Best Re-solable Work Boots

Have you had a pair of work boots that you really loved, but that at some point, the soles wore out?

Maybe the boots themselves were still in good condition but because of the method used to attach soles to boot uppers, they could not be resoled and so you had to toss them.

Now you may be in the market for a new pair of work boots, and you don’t want to repeat that error.

Best Re-solable Work Boots

Is Resoling Work Boots a Good Idea?

That’s the question that every tradesman will at some point or other find him or herself asking. Or should I just buy new work boots and toss these? There are many good reasons for resoling a work boot, and there are also a few reasons not to.

The most common reason we choose to resole boots or footgear, in general, is to save money. Resoling costs a lot less than buying a brand-new pair of boots.

Another reason is fit- Your lovable old pair of boots have already adapted to the form of your feet. They are comfortable.

A new pair will most likely require a period of breaking in, and that can lead to blisters, hot spots on feet, or just plain discomfort. For the environmentally sensitive, repairing as opposed to buying is better for the environment.

The principal reason for not resoling is that you may find yourself without boots for several days to several weeks depending on who does the repair and how busy they are. Plus, if it turns out to be expensive, it may not be worth it to keep old boots.

Our Favorites

Not all work boot construction methods lend themselves to resoling. We investigated, researched, and talked with professional shoe repair people to get the lowdown on what kind of work boot offers the best chances of quality resoling when the time comes.

Our top overall choice of a work boot that is resolable is the Keen Utility Cincinnati 6-inch Waterproof Work Boot with Composite Safety Toe. The continuous Goodyear Welt construction convinced us that these boots lend themselves to high-quality resoling.

Another boot we liked for resoling is the Ariat H20 Construction Work Men’s Boot. If you prefer pull-on work boots give these a try.

Work BootUppersOutsolesConstruction MethodSafety
Keen Utility Cincinnati 6-inch Waterproof 100% barnyard-resistant leatherRubberGoodyear WeltASTM F2412, F2413 EH, ASTM F1677-96, F2913 SATRA, Composite toe
Ariat H20 Construction 100% leatherRubber, DuratreadWeltedSteel toe box
Wolverine Raider 6-inch 100% leatherRubberWolverine Contour weltSteel toe
Redwing Classic Crepe Wedge Sole Heritage 100% leatherSyntheticNorwegian welt construction
King Rocks Construction Moc Toe 100% leatherSynthetic PUGoodyear WeltEH-rated, ASTM F2892-11

Our List of Favorite Best Resolable Work Boots

Best Overall Resolable Work Boot

1. Keen Utility Cincinnati 6-inch Waterproof Work Boot with Composite Safety Toe

Barnyard-resistant leather and asymmetrical composite safety toe caps make these work boots from manufacturer Keen worth consideration.

Thanks to the composite toe, they boast approximately 15% less boot weight than traditional steel-toed boots. Compliant with ASTM electrical hazard standards, they feature a waterproof yet breathable membrane liner to keep feet dry on the job.

An air-infused midsole using Keen’s Luftcell and aerated pillowy cushioning work to keep feet comfortable regardless of the task.

Slip-resistant, oil-resistant, non-marking outsoles in rubber offer superb traction. Goodyear welt construction means these babies are resolable.


      • 100% barnyard-resistant leather uppers
      • Rubber soles
      • EH rated
      • Goodyear welt construction
      • Waterproof
      • Insole comfort
      • Superb traction


      • Need breaking in
      • Foot shape runs narrow
      • Some quality control issues
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Best Pull-on Resolable Work Boot

2. Ariat H20 Construction Work Men’s Boot

Included in the “Workhog series”, these boots are made with leather and textile. The boot shaft measures roughly 10.5 inches from the arch.

Outsoles are in rubber. The boot’s opening is twelve inches for ease in pulling on and off. 

Mesh linings afford breathability to these work boots that are completely waterproofed so there is lots of protection.

The work protection also includes a steel toe cap. Also, slip-resistant, these work boots feature gel-cushioned insoles for added comfort.


      • Very attractive styling with a hint of western
      • Comfort gel insoles
      • Welted rubber sole
      • Steel toe box
      • ASTM F2892-11 EH
      • Waterproof
      • Boots can be resoled


      • Seam quality
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Best Steel Toe Resolable Work Boots

3. Wolverine Raider 6-inch Work Boots with Steel Toe 

These six-inch steel toe Work Boots feature boot uppers in 100% full-grain leather attached to a durable rubber-lugged outsole for exceptional tread and traction. Your feet will be comfortable and dry.

They come with a well-cushioned footbed and the sole is lightweight which helps in fighting foot fatigue together with good shock absorption. 

The lining is Wave Mesh with moisture-wicking capabilities and the characteristic Wolverine construction welt offers flexibility and resoling possibilities. They are also resistant to oil, chemicals, abrasion, heat, and slippage.


      • Breathable lining 
      • Full-grain leather uppers
      • Flexible Contour Welt construction 
      • Removable Multishox footbed 
      • Resistant to slippage and abrasion
      • Lightweight polyurethane midsole 
      • Rubber lugged outsole


      • Sizing issues
      • Quality control issues
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Best Soft Toe Resolable Work Boot

4. Redwing Classic Crepe Wedge Sole Heritage Men’s Moc Toe Work Boot

These boots from Redwing boast an attractive design with a crepe wedge outsole offering exceptional slip-resistance. This wedge also affords great shock absorbance.

Known for their durability, thanks to Welt construction, they can be resoled. The attachment uses Goodyear Welt Construction technology.

Insoles are leather and the manufacturer offers various color options with something for everyone’s taste.


      • Goodyear Welt construction
      • Leather insoles 
      • Leather uppers
      • Treaded synthetic crepe wedge outsoles
      • Various color options
      • Can be Resoled


      • May need some breaking in 
      • Narrow for some foot shapes
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Best Budget-friendly Resolable Work Boots

5. King Rocks Construction Moc Toe Men’s Work Boots

These are impressive work boots at an even more impressive price. They afford good durability and protection whatever your job.

Great for industrial settings and construction site work, these sturdy, heavy-duty boots can tough out the roughest work environments. 

Uppers are in 100% water-repellent leather attached to a wedge sole thanks to Goodyear Welt Construction, meaning they are resolable.

Outsoles are lightweight and oil resistant. A mesh lining will wick away moisture, while insulating feet for warmth if need be.


      • Comfortable 
      • Rugged
      • Lightweight
      • Goodyear Welt construction
      • Slip-resistant soles
      • Attractive style


      • Sizing may run a half size larger
      • Sole could have better tread
      • May require breaking in
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Now let’s look at the details when resoling boots.

When Will My Work Boots Need Resoling?

You definitely do not want to wait until the soles are separating from boot uppers or literally falling apart at the seams.

As soon as the first indications of your safety being compromised such as consumed tread, or your boots become uncomfortable, consider that it’s time to resole.

If you’ve got a hole in the sole, it’s already late. Never allow your soles to have holes. This may compromise your safety at a worksite.

Also be on the lookout for splits, even small ones. As soon as the sole separates from the boot uppers, you’re in trouble!

Imagine not only water seepage but chemicals or oils entering and coming into contact with your feet. Moisture alone can subject you to the development of an athlete’s foot or fungal infection.

Should you be able to feel the ground closer to the bottom of your foot, your sole is too thin. Time to resole.

There are three aspects to check to verify if your boots require resoling:

1.) Using your finger, run it across the outsole to feel for softness or wrinkles.

2.) Look for holes

3.) Check the side perimeters of the outsole to see if the stitching is exposed especially in work boots with welt construction.

What Happens During Resoling?

During resoling, the outer sole, meaning the sole that touches the ground, is separated from work boot uppers and a new sole is attached in its place.

Can All Work Boots Potentially Be Resoled?

No, some specific boot construction methods do not lend themselves to resoling.

What Boot Construction Methods Lend Themselves to Resoling?

Workboot construction may use one of several methods:

1.) Blake switch. A method that is known for durability because the sole and the boot uppers are sewn together. If the stitches on your work boot are visible, it was probably constructed with the Blake switch method.

2.) Cement. This method is commonly used due to the reduced costs of production. The manufacturer glues the boot sole to the boot uppers.

This method uses no stitching or sewing, making it quite rapid for production necessities. However, it boasts the least durability. If you don’t see the stitching, your boot is probably glued.

3.) Goodyear Welt or storm welt. This is a high-quality boot construction method. Initially, the insole or footbed of the boot and the boot upper are attached.

Then, using a piece of leather, the insole with the connected upper is attached to the outsole and a “welt” is created. Then all parts are stitched together. This construction method is easily identifiable.

Look at the bottom of your boot, if there is stitching visible, the Goodyear method has been used. This is an exceptional method in terms of durability

4.) Molded. An injection is used to unite the boot upper to the sole. No adhesives or stitching are used. This type of binding is very water-resistant. Unfortunately, they cannot be resoled or repaired. When consumed, they are a loss and must be thrown out.

Boots that use Goodyear Welt construction or Blake Stitch construction are two examples of boots that can be resoled.

To resole a boot with Blake stitching, the cobbler will require a Blake stitch machine, so this particular resoling may be more expensive. 

The easiest boots to resole are those that feature Goodyear Welt construction. These boots are double stitched together and can easily be resoled using a Goodyear welt machine or even by hand.

How Long Should My Work Boots Last?

Months? A Season? Years? Just how long your particular pair of work boots should last will depend on several factors.

A lot will depend on how hard you are on your footwear when walking and moving, how to take care of your boots, and the kind of environment you are subjecting them to. 

If there are areas that are showing wear together with the soles, you may not want to limit your boot repair to resoling by perhaps should consider rebuilding your boots completely.

How Often Can I Resole My Work Boots?

A very high-quality work boot may allow you to resole two or three times before the wear and tear affect the integrity of the entire boot.

Is It Expensive to Resole Work Boots?

Some cobblers may resole for $40 to $50, while some name-brand manufacturers will resole their boots for higher fees that may however be inclusive of packaging and postage. There are also kits you can get to resole boots by yourself that may cost as little as $25 to $30.

Work Boot Brands That Can Commonly Be Resoled

There are some manufacturers of quality work boots that publicize their work boots as being resolable. These include:

1.) Ariat – The folks at Ariat recommend you send your Ariat boots to because they use specifically designed outsoles on their boots.

2.) Justin Boots

3.) Keen – Among Keen boots, only the “Cinncinati” model can be resoled. The methodology used for outsoles does not lend itself to resoling.

4.) Red Wing – This manufacturer offers their resoling service, so you just send them back to the factory to get original Red Wing outsoles.

5.) Wolverine – Yes, Wolverine boots can be resoled by any professional shoe cobbler.

The Bottom Line

Many good quality work boots do permit resoling thanks to the boot construction method. Any of the boots listed, merit serious consideration and there are choices for every budget.

We might add that some boots are so well made, they may never require resoling!

Stephen Luettgen
I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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