the reason they’re so comfortable. They’re so lightweight that you won’t even feel you’re wearing socks under your boots at all.

There’s the right amount of cushioning provided around the balls of the feet and ankles for all-day comfort even if you have to stand for the entire day. 

The mixture of nylon, cotton, and spandex makes these socks stretchable. Also, the top is vented so that the socks are breathable enough to keep your feet dry. 

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5.) Under Armour Unisex-Adult Tactical Heatgear Over-the-calf Boots: For Riding and Buckaroo Cowboy Boots

Under Armour Adult Tactical Heatgear Over-The-Calf, 1-Pair , Foliage Green/White , X-Large

These are some of the best socks to be worn under cowboy boots during slick hot summers. 

They wick away almost every trace of sweat, keeping your feet dry at all times. 

The fabric is super-breathable. So, these socks will never overheat your feet. 

They offer toe-to-heel cushioning so that your feet won’t tire even if you had to walk all day long. 

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Thin socks are perfect for cowboy boots when their length and fabric are right. If you choose the socks according to the weather conditions they’re made for, and the fabric absorbs moisture, there’s nothing that can beat the comfort of thin lightweight socks. 

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