Best Work Boots for Overweight Guys

Now when you read an article title about “overweight” guys, you may think, hey fat-shaming! But that isn’t the case at all. Some men are just built big, with big bones, big muscles, and yes even big feet.

Three hundred pounds on a body frame that is well over six feet tall, may be overweight for medical charts, but at a construction site, at an industrial setting with heavy machinery, or on the farm, big guys are in big demand.


What lots of folks may not realize is that big bodies often come with bigger problems. Carrying around extra height and yes, extra weight can lead to all sorts of pain and discomfort, especially when involved in physically demanding work.

Sore feet, back pain, tired and throbbing knees, or joints can leave even the toughest pro exhausted at the end of the day. Since we have several big guys on our team of research experts, we asked them if work boots can really make a difference for them, and the answer was a resounding YES!

So, we whittled down the marketplace’s offerings through testing, research, and listening to find some really good work boots for big men. We chose the Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boot with Steel Toe as our top choice because of the exceptional combination of safety features, comfort and price.

A close second is our choice for the best waterproof work boot for overweight guys. The Keen Pittsburgh Utility Steel Toe Work Boot offers quality materials and great construction for an outstanding work boot that will support you regardless of height or weight.

If you are a big man, like so many of us, read on to find the best pair of work boots for big overweight guys.

Work BootUppersSolesWaterproofSafety
Caterpillar Second Shift Full-grain leatherSyntheticWater-resistantEH, ASTM rated, Steel Toe Cap
Keen Pittsburgh Utility 100% Nubuck leatherRubberyesSteel toe
Wolverine Buccaneer W04821 Soft Toe100% leatherRubberyesEH
Caterpillar Diagnostic 100% LeatherRubberWaterproof leatherSteel toe, EH

How Our Team Tested the Boots We Selected

Our team narrowed down an incredible marketplace selection based on brand reliability, safety features, boot construction, and materials used. Once the list was reduced, they tested.

Boots were worn on site for several weeks for an average of eight hours a day to test comfort, foot support, and foot fatigue. 

Several boots were eliminated solely because they were not comfortable and did not afford proper foot support.

We tested safety toes by dropping some pretty weighty objects on them, and we tested tread by moving about on surfaces that were either wet or covered with oil-based fluids.

For durability, we exposed our boot candidates to water, hot work environments, outdoor cold, and to a bit of farm mud for good measure. These are the results:

Reviews of Top Boot for Big Guys

Best Overall Work Boot for Overweight Guys

1. Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boot with Steel Toe

Caterpillar designed these boots with the idea of working a second shift, so comfort is a priority.  An affordable price tag shows them to be half the cost of some high-end work boots.

Footbeds are removable meaning you can substitute them if you prefer a custom insole. Full-grain water-resistant leather boot uppers come complete with safety features for a truly protective work boot. A steel shank supports your arches regardless of any extra weight. Nonetheless, this boot is lightweight. 

These boots offer your feet a good amount of flexibility when moving but still support your feet. A nicely padded boot ankle collar increases comfort and offers ankle support.

Caterpillar has included a “Climasphere” sock liner to wick away any moisture from foot perspiration. This reduces the risk of chafing and blistering that can be a common problem for guys carrying extra weight.

This work boot comes with steel toes or without, although we tested the steel toe version which is ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75- rated. Both soles and toes offer EH protection. Last but certainly not least, rubber soles that are slippage and oil-resistant connect to boot uppers with Goodyear welt construction. 


      • Removable contoured footbed 
      • Affordable
      • Steel Shank for arch support
      • EH, ASTM rated
      • Goodyear welt construction
      • Steel safety toe or soft toe available
      • Moisture-wicking lining


      • Not waterproof, only water-resistant boot uppers
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Best Waterproof Work Boots for Overweight Guys

2. Keen Pittsburgh Utility Steel Toe Work Boot

The Keen Pittsburgh, like the city it is named for, is as tough and resistant as work boots come. With rugged quality materials and superb construction, it is a heavy-duty, durable work boot. 

Asymmetrical steel toes afford super protection, and they are covered with a rubber guard. The rubber outsole gives your foot increased protection from workplace hazards.

Extraordinarily comfortable thanks to the Keen padding, your feet also remain dry all day because of a breathable lining. The lining is moisture-wicking so perspiration cannot make you uncomfortable during a long work shift.

These are waterproofed for all those big guys that must deal with intemperate weather or just plain water. The EVA midsole adds comfort and foot support, and the boot design works to prevent foot fatigue.

This Keen work boot that meets ASTM standards F2412 and F2413, I/75, and C/75 EH.


      • Great for bad weather
      • Lots of protection from water and falling debris
      • Waterproofed
      • Breathable waterproof membrane
      • EVA midsole for support


      • Requires some breaking in
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Best Soft Toe Work Boots for Overweight Guys

3. Wolverine Buccaneer W04821 Soft Toe Work Boots

Who says a big guy can’t work in the office or manage a workplace setting? If you don’t require a safety toe, you still need a good pair of work boots.

The Wolverine Buccaneer offers comfort and looks good at the same time. These are not typical safety boots but are ideal for lots of standing or walking. Thanks to a waterproof design, they are great in bad weather. 

Manufactured in full-grain leather, they offer flexibility while supporting your feet. Impressive Contour Welt construction speaks to durabilty.

Waterproof leather uppers help your feet will stay dry even in bad weather. A mesh moisture-wicking lining removes foot moisture to avoid perspiration discomfort. 

The rubber outsole features aggressive lug tread to prevent slipping and falling. Movement impact is lessened because of Wolverine’s Multishox technology which absorbs shock.

This Wolverine outsole is chemical, water, oil, heat, abrasion and slippage resistant. EH rated. Cushioned footbeds absorb shock and support the extra weight. Arch-supporting nylon shanks help to prevent your foot from feeling fatigue. 


      • Lightweight 
      • Cushioned Removable insoles
      • Wolverine Multishox technology 
      • Moisture-wicking liner
      • Waterproof
      • Slip-resistant


      • Safety features limited to EH 
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Best Steel Toe Work Boots for Overweight Guys

4. Caterpillar Diagnostic Work Boots with Steel Toes

These Diagnostic work boots come with several safety features as well as with insulation for those who work in colder climates or outdoors.

Heavy-duty quality materials with solid construction mean they can take abuse from big men. A removable EVA insert features foam gel for increased comfort and really tested superbly in this department.

Waterproofing, insulation, and a stylish design gave these boots high marks. Boot uppers are made in waterproof leather and use cement construction for outsole attachment.

200g of “Thinsulate” insulation keep feet warm in colder climates, yet in a hot workplace, feet remained cool, and a nylon mesh lining kept them dry.

Safety steel toe caps protect from impact injury and these boots also boast EH protection ASTM-rated. Rubber soles are slip-resistant and come with ladder grip technology for impressive traction when negotiating uneven terrain and ladders. A padded ankle collar added to comfort when lacing up. 


      • Waterproof leather boot uppers
      • ASTM EH rating and safety toe cap
      • Slip-resistant outsole
      • Mesh nylon lining
      • Removable gel footbed
      • Insulation


      • Eyelets and hooks can be improved 
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What Features do Big Guys Look for?

Many of the features we looked for are relevant when selecting any type of work boot, but they can be even more important for those of us hauling around a bit of extra weight. Here are some important factors to consider.


Comfort is a big issue in any type of professional work footwear, but it becomes more so if you are carrying extra weight on the only pair of feet you’ve got. That means you are stressing those feet, not only with the physical labor you do but with the extra pounds.

10 Most Comfortable Work Boots for Men

Ergonomic styling and features can help diminish if not alleviate pain and discomfort. Good cushioning on footbeds and shock absorbing midsoles can really run interference to limit and prevent foot discomfort and pain.


Safety is always a priority when it comes to work boots. Many employers and companies have specific safety requirements for protective gear that is mandatory in the workplace.

Often these requirements follow federal and state guidelines. So, if you work in an environment where you are exposed to workplace hazards and risks, even with great precautionary measures, you still need safety features.

Imagine slipping and falling on an oily surface. If you are a big guy, you’re going to fall harder and further, and probably do more damage. Consider these safety features when searching for your best work boot.

Safety Toes.  Steel, composite, or alloy toe caps are necessary if you work with metal, heavy machinery, or heavy tools, or any type of object that can fall on your feet and crush your toes. This kind of injury caused by impact can lead to the loss of your toes.

Often OSHA standards require businesses to make toe caps mandatory at a work site. If you work around electricity or machinery, a non-conductive composite toe may be a better choice.

EH Protection will make a difference if you face electrical hazards. EH rated boots come in two types: non-conductive and static dissipation.

Non-conductive boots will feature insulated soles. Static dissipation boots pass static electricity right into the ground so sparks cannot ignite combustibles in the area. 

Slip Resistant Soles. This may seem like a given when selecting a work boot, but this one feature cannot be underestimated. Work boots that are resistant to oily or slippery surfaces can prevent serious damage to big men by preventing falls in the workplace.

Good traction can make all the difference. Outsole tread will determine how slip resistant a work boot is

Tread thickness is equally vital. If your boot tread wears down rapidly, your boot will offer limited resistance to slippage. 


Durability is a consideration whenever you invest your money. You don’t want to spend quite a bit of money only to have to replace work boots after several months.

And let’s face it, big men are hard on footwear. The primary factors in boot durability are the use of quality materials and a reliable boot construction method.

Uppers made in quality leather, outsoles produced in thick lugged rubber or quality synthetics are a must, but how they are held together is equally important.

The construction method will literally decide a boot’s durability. Weight, flexibility, and performance can easily be determined by the boot’s construction. The three methods for attaching boot uppers and outsoles are:

Cement. Simple and cheaper during production. Boot uppers are glued with industrial adhesive to the boots’ outsoles. Eventually glue can deteriorate meaning durability has ended.

Goodyear Welt. Probably the most durable technique for boot construction that is also water-resistant. Plastic, rubber, or even leather is employed to connect upper boots and outsoles.

This ups the price of the boot, but Goodyear construction permits repair, and replacement of the outsole should it wear down.

Molded. Injection is used to connect the sole to the upper boot. Stitching or adhesives are not used. Bindings are water-resistant but cannot be repaired when worn down.

Gentlemen, with the right pair of work boots, who feels any extra weight? 

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I have 12+ years of experience in construction, inspections, handy work, and currently working as a Construction Site Manager. In today’s day we spent a significant part of our time at workplace and a right work gear can have significant impact not only on your safety but also work quality.

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