Can I Use Anti-Radiation Glasses Everyday?

If you are someone who sits in front of the computer screens day in and out, your eyes are likely to suffer from deteriorating vision and blurriness. But we understand the addiction we all have with our cell phones and laptops. 

Don’t worry, we’ll not tell you to limit your screen time or take a technology detox to relax your eyes, rather, you can start wearing special glasses that protects you from the harmful light of your gadget screens. 

Yes, you can use anti-radiation glasses everyday and experience no adverse effects. In fact, using anti-radiation glasses when your eyes are excessively exposed to cell phones or laptops will actually help protect your eyes and ensure that you are keeping them safe from harmful blue light exposure that is likely to harm your eyes.

But anti-radiation glasses that block blue light should not be worn all day every day since they can affect the way your eyes perceive color.

Can I Use Anti-Radiation Glasses Everyday

What is radiation and why is it harmful to your eyes?

There has been a lot of research done to see how much radiation is emitted by our computer or phone screens. 

Radiation is a type of energy that is emitted by visible and invisible light. Colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, and blue are visible lights. Warm colours, such as red light, have less energy, whereas cooler hues, such as blue light, have more radiation. 

There’s also the invisible light, which is made up of Ultraviolet radiation. UV lights carry the maximum energy or radiation, and they can cause sunburn, skin cancer, and eye disorders depending upon how much you are exposed to it. 

The thing is, the blue light emitted by our electronic devices is similar to UV rays. This indicates that blue light emits the most radiation, second only to UV rays.

As a result, many assume that wearing anti-radiation glasses while using gadgets is an effective method to protect their eyes.

Anti Radiation, or blue light shielding glasses have been more popular in recent years as people have become more conscious of the need to protect their eyes from hazardous blue light. 

Let us understand why anti-radiation glasses are important for you:

1.) Protects your eyes from harmful rays- If you spend hours each day in front of a screen, these glasses can help you avoid eye strain and safeguard your eyes for years to come.

Blue light damage can build up over time and have an influence on your eyes even later in life. You could improve your eyesight for years with the help of anti-radiation glasses on a regular basis.

2.) They come with no side-effects to your eyes- Because the eye is ineffective at preventing dangerous blue light on its own, anti-radiation glasses can prevent light from passing through the cornea and lens and reaching the retina.

Reduced exposure reduces the risk of developing eye problems, which can result in permanent vision impairment.

3.) Using anti-radiation glasses saves you from headaches- The lens is made of anti-radiation elements, which means it may absorb low-frequency microwaves and alleviate symptoms such as headache, drowsiness, and dry eyes. 

4.) Clear vision- Anti-glare glasses can enhance or maximise the readability of a displayed image or set of text. Any display’s readability is critical to its overall performance, and you want the visual information to be read clearly, promptly, and comfortably with minimum strain to your eyes. 

5.) They are very durable- They are much more durable than regular lenses, lasting much longer. Consider how scratch-resistant they are, as well as how well they resist water and dust.

There are certain advantages to wearing the glasses, but you should be informed of the disadvantages before purchasing them. 

1.) The way you view colors may change- The colour of what you see is subtly altered because these glasses filter specific light wavelengths. And it’s possible that this new colour will become the new normal.

This would alter the user’s sense of color, which could become permanent if the glasses are worn for longer periods of time.

2.) They look dirtier than they are- The clarity of the lenses can make them appear unclean. Anti-radiation glasses’ coatings aren’t any dirtier than ordinary glasses’ coatings, but they’re much more noticeable because there’s no glare to hide the dirt.

Additionally, you can do a few things to avoid straining your eyes naturally:

1.) Sit up straight. Make sure your computer is at least a foot away from you. Place the screen so that your gaze is slightly downwards. 

2.) Turn your sight away from your screen for sometime every 20 minutes. This is a fantastic form of exercise and relaxation to your eyes. 

3.) Make use of eye drops. If you suffer from dry eyes, consult your doctor about which eyedrop will be suitable for you. 

4.) Make changes to the lighting. You can prevent eye strain while using electronic devices by adjusting the lighting in your home so that the screen does not produce glare. You may also adjust the brightness on your devices.

How should you care for your anti-radiation glasses?

Here are some general guidelines for storing and cleaning your radiation protection glasses. 


1.) Run the anti-radiation glass under lukewarm water to remove dirt, dust, and particles from lenses. Do not clean your lenses with water. Rinse your lenses frequently before cleaning them to avoid scratches from any harmful particles into your anti-radiation lenses.

2.) Apply a tiny amount of water-diluted hand or dish soap on the lenses and gently rub them all over. 

3.) After thoroughly rinsing the lenses under running water, dry them with a dry cloth. 

4.) To avoid scratches, place your lead glasses face-up in its case.

Storing the glasses-

1.) Make sure your glasses are completely dry and free of any moisture before storing them. 

2.) Your radiation safety glasses should be kept in a clean, dust-free environment, free of any contaminants. 

3.) Make sure your storing case is strong, so that even if it falls or under impact, the glasses will be safe inside.

Recommended Anti-radiation Glasses

1.) Solex Anti-Radiation Glasses 

These light pair of glasses are sure to alleviate your eye strain caused by long hours of being glued to your computer screens. 

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2.) Benicci Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This stylish looking glass is not only comfortable, but it also protects your eyes from harmful rays. 

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3.) HORUS X, Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your work demands you to be hooked onto your computer screen, then these glasses are ideal for you. They protect the eyes and also keeps fatigue away. 

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No matter what stage of life you are in, it is critical to protect your eyes. Especially in this Covid situation, the world has come to a standstill and everything depends on your cell phones and laptops, therefore screen time cannot be avoided totally.

Still, with the right pair of glasses and adequate precautions, you might be able to protect your eyes from harm. 

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