Does Regular Shirt Work as Undershirt for Sweating?

Does Regular Shirt Work as Undershirt for SweatingDo you know where undershirts actually originated from?

In case you don’t, here is something I have to let you know:

Undershirts actually originated from the Union Suit, that the then men used to wear beneath their regular shirts or suits in order to protect their skin from the itchy and not so comfortable styling fabric and also to keep themselves cool and to keep away sweat and odor!

As the name suggests, undershirts are meant to be worn under your regular shirts to give you the feeling of comfort and to prevent as well as soak up sweat as they are made of breathable fabric like cotton. While you cannot wear an undershirt as an outerwear, similarly the regular shirts too can’t be worn as an undershirt for sweating unless and until they are made of moisture wicking fabric.

Still, if you are confused wondering does regular shirt work as an undershirt for sweating, let me get your facts correct in this article.

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Difference Between a Regular shirt and an Undershirt

To be straight on point, a regular work shirt or t-shirt is what you wear on the outer as outerwear and an undershirt is more like that you wear beneath the regular shirt.

An undershirt fits tight to the skin, more sort of a body hugging thing whereas; a t-shirt serves to enhance your look and style.

Let’s talk about the differences in details:

1.) Thickness of the material:

As undershirts are meant to be worn underneath your regular shirt, they are much thinner and lighter than regular shirts. Regular shirts on the other hand are made of thicker fabric and might be light or heavy depending on the material of which it is made of.

2.) Material:

Undershirts are generally made of very light and breathable fabric like cotton that absorbs sweat and also allows airflow within the body to keep you cool. Regular shirts on the other hand can be made of any material like cotton, nylon, silk, wool, rayon, etc.

3.) Sweat prevention:

As I have mentioned earlier, undershirts are made of breathable fabric that not only allows air flow that keeps away sweat, but also soaks up sweat in case your body gets heated up.

4.) Length:


Undershirts are generally longer than regular shirts because they are to be tucked in inside the pants. Regular shirts on the other hand can be short or long depending on the style of the shirt; whether formal or informal respectively.

5.) Fit:

Regular shirts can be of tight fit depending on the style you choose, but undershirts are only of tight fit because they need to act as a barrier between the body and the outer shirt to keep you comfortable and cool all day long.

6.) Sleeve length:

The sleeve length of the regular shirts may vary ranging from the half sleeve or full sleeve. But undershirts generally come in sleeveless designs; only in rare cases, you might want to search for the short-sleeved ones.

Can you wear regular shirt as an undershirt for sweating?

Though the obvious answer to the question is a BIG NO! Yet, there are certain points you need to know in case you want to wear your regular shirt as an undershirt for sweating.

Undershirts serve the following requirements:

      • They are to be tight fit. In other words, they need to be body hugging
      • They are made of breathable fabric
      • They are made of moisture wicking fabric
      • They are generally sleeveless so that do not deform the style of your outerwear
      • They are not collared, so that they do not show up above your outerwear
      • They are made of soft and comfortable fabric
      • They are usually longer in length so that you can tuck them in inside your pants

Now, regular shirts do not necessarily fulfill all the above mentioned requirements and if your shirt does, go and wear them as your undershirt!

And even if you might find some points matching, still there will be the following shortcomings:

      • Regular shirts will never be sleeveless
      • Regular shirts will not have that deeply cut neck that eases out its way to be worn as an undershirt so that when you wear your outerwear, it does not pop up
      • Even if your regular shirts would be made of breathable fabric and would soak up sweat, the sweat that is the wet appearance would be shown to the world, which is not the case with undershirts. Undershirts will hide the sweat from the world

When can you wear your regular shirt as an undershirt?

If you guys are not convinced yet and still want to wear your regular shirt as an undershirt, here is when you can do so:

      • If your regular shirt is not collared
      • If your regular shirt is made of cotton or other moisture wicking fabric
      • If it’s of the colors: white, nude and black
      • If your regular shirt is of tight fit

Why and When to Wear an Undershirt?

You can never replace the need to wear an undershirt in the following cases:

1.) Undershirt traps your sweat:

Undershirt traps your sweat and breathable


The very reason that you wear an undershirt is to trap your sweat in case your work environment makes you sweat profusely. You will never feel comfortable to work in a sweaty dress. Even if you are wearing sweater in the cold weather, wearing an undershirt will make you feel more comfortable.

2.) Undershirt prevents those deodorant and sweat spots:

If you do not wear an undershirt your sweat will appear in spots in your regular shirt and even those deodorant marks would not want to go away from your shirts and you cannot hide them from the eyes of your coworkers! Undershirts will take up all those spots in it thus sparing your regular shirts from embarrassments!

3.) Undershirts keep you more comfortable:

Admit it guys that we all have gone through the feeling of sweaty shirts touching our bodies again and again and making us more uncomfortable to work! At least I don’t like that wet feeling. Undershirts are body hugging and even if they absorb sweat, you won’t feel it separately touching your body!

4.) To add an extra layer to your outfit:

Especially in the cold weather, you can never skip the undershirt which saves your skin from touching the woolen fabric and making you uncomfortable!

5.) To hide your body flaws:

Yes, undershirts also help to hide those ugly flaws of your body like excess fat, hairy skin, marks or spots on the skin. They kinda hide everything and give your body a good and presentable shape!

It’s time to bid Adieu!

So, if you are really not running really low on your budget, go and grab an undershirt for yourself because nothing can replace its comfort!

That’s all for today guys! See you soon in our next article! Till then…

Take care, stay safe, stay fit…


Have a great day ahead!

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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