Are You Supposed to Wear Socks with Vibrams?

A section of shoe-fanatics and runners propagate that Vibrams can be worn without socks. But, there are many problems that occur if you don’t wear socks with shoes, and that includes Vibrams too. 

You’re supposed to wear toe socks with your Vibrams because they will protect your nails from getting in direct contact with the shoe material. It will protect the shoe as well as your nails.

There will be less friction when you’ll run or hike and the right socks will wick all the traces of moisture too. As somebody who might have been wearing Vibrams without socks, you’ll be convinced by the end of this guide that you’re supposed to wear socks with FiveFingers.

Find out the reasons that wearing socks with Vibrams is a necessity, the right socks that’ll offer protection and help you break into your new Vibrams, and much more. 

Are You Supposed to Wear Socks with Vibrams

Is Wearing Socks with Vibrams Mandatory? 

Wearing socks with Vibrams is mostly an individual choice. A section of runners does not wear socks with shoes. But, fitness experts insist on the importance of wearing socks with Vibrams.

Vibram FiveFingers have a very different design than other running shoes you must have had in the past. They’re separated by individual toes to take up the shape of your feet. 

When toes are separated instead of being squeezed together, the blood circulation is so much better. That’s why it is important to wear socks with Vibrams. 

One might argue that Vibrams will already keep the toes separated from each other, so what’s the need for toe socks in the first place? But, the importance is quite evident – When you’ll have a barrier between your toes and the surface of the shoes, there will be fewer chances of getting the toes hurt. 

Vibrams are not cushioned at the base nor the front. Wearing socks will offer that one missing bit of protection against hurting the toes due to accidental tripping.

And, let’s be honest, the chances of tripping or bumping against obstructions are very high when running or hiking. 

So, wearing socks with Vibrams is highly recommended if you’re someone who keeps safety and comfort ahead of everything else. 

Toe Socks or Regular Socks: Which one is Better to Wear With Vibrams and Why? 

Now that it’s established how important it is to wear socks with Vibrams, the next obvious question is which socks should you wear? 

The two varieties of socks are toe socks and regular socks. Toe socks, as the name suggests, are separated at every individual toe. Regular socks, on the other hand, do not have separate sections to fit individual toes. 

With other shoes, regular socks can be very comfortable. But, with Vibrams, wearing regular socks is not recommended at all. Regular socks will work entirely against the concept of giving the toes room to wiggle

1.) Wearing regular socks with Vibrams will offer uncomfortable fitting. 

2.) Although Vibrams are designed for comfort, if your feet will be trapped inside socks with no toes, the fitting will not be right and there will be skin-on-skin interaction. 

3.) Regular socks will reduce the grip and create friction. It might cause blisters and pain.

Toe socks are the right socks to be worn with Vibrams because of the following reasons. 

1.) Toe socks will not take away the essence of Vibrams: maximum comfort without squeezing your toes. 

2.) Toe socks will improve your grip, offer support to the right muscles, evenly disturb your weight every time you land, and protect you from the impact of bumping against obstructions. 

3.) Toe socks will reduce the chances of calloused toes because they will prevent your skin from coming in direct contact with the surface of the shoes. 

3 Benefits of Wearing Socks with Vibrams

As already mentioned, wearing toe socks with Vibrams offer protection and protects the tip of your toes from getting calloused. There are, however, many other very important benefits of wearing toe socks, listed below, with Vibrams. 

1.) They Absorb Moisture and Keep Your Feet Dry

Vibram shoes are mostly 95% Polyester. They’re organically breathable. But, running hard and hiking on long trails builds up sweat, and shoes alone cannot absorb that amount of sweat while keeping your feet dry. The right toe socks can! 

Socks not only wick away moisture, but they absorb it to such a degree that your feet stay dry. As a result, you will not suffer from fungal infections

2.) They Control Bad Odor

Working hard means you’ll sweat. And congregated sweat means smelly feet. Socks that absorb sweat serve two purposes.

1.) They wick sweat from your feet so that your feet won’t smell. 

2.) They absorb sweat before it hits the plastic of Vibrams. 

So, neither your feet nor shoes catch the stinky smell of sweat. If your shoes start to stench, things can get pretty nasty. Hence, wearing socks with Vibrams is very important to ensure the hygiene of the shoes.

3.) They Will Help You Break Into Your New Vibrams

Vibrams are comfortable but they take a lot of time before your feet can get used to the feeling of bareness.

Walking or running in Vibrams without socks the very first time you’re wearing them will tire your feet, cause blisters and irritation, and hurt your toes and heels. 

When you wear socks with Vibrams, you’ll be able to adjust to your new shoes comfortably. They will help you adapt to the ninja-like feeling that wearing Vibrams offers. 

1.) You’ll be able to run longer. 

2.) You’ll be able to take longer leaps because socks will offer a better grip.

3.) Your feet won’t slip or rub against the shoes. So, there will be very little to no friction. 

6 Best Toe-Socks For Vibrams

Considering how important socks are, you must purchase high-quality products only. Some of the best products that offer perfect fitting with Vibrams have been explained in the sections to come. 

1.) Vibram FiveFingers Athletic No-Show Toe Socks

Vibram FiveFingers Athletic No-Show Toe Socks - SS19 - Small - Grey

The very first most suitable toe-sock for Vibrams comes from the brand itself. These socks are lightweight and slip-resistant. 

1.) They’re made of Coolmax, Nylon, and Lycra. So, they keep the feet dry and are super stretchable too.

2.) They’re available in many size options. Look for the right size to get the best fitting.

3.) They’re no-show socks. So, they won’t hamper your fashion statement in any way. 

4.) They have a high moisture absorbing capacity. So, they will protect your Vibrams from getting all stinky. 

You might find people complaining that these socks are wobbly with Vibrams. But, that’s because of the size mismatch. So, as we said, be very careful that you buy socks that are true to your foot size. 

Cons Reported: 

They’re expensive. 

Color options are limited to Grey, White, and black. 

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2.) Zakasa No Show FiveFingers Running Socks for Ladies 

Zakasa no-show toe socks are available in many delightful colors. They’re 75% cotton, 22% polyester, and 3%  Spandex. So, they’re the right amount of stretchable. 

1.) They reduce friction between the shoes and feet. 

2.) They are breathable and keep the feet and shoes dry. 

3.) These anti-slip socks reduce extrusion collision to a very large extent. So, they’ll protect your toes from getting hurt or calloused. 

4.) They’re soft and anti-microbial. 

Cons Reported:

Some customers report that the socks can feel tight. 

However, as long as you buy them according to the size of your feet, they will neither be too tight or loose. 

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3.) Meaiguo Unisex Toe Socks 

These socks are just the right height. They’re no-show socks. Hence, they won’t interfere with your stylistic sense at all. 

1.) They put an end to skin-on-skin interaction since each toe is perfectly separated. So, you won’t have to face blistering or rashes. 

2.) They fit around the heels like a dream. 

3.) They’re 75% cotton, 22% polyester, and 3% spandex. Combined, these three materials wick away all the sweat and absorb moisture so that your feet remain dry for long hours. 

Cons Reported:

Some customers report that they find it hard to slip on these socks. First-timers might face issues until they’re used to the basics of wearing FiveFinger socks. 

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4.) Upgrade Unisex Toe Socks Running


These are some of the very few FiveFinger compression socks. Not only do they improve blood circulation, but they are true to their size too. They won’t bundle down or fold. 

1.) They’re 12% Lycra which makes them bi-directionally stretchable and very comfortable. 

2.) They reduce abrasion, prevent blisters, and absorb sweat. 

3.) They’re perfect for both winters and summers. 

4.) They’re extremely stylish, lightweight, and very breathable. 

5.) They’re 68% grade-A premium cotton. Hence, they’re super soft.

Cons Reported:

They’re expensive. 

If you like wearing thicker socks, you might not like the feel of these socks. 

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5.) HelloMamma No Shoe Toe Socks 

They’re no-show liner socks that offer extreme comfort. Since they’re low cut, they won’t spoil the look of your ensemble. 

1.) These socks are super lightweight and breathable. 

2.) They can be worn for long hours because of their stunning moisture-wicking gradient. 

3.) They do not slip and offer you the comfort to go for long runs. 

Cons Reported:

Despite they’re labeled as Unisex, they’re better for women only. So, if you’re a man in search of FiveFinger socks, these might not be the ideal pair for you. 

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6.) VWell Men’s Cotton Five Finger Toe Socks

One of the first things you’ll notice about these toe socks is that they do not have any seam around the toes. Hence, they’re unbeatable when it comes to comfort. They’re so comfy that you can wear them for 12 straight hours and there still won’t be any abrasion. 

1.) They’re provided with extra cushioning around the base of the heels to help you break into your new Vibram shoes. 

2.) They do not shrink. So, they’ll stay true to your size.

3.) They’re breathable and the fabric (Combed Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex) is extremely moisture-wicking. 

4.) They’re moderately priced. 

Cons Reported:

They’re thick and some users might not like it. So, if you generally do not find the feel of thick socks comfortable, it’s better you avoid these. 

Some customers report that the durability of these socks is about 3 months only if used constantly every day.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


Wearing high-quality Five-Finger socks (toe socks) with Vibrams is highly recommended. They will offer the extra amount of grip that’ll help you run and hike for longer hours.

Wearing socks will also prevent your Vibrams from catching the smell of sweat. Besides, they will also keep your feet dry and blister-free. 

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