Should Scrubs Be Baggy? (Find the Right Fit)

When we think of scrubs, the first thing we have in our minds is hospital. That’s because medical practitioners, doctors and nurses wear them as their daily uniform. They require attire that fits properly in order for them to be as flexible and comfortable as possible. 

Scrubs are often required to be worn by nurses, physicians, and other healthcare personnel for 8-12 hours every shift, and occasionally longer.

These clothes must be able to withstand a large amount of wear and tear, but they must also be comfortable so as not to obstruct a healthcare professional’s everyday activities.

When it comes to the fitting, scrubs shouldn’t be baggy or even too tight. They should comfortably fit the body of the wearer for optimal support. Wearing ill-fitted scrubs for sometime makes you realize that they aren’t appropriate for working as they’ll get in the way of your work which might be risky in a medical field. 

Should Scrubs Be Baggy

Scrubs are often constructed of flexible, elastic, and breathable material, similar to a lot of sportswear, and they’re tailored in such a manner that healthcare workers may move freely without placing undue strain on the fabric.

However, while selecting your own scrubs, there are various things to keep in mind. What are those things? 

1.) Comfortable fitting

Finding the ideal scrub that fits you might be difficult, but keeping in mind the comfort when you’re wearing them is essential.

You don’t want them to be too loose that they come in your way of performing your job, but you also don’t want them to be too tight that they restrict you from doing your job. 

The best recommendations for getting a decent fit in scrubs is to learn your dimensions, look at different fabric kinds, and look for scrubs that allow you to move freely.

2.) Enough room for layers

Working in hospitals, you’d go for a pair of scrubs that allow for layering. Because most hospital facilities are constantly chilly.

However, finding a pair of scrubs that allow you to be comfortable, get your work done swiftly, and provide room for layering is more difficult than it appears. 

3.) Good fabric

Choosing a fabric for your scrub is essential as it determines your comfort level. There are various fabrics used in the making of scrubs and each has certain sets of advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look at these  different types of fabrics:

Cotton is a soft, breathable, absorbent, and natural material. It is simple to launder and iron, making it ideal for sanitising hospital clothes.

It is also long lasting and does not generate static electricity. Cotton is still a popular choice for scrubs cloth because of its many advantages.

Polyester, as we all are aware, is a synthetic fabric, and rightfully so, polyester doesn’t feel as natural as cotton. Yet it has numerous advantages of its own, it is wrinkle-resistant, easy to care for, long-lasting, and quick to dry.

It is also resistant to stretching and shrinking, which is why it is frequently combined with cotton to make clothing.

Polyester is also moisture-resistant and not particularly absorbent, so it tends to retain perspiration rather than absorb it, like cotton does.

Spandex is a lightweight and durable material, however, it is permanently resistant to stretching and shrinking.

It does stretch but will return to its original form and this is why spandex clothes are not baggy. It is also resistant to moisture and abrasion. 

Benefits of Wearing Scrubs

1.) It becomes a thing of identity

Young physicians, nurses, surgeons, assistants, and others just beginning out in the industry may feel like inexperienced freshers in the presence of more senior peers.

Making them look the part is a definite approach to help them feel like they can participate and get their head in the game. 

This is also true for people who see a new face on their doctor and are concerned about the quality of their service. A professional presentation will pave the way for cooperation. 

2.) For safety reasons

Scrubs are not considered a part of personal protective wear (PPE), but they are water and stain resistant, making them less prone to collect and contain toxins. Scrubs, while still needing to be properly washed on a regular basis, hold up well in between washes. 

Scrubs also protect your regular clothing. They are cleaner and more sanitary than personal clothes since facilities launder them with unique detergents and procedures.

This decreases the possibility of medical personnel carrying and transmitting dangerous pollutants to patients. They are also easier to put on and take off because of the looser fit.

3.) They are breathable and flexible

Scrubs are usually made of fabrics that let your skin breathe. If you’re on your feet all day dealing with the stresses of your work, the last thing you need is an uncomfortably tight uniform that makes you uncomfortable. 

Scrubs are flexible and adjust according to the shape of the wearer’s body.  Any difficult work you are up to, you may be confident that your uniform will not obstruct your movement. 

How will you get the right fitting for your scrub?

Begin with proper measurement, the first step in acquiring an appropriate and comfortable fit for your scrub is determining what particularly could fit you as of recently.

If you want to purchase something online, you need to get your current measurements taken. 

Do not depend on past measurements since, as we all know, measurements may vary over time. Don’t try to order a size based on other garments or scrubs you’ve purchased in the past, only depend on recent measurements. 

Advantages of a proper fitting scrub:

      • They allow you to do your task comfortably without any obstruction. 
      • A proper fitting scrub makes you look smart and confident.
      • They don’t jeopardise your productivity at work. 

How to measure the right fit?

You’ll need to know your chest, waist, hips, and inseam measurements to choose the best size and fit for you. 

1.) Stand up straight, grab a full-body mirror to see whether you’re measuring correctly, and get started. 

2.) When measuring the chest, both men and women should measure it at its widest point. 

3.) Next, for the waist, take a measurement around the navel. 

4.) Standing with your feet a few inches apart, measure around the broadest area of your hips. 

5.) Measure from the seam of your jeans to an inch below the ankle for the inseam. The length of the scrub pants is determined by the inseam.

Some points to remember while wearing scrubs-

→ Scrubs that are too tight are unattractive and irritating. Even if you’re in good shape, wearing skin-tight scrubs isn’t the best approach to convey professionalism.

→ And scrubs that are too big and saggy look just as bad as those that are too little.

→ Find brands that develop shirts and bottoms to fit your body type while still looking and feeling amazing. Fit varies from one brand to another.

→ Wear undergarments similar to your skin tone while wearing scrubs. White scrubs are required in several hospitals.

→ You may appreciate them for their clean appearance but understanding what to wear underneath them is crucial.

→ Undergarments with patterns or bright colors don’t really look well with scrubs, therefore, your best strategy is to match your underwear to your skin tone.

Recommended brands of scrubs for you

1.) Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform 

This unisex scrub comes in a set, along with one chest pockets and two regular pockets in the pants. They’re comfortable and lightweight and will let you do your work with ease. It also comes in various colors. 

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2.) Workwear Professionals Scrubs 

This durable scrub does not come in a set and the pants have to be purchased separately. However, the quality is great and they’re extremely comfortable to wear. 

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3.) Adar Scrubs 

This lightweight, comfortable scrub comes with moisture wicking features that does not allow moisture to accumulate even after long hours of work. 

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4.) Sivvan Unisex Scrubs

Comes with a variety of colors. This scrub set from Sivvan comes with a breathable fabric that is comfortable for your daily hard work. 

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Scrubs are important, therefore, getting yourself a good quality scrub becomes essential if you want to work comfortably.

Choose a suitable fabric according to the weather and environment, and go for the size that fits you properly and lets you move around with ease. 

Remember, you can only treat your patients well if you are at your absolute best. 

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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