5 Best Work Boots with Vibram Soles

Best Work Boots with Vibram Soles FeaturedWhen considering work boots equipped with Vibram outsoles, there really the embarrassment of the choice, as there are hundreds of Vibram soles out there. The options are endless. 

We put together a team of pros from the most varied professions including construction, industrial, and outdoor professions. After lots of research and testing, we came up with the best work boots with Vibram soles list, and there is something for everyone, including steel toes, waterproofing, and even western-style cowboy boots. 

So read on to find the type and style of a work boot with Vibram soles that will satisfy your work boot needs.

Comparison of Top Vibram Sole Work boots

Work BootUppersWaterproofStyleSafety
Chippewa Waterproof 73101 Logger100% leatherYesLogger eight-inchSteel toe
Muck Boots Chore Soft Toe Rubber100% RubberYesWellington styleSteel shank
Wolverine 1000 Mile AxelLeatherNoRuggedly refined
Redwing Classic MocNubuck leatherWater-resistantMoc style
Rocky Legacy 32 WesternFull-grain leatherYesWestern-style cowboy bootFiberglass shank

The Birth of the Vibram Sole

The Vibram sole was born of tragedy but with the intent to prevent or reduce future calamities. Vitale Bramani was a member of the Italian Alpine Club. On September 15, 1935, six of his friends were hiking in the Italian Alps and in an accident lost their lives.

The fatalities were attributed partially to a lack of good footwear. This tragedy inspired Vitale Bramani to invent a new type of climbing outsole.

In 1937, Bramani patented his invention of an outsole with rubber lugs for improved traction. The outsoles featured a new tread design that was manufactured in vulcanized rubber.

The outsole was named the “Carrarmato” which signifies “Tank tread”. Bramani was backed financially by the Pirelli Tyre Company’s  Leopoldo Pirelli.

The intent in designing the Vibram outsole was to provide increased traction on an array of various surfaces, with better resistance to heat and abrasion.

In fact, in July 1954, an Italian expedition ascended the summit of K2 successfully for the first time while wearing footwear with Vibram rubber outsoles.

Vibram Soles Today

Nowadays Vibram soles are an international product manufactured in numerous countries globally. They are a regular feature in all kinds of footwear including

      • Athletic
      • Fashion
      • Law enforcement
      • Military
      • Rescue 

 and of course, Workboots.

One advantage to these soles is that they can be substituted with new ones when they wear out. Today they feature various treads and pattern designs for numerous work surfaces and environments.

Why Choose a Vibram Sole?

An important consideration is that Vibram soles are manufactured in quality vulcanized rubber, making them rugged and durable.

They offer excellent traction on a vast number of varied surfaces found both indoors and outdoors because of the quality rubber coupled with the lug tread.

These soles are also produced to be resistant to both heat and to abrasion. This can be very important when working in some industrial work environments. It is an exceptional footwear alternative for those who work outdoors.

If you work on surfaces that are hot, oily, wet, slippery, uneven, or feature gravel and debris, the Vibram sole is an excellent tool for contributing to safety in the workplace.

Vibram Work Boot Reviews

Best Steel Toe Vibram Sole Work Boot:

1. Chippewa Waterproof 73101 Logger Work Boot

Designed as a work boot for the logging industry, the Chippewa Bay Apache features leather uppers that are waterproofed with hardy Vibram rubber outsoles.

This is a true safety work boot with a safety steel toe to protect feet from falling debris or tools at a worksite. The leather uppers are oiled and will resist abrasion.

The design of this work boot includes a “Chip-a-Tex” bootie that ensures your feet stay dry. Warmth for working outdoors in cooler climates is guaranteed thanks to 400 grams of Chippewa’s ”Thinsulate” insulation.

The midsole is made from rubber and offers both absorption of shock together with supportive cushioning. Stability is included in Chippewa’s design by a steel shank that is triple ribbed.

A removable footbed is generously cushioned for your comfort along with a heel counter in thermoplastic. Boot laces are heavy-duty and have been waxed to waterproof them and enhance durability.


      • Steel Toe
      • Waterproof leather uppers
      • Bootie design for keeping feet dry
      • Insulated
      • Cushioning and shock absorption
      • Steel shank


      • Durability concerns
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 Best Waterproof Vibram Sole Work Boot:

2. Muck Boots Chore Soft Toe Rubber Work Boots

If you work in agriculture, or in any profession that requires you to slosh around in wet conditions or in the mud, these work boots from Muck offer you a shaft that is full-length for protection from splashes together with a Vibram rubber sole that is resistant to slippage.

It doesn’t get any better if you work in an intemperate climate. It also is a great boot for hot weather with extreme heat.

Uppers are entirely waterproof made with 4mm of flexible neoprene that includes properties for absorbing shock and resisting heat. The design will easily adjust to the contours of your legs and feet preventing blistering and discomfort.

Inside is an antimicrobial fabric lining to reduce moisture and keep feet dry and cool. Boots are treated with Spandura for resistance to abrasion. Reinforcements to the toes and rubber heels increase durability.


      • Flexible Neoprene uppers
      • Antimicrobial fabric lining to wick moisture
      • Waterproof
      • Full-length shaft for protection
      • Toe and heel reinforcement


      • Inside heel durability could be longer
      • Sizing is unisex, can be tricky
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 Best All Round Vibram Sole Work Boot:

3. Wolverine 1000 Mile Axel Work Boot

If you want the security of a Vibram sole for its exceptional traction, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Axel Boot may be exactly what you are looking for. This pair of boots features Vibram outsoles complete with heavy lugs for superb traction.

But this is also a boot that you will feel comfortable wearing in the city as it boasts just enough refinement to look good when worn on a visit to the office or in the city.

The 1000 Mile boot is handcrafted in the USA with top-quality materials with uppers made in premium leather and featuring cotton laces that are flat waxed.

The boots feature Goodyear welt construction for durability. You can re-sole these boots for years of comfortable wear.


      • Attractive leather uppers
      • Goodyear Welt construction
      • Perfect for the office or the job site
      • Durability – made to last
      • Made in the USA


      • A bit more expensive than other comparable boots
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Best Moc Toe Vibram Sole Work Boot:

4. Redwing Classic Moc Work Boot

If your job requires you to stand most of the day on concrete or similar hard surfaces, this Redwing Moc Work Boot affords a bit of extra room in its instep allowing for custom insoles to be inserted. The outsole is a Vibram Christy sole in an attractive cream tint.

These boots give both support and cushioning to guarantee your comfort on the job. The appearance is attractive thanks to oil-tanned Nubuck leather uppers, that age increasing appeal with minimum care.

The Redwing Vibram Moc Work Boot is Goodyear welted so your boot is water-resistant, and can be re-soled. Several colors and textures are available.


      • Attractive leather uppers
      • Cream colored wedge Vibram sole
      • Water-resistant
      • Goodyear welt storm construction
      • Choice of colors and textures available
      • Comfortable
      • Made in the USA


      • Design is a bit stocky or beefy, so they may not look great with all styles
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Best Pull-on Western-style Vibram Sole Work Boot:

5. Rocky Legacy 32 Western Work Boot

If you want a western-style cowboy boot for your work boot style, it may not be that easy to find a pair with Vibram soles. The Rocky Legacy Boots have answered the call by creating a custom Vibram sole for their Western cowboy boots.

The result is an appealing Western-style work boot with a heavy-duty tread that is slip-resistant and oil-resistant.

Uppers are made in full-grain leather that is waterproofed. An EVA midsole comes with nice cushioning to provide comfort for long work shifts that keep you on your feet.

The boots come with a waterproof mesh lining designed for breathability. Pull-on loops guarantee ease when putting on your boots or taking them off.


      • Eva midsole with cushioning
      • Waterproof breathable mesh lining
      • Vibram sole is resistant to oil and slippage
      • Western cowboy style
      • Pull-on loops for ease when pulling on or off


      • Only one color option
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Vibram Sole Replacement

If you have purchased a pair of work boots with Vibram soles, and the soles need to be replaced due to wear, most shoe repair professionals or cobblers will have access to Vibram soles when acquiring materials for their work.

If you request a Vibram sole when taking your boots in for repair, your shoe repair pro will likely be able to satisfy your request.

You can also buy the sole directly from suppliers such as Amazon, and then take the Vibram sole directly to your repair shop along with your boots. You may also save on overall cost.


Why Should I buy boots with Vibram soles?

Vibram soles are renowned for quality and most specifically for durability and exceptional traction. Also, Vibram soles can be replaced meaning you should get more wear out of your work boots.

How long will Vibram soles last?

This will depend on what you wear them for and how often you wear them. If you are in tough environmental conditions, they may last a year.

If you are wearing them to the office, or in normal street conditions, you may get as many as five years’ use out of them. The average life will probably be somewhere in the middle at about three years.

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Are Vibram soles anti-slip?

Vibram soles are specifically designed for increased and improved traction.

What does Vibram mean and what is the correct pronunciation?

Vibram as a brand name is the joining of the beginning of the first name and of the beginning of the surname of the sole inventor, Vitale Bramani. The correct Italian pronunciation is vee-brum.


Work boots with Vibram soles deliver in terms of both comfort and performance. This sole brand is sold internationally and has contributed to creating a high standard in work boot manufacturing thanks to top-notch quality rubber compounds.

The Vibram sole is synonymous with durability, high quality, traction, and most importantly waterproofing. Work boots with Vibram soles can withstand just about any task in any environmental condition.

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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